Live Performance of Aozora Jumping Heart

Taken from today’s livestream of Aqours Summer Vacation Extra-curricular Activities Event in Numazu

Bechloe Week Day 6: Roller Coaster

Sorry this is late; I was out all day. But here’s oneshot number six for @bechloe-week

Bechloe Day 6: Roller Coaster

A week before the Bellas’ performance at the Kennedy Center, the co-captains arrived in the nation’s capital to stake out the scene. At least that’s what they told the other girls. But the Bellas knew the lovebirds just wanted to hang out together. Even if the pair didn’t quite realize that everyone else saw them as lovebirds.

The day after their arrival, Chloe surprised Beca with two tickets to Busch Gardens, just a few hours drive from their hotel in Northern Virginia.

“Becs, you’re gonna love it there! I’ve been to the one in Florida loads of times, but the one here…it’s got this aca-amazing roller coaster called The Griffon! I can’t wait to finally ride it!”

Beca just started wide-eyed at her companion, who kept talking.

“And the food is to DIE for! Way better that typical amusement park food. And there’s a little zoo area with lots of cute animals. And there’s lots of performances around the park. And-”

“Okay, Chlo, you don’t have to sell it to me; you’ve already got the tickets!” Beca chuckled. And they were off.

“Chlo, I’m starved. Where’s that amazing food you were talking about?”


“Italy?! You want us to fly across a fucking ocean?!”

Chloe burst out laughing. “No, Becs! Every section of the park is named after a European country! And the food in Italy looks delish!”

Beca felt stupid. “Oh, yes. Of course.”

Upon finishing lunch, accompanied by a musical performance, Chloe began to lead Beca to the famous Griffon roller coaster.

“Chlo, we just ate. I don’t wanna puke.”

“Good point. Let’s go on some other rides first!”

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ok for clarification to everyone I’m doing the RGU canon here and not the fandom.

1. I would probably change things with Tsuwabuki - it’s not entirely clear what kind of critique is happening at all times with his relationship with Nanami, so just making it clearer or fundamentally revising his character I think would have strengthened his role.

2. A CLEARER CONDEMNATION OF RUKA (because somehow the fact that he was the only character TO WIND UP DEAD is not enough for some viewers)

3. There’s some difficulty with the pacing in the Student Council arc, I think - it doesn’t become clear that the show isn’t endorsing the violence against Anthy. for example, for quite a while, and while I appreciate that the genre deconstruction is at least partially dependent upon roping viewers in with things they’re familiar with before completely turning them on their heads, I think that the show could have been made a little more palatable, or the critique a little more apparent, if the early episodes have more condemnation of the violence against Anthy beyond Utena being like “hey don’t do that oh what you’re doing it again let me just yell one more time while not really doing much else outside of the dueling structure”