Witch Tip #5 - Mighty Timer

About a week ago, I found this amazing app that is good for any witch to have. It’s called Mighty Timer and it’s a timer for your tea!

Looks cute from the start right? Well it get’s even cuter!

THE CUP FILLS UP AS IT BREWS!!!! 😍It comes with some basic teas like Black Tea and Oolong preset but you can add timers for other tea you may have. Warm up some water, plop in a tea bag/infuser, start your timer and after the adorable chime, you’ll have yourself some perfectly brewed tea! 🍵

Best news of all, it’s free on the App Store! So go get it tea lovers!

I am not being paid to promote this app. All opinions are my own

5 Healing Herbal Teas That Will Have To Do Some Heavy Fucking Lifting If The Affordable Care Act Is Repealed

Sometimes the natural remedies are the best, and if Congress guts the ACA, they’re about all you’ve got.

1. Chamomile: Containing natural oils that relax the soft muscles of the stomach, chamomile is the perfect tea to calm an upset tummy. And because there’s no earthly way anyone going through chemo uninsured will be able to afford anti-nausea medication, too, it better start pulling its damn weight. Every Affordable Care Act provision that gets repealed is another burden on the shoulders of soothing chamomile.

2. Sage: It’s not just for cooking! Sage has been used for centuries as a tea to ease menstrual cramps, so if and when Congress decides regulating your period with birth control or an IUD should be prohibitively expensive, it’s going to have to step its shit up as a permanent pinch hitter for your Yaz. Can sage pull it off? Hell no. That said, since getting dropped by your insurance would mean having to choose between birth control and groceries, it’s slightly better than nothing.

3. Passion flower: Can a tea substitute for Xanax? It’s time to fucking find out! The beautifully named passion flower brews into a delicious tea that doubles as an anxiety-easing sedative, and it’s gotta be a pretty goddamn strong one if it’s going to take your mind off the fact that refilling the pills that let you get any sleep at all just got fucked up to a hundred dollars a pop following whatever half-baked Band-Aid Congress slaps on the carcass of the ACA.

4. Lemon balm: Say goodbye to tension, malaise, and access to affordable antidepressants thanks to healing lemon balm and an intense partisan rancor in D.C. that has somehow manifested itself as cutting health care for millions of Americans. While this mild mood-lifting medicinal tea stacks up against some honest-to-god Lexapro about as well as a butterfly kiss does to a chainsaw, maybe brewing it double strong could help. It’s not like you’ve got many other options.

5. Lipton tea: Yeah, it’s just generic fucking Lipton tea, but it’s three bucks a box, and if you think you’ll have the budget for hand-rolled loose-leaf medicinal herbs from that specialty store with all the jars once the ACA’s dead, you might want to check your math. Better hope it’s got some healing properties we don’t know about!

Some Unnecessary Study Necessities

A Good Place To Work:

1. Starbucks. The smell of coffee and the quiet chatter make it very peaceful while working. It provides some nice white noise and you can get coffee and tea. Perfect.

2. The library. Known for being quiet which can help with focusing. They also usually have printers and you’re surrounded by books for researching if need be.

3. My backyard. Not my backyard specifically, but sitting in the fresh air while doing homework can be relaxing. If you have outdoor tables/furniture, even better!

4. A friends house. Be careful though. A friend can either help you focus and you can work together, or they can be your biggest distraction.

5. My living room. You don’t have to leave the house the change your study space. Just sit at your dining table or couch and get out of your room for a bit.


1. Fresh fruit. My personal favorites are apple slices, grapes, raspberries or cherries. They’re mess free, and good for you.

2. Nuts. I love cashews. They’re super easy. You can even find them it small, individual packages to throw in your bag if you’re leaving the house.

3. Popcorn. Just plain ol salted popcorn. Mmm


1. White noise. My go to. you can find playlists of white noise on Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora stations. There’s also an app called Tide which acts as a Pomodoro timer with white noise in the background.

2. Piano. I listen to the Piano in the Background or the Piano Bar playlists on Spotify because there’s no words to distract me.

3. Movie soundtracks. I like the ones from superhero movies because they put me in a kickass mood.

Of course you don’t really need snacks or background noise or whatever but it can make studying a bit more enjoyable. Just do what you need to do to get stuff done.

☕ Cinnamon Chai Mocha Spell ☕️

A perfect tea spell for the fall season! This recipe can be used to attract prosperity. It can also promote inner reflection and grounding

In a pan heat up a cup of whole milk and 2-3 tablespoons melting chocolate. Once heated and stirred together, pour into a mug with a chai tea bag or loose chai tea in a strainer. Add a teaspoon of honey and shake cinnamon over the top to finish it off.

Bonus: put the contents in a milk frother and give in a soft foamy texture!


-Rose petals

After combing all ingredients in a mortar and pestle and getting to know the intents of each ingredient’s aroma, brew as a tea in boiled water for 4-5 minutes.
Meditate on the taste and smell on the tea as you drink it, feel the energies of mugwort and valerian pulling a lovely rose blanket over you from the astral plane!

This tea is perfect for drinking before spells or rituals that require a lot of your spiritual energy, or for you to be on a certain ‘level’. It is also a useful tool for divination rituals!
**I also didn’t put measurements for the ingredients as I go quite heavy on the mugwort and valerian!! All spells are personal so u can tinker with quantities based on desired outcome

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(among other vanities and ill suggestions)

♈  aries: blanched sea shells, worn away by time and water. fill the sink and slip them in. it is not enough, it does not return them. some things will love you but will not forgive you. 

