NOTE: All audio rips in this post are amplified & all cover arts are 500x500px and are HQ in the .mp3 files :D //
NOTE 2: Can’t Help But Wait is now re-uploaded to Minus because Mediafire is a ninja when it comes to copyright.

1. & 2. Aw, thank you, both of you~ I’m glad you like my posts and appreciate the cover arts I make for the audio rips :) OMG!!! I love YaDong’s cover of You Look Good! I can never get tired of hearing these two rapping and singing and just… ヽ(´▽`;)/♪

Here’s their cover of Verbal Jint’s You Look Good:

120401 - Second Invasion Concert - You Look Good by INFINITE-H
* MF song download ; Cover Art 

3. Wow~ I never thought people would really like an mp3 of Sunggyu’s Only Tears version because of all the screaming~ I guess a lot of you guys don’t mind, haha! Well, who can blame you, it’s Sunggyu (*~▽~) Anyways, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to message me :D I highly appreciate it!

4. Remaster… Aw, anon (*^^*) I wouldn’t really call it remastering cause my audio rips are amateur-ish at best, lol! But I’m glad you loved the T.O.P. and Wild Eyes audio rips! I love it when they cover Shinhwa! They’re the best ones I’ve seen cover anything from my first ever K-Pop bias~

And sure! Here’s their cover of To You with Teen Top:

120629 - Music Bank Half Year Special - To You by INFINITE and Teen Top
* MF song download ; Cover Art 

5. \(^ ^)/ C'mere!~ I’m glad you liked the T.O.P. cover! It’s one of my most favorite Shinhwa songs! Yes, I do have their cover of H.O.T’s Candy as well!

Here it is:

100728 - Newton Chart - Candy by INFINITE
* MF song download ; Cover Art

6. \(T∇T)/ HUG!!!! I’m glad you liked the Only Tears and Wild Eyes audio rips! And thank you for dropping by to message me about it!~

7. Aw, thank you anon! You’re pretty awesome yourself~ Sure thing! I actually already have it here but I don’t listen to it much, lol. It has about 3 plays on my iTunes, haha~ Also, sorry for the cover art, the video’s pretty LQ so it looks like that :| I was thinking of making another one but this time in black and white to hide the LQ-ness but I never got around to changing it~ (。-ω-) lazy~

Anyways, here’s their cover of Can’t Help But Wait:

110115 - SUKIRA Super Concert - Can’t Help But Wait by WooGyu & YaDong
* MINUS song download - Cover Art

8. OMG HI! I didn’t think anyone would read through that whole rambling, lol! So thank you thank you for reading through it and even coming to my ask box to tell me about it! And I’m glad you agree! Being part of a choir, I learned to appreciate people who can harmonize well. It’s no easy task! And when songs with “blending” sounds so much better than just one voice! Also, I’m glad you found their cover of Fool! I also love that cover (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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1.Your Fav movie, book, food, and color?

My favourite movie is ‘The Raven’, since is made based on the wrtings of Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve read a lot of good books, but I really love Marc Levy’s books. My favourite color is blue~

2.What’s your birthday date?

My birthday is June 3rd.

3. What’s the average hours you WASTE on the internet daily?

I don’t even want to think about this xDD hmm… 3h when I’m busy with college and when not… a lot -__-

4.When do you fall for Shinhwa the most?

Everytime I’m reminded of their love for each other and their long-lasting friendship.

5.How do you mostly show your love to your friends, with words, skinship, or actions?

I think more with workds, jokes…xDD

6.Did you have a turning point in your life, would you like to talk about it?

Not yet (I think).

7. If not, what do you think could change you the most?

Well every time I’m watching a movie,a drama or reading a book I feel like my perception of the world and myself changes.

8.Do you break out easily or are you the composed type?

I have a lot of break-downs but I don’t let it show mostly of the time, so I guess I’m the composed type.

9.When you don’t have anything to do, do you try to keep yourself busy, or do you just enjoy the free time leisurely?

I like doing nothing, like that feeling of knowing you’re not obliged to do something, just enjoy yourself,even if that means you won’t do anything at all ^^

10.If you don’t have internet, school/university, and don’t have to work, what will you go for?

Travel the world~

11.What makes you smile and what makes you cry?

I’m generous with my smiles… and I mostly cry out of frustration because I can’t afford saying ALL I think, especially when I’m pissed xDD

Thank you so much!!~ ^_~

My Questions:

  1. Describe yourself in 5 words.
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. What was the last book you read?
  4. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
  5. If you could settle in any country of the world, where would you and why?
  6. Do you have a favourite number?
  7. What is your favourite quote?
  8. Would you rather be extremely intelligent or extremely good-looking?
  9. Which are your bad habits?
  10. Do you enjoy extreme sports? If yes, which ones?
  11. What is your top 3 dramas?

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i didn’t see the mv yet & i came on tumblr first…already saw all of it through my dash haha but seriously i almost like…died after seeing that mv.

ahh~ i actually woke up early for the mv.. but i woke up like 30 minutes late.. i wanted to like make gifs.. but then like when i came on, everything was like.. made already.. 

speshurgul asked:

infinite :D

Favorite Song - :c In the Summer ~
Most Hated Song - None yet…
Favorite Member - …Woohyun, Myungsoo, and Sunggyu. Woohyun
Favorite Video - She’s Back
Merch I Own - I have their calendar, over the top album and a sweatshirt that has the infinite sign   ・◡・  
Seen Them Live - Not yet ):
Band Rating - 12395172308517305 out of 100 

perfectdayforloveconfession replied to your post: perfectdayforloveconfession replied to your post:…

land of 10,000 lakes baby! LOL I don’t think I have even seen 10 lakes in my whole entire life omg haha. well if you come, take infinite with you. I will welcome them with all my loves and feels and asdfghjkl; you know where this is going

..what. where is that /sobs/.. ..oh hold on let me call them up right nao so we can get going. You’re just trying to use me to get infinite to get to your house omg traitor ;___________;.