Just re-watched the season finale of Ray Donovan and I literally can’t take it. The acting in this show is phenomenal. The scene between Mickey and Ray is probably one of my favorite scenes of anything, ever. (Also men in pain is my kryptonite. I literally can’t handle Ray’s angst. It hurts.😭)
“I told you. I told you what happened with that man. O'Connor. Remember what you did, Mick? Huh? You called me a liar and you beat the shit out of me. Remember that? You didn’t stop him. And he kept after me, and kept after me. And then went after Bunchy. Poor sweet Bunchy. That’s when I decided to kill you, Mick. You’ve been dead to me since that day. You’ve been dead to me since I was ten years old.”
As if it wasn’t bad enough with just Bunchy! Jesus Christ. Liev Schreiber can actually go fuck himself because his perfect acting made these final two episodes of the season horrible to get through. Thanks for breaking my heart, you douche.👌😭❤ #fangirlprobz #RayDonovan #LievSchreiber #nevernotgettingsuperattatchedtofictionalcharacters #perfectactorsareperfect

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