perfect. love

I wan’t to show you guys what we have on the books. I don’t want to ruin the experience when you’re watching it but look at the books that Magnus has, he’s encyclopedia, he has “The Washing of The Spears” by Donald R. Morris and “A History of The Modern World” which yes he’s seen himself but it’s good to have um.. to see…it’s almost like a little diary in a way, “Handbook of Experimental Immunology” and um… so he’s got quite the collection of books and I think he’s read all of them.
—  Harry Shum Jr showing us Magnus’ books
One day you will wake up, look in the mirror and gasp. You will see nothing but beauty. You will see nothing but the kindness in your eyes, the way your hair falls softly around your shoulders and curls at the ends. The freckles scattered across your nose. You will be amazed and wonder why you never thought this was anything less than mystical. Then you will wonder why you had never truly seen it before.
—  ourlovelyminds
There’s no such thing as perfect, but baby, you were pretty damn close.

All of the stars in the universe can never compare to the ones I see in her eyes.

- and they’re so beautiful, too.


Thornton realized what happened.  … and so did Morgana, in her way.  xD

A black cat crossed their path, in a manner of speaking.

He just wanted to very loudly congratulate you on your spontaneous bench romp.  You understand.