♉  taurus: bubble baths. linger there. hot water becomes tepid, bubbles pop and disappear with parts of you. wallow and wither away if you must. those sorrows were a part of you, what will you do without them?

♊  gemini: when an eyelash comes out, place it in your palm, make a wish and blow it away with a kiss. tear another eyelash out. you have at least a hundred more wishes left, and you need to waste them all. 

♋  cancer: a perfect tea set, a small mound of sugar cubes. fill your tea with them, until it is so saturated it is like sludge. sip, sip, sip. still better than some things. 

♌  leo: music boxes, plink-plunking notes. the painted ballerina twirls around and round, spining endlessly for you amusement. over and over, again and again, you wind her back up and watch, for her amusement. 

♍  virgo: brush your hair a hundred times, and then once more. curl and straighten, curl and straighten. sit alone for hours after. look pretty for the ghosts in your home. you must devastate the things that haunt you.

♎  libra: what you need is a cozy room. fill the bed with blankets, string up fairy lights by the dozen, and then by the hundred! overload the outlet, burn the house down. nice and cozy now. all in the name of self care. 

♏ scorpio: sweet soft stars. bitter blue moon. sanguine silky sky. you really need to stop consuming the universe dear, leave some for the rest of us to enjoy. 

♐  sagittarius: smooth glowing skin, long fluttery eyelashes, plump lips, soft cheeks, you have it all. if only you were human, the things you’d be able to do with those. 

♑ capricorn: buy yourself roses. scatter the petals throughout the home. wear rose face masks, bathe in their scent and drink their blood in your tea. perhaps one day you will become one, and finally have their thorns.

♒ aquarius: satin and silk and lace. wear it, decorate your home with it, bundle yourself up at night with it, cocoon yourself from the world with it. let it turn you into something else, something unnerving. 

♓  pisces: honey combs with toast, with tea, with cookies. mellify your insides, slowly saturate yourself with the syrup. cough. it’s in your lungs now. is this how you become a queen?

New Moonrise Tea

This floral minty tea is perfect for sitting outside at dusk, and welcoming the new moonrise on a hot summer evening ( it tastes nice iced too. )

Materials Needed: 

  • 1 part Lavender 
  • 1 part Roses
  • 1 part Catmint
  • 1 part Lemon Balm
  • 1 part Chamomile 
  • 1 part Peppermint 

Place all herbs in a tea ball,

put in your  favorite mug, and add boiling water.

Steep  this brew for  about 10 minutes.

Remove tea ball and sweeten to taste  ( i like to use raw local honey) 


giveseapls  asked:

Excuse if the question sounds a bit silly but . . . What is the proper way of brewing tea?

The beauty about tea is if you enjoy your brew there is really no wrong way to prepare it. That being said, to make a good cuppa involves several steps. Depending on the type of tea you’re making there is an optimum temperature. For white tea 80 °C (175 °F), green tea 80 °C (175 °F), oolong 90 °C (195 °F), black tea 90 °C (195 °F), and herbal 96 °C (205 °F). So prepare your water accordingly.

You might wonder how on earth do you expect anyone to gauge the temperature of boiling water for tea and what’s the point. The secret to a good cup of tea is in water temperature and brew time, allowing perfect diffusion will make your tea tasty instead watery or bitter. A little trick to temp gauging water is simply just to bring your water to a boil and wait for it cool for a certain amount of time before filling your tea pot/mug.

Water boils at 100 °C (212 °F), to reach 80 °C (175 °F) cool for 6-7 minutes, and 90 °C (195 °F) cool 3-5 minutes. Most tea companies do give you instructions for brew time in the packaging, however the rule of thumb is: black tea brew 3-5 minutes, green 2-4minutes, white 1 minute, and herbal varies usually around 3-6 minutes. I’ll post a little gif to show the steps, hope this was of help.

The Tea Drinkers Guide

Simple Little Things In Life

-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-singing in the rain
-a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
-a good hair day
-waking up before the alarm goes off
-birds chirping for the first time since winter
-dancing when nobody’s watching
-waking up early & falling back asleep
-watching the sun rise/set
-starbucks spelling your name correctly
-finding money in your pocket
-listening to a favorite song on repeat
-puppies & kittens
-being outside when the weather is /just right/
-the smell of rain on pavement
-twinkle lights
-getting retweets
-cute sweaters
-popping bubble wrap
-raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
-scribbling out words when you mess up
-writing in pen
-the perfect drinking temperature for tea
-wearing cute little mittens
-getting into bed with fresh sheets
-singing along to the radio
-the first day of spring & not having to wear a jacket
-rainy days
-watching the snow fall
-cute dreams
-classical music
-heavy thunderstorms
-fall leaves
-walking on pavement
-your favorite t-shirt
-disney movies
-a cold shower on a hot day
-fresh flowers
-apple cinnamon candles
-handwritten letters
-receiving mail
-chipped nail polish
-on sale items
-city lights on the street after the rain
-roasting marshmallows over an open fire
-the calming pitter-patter of the rain
-not being able to put a book down
-getting a text from an old friend
-the feeling you get after a workout
-that certain bookstore smell
-the smell of old books
-buying school supplies
-warm towels
-sunlight shining through the trees
-genuinely feeling happy
-planning a party
-summer breeze
-getting enough sleep
-the feeling of sand between your toes
-waves crashing on the shore
-the sweet smell of the ocean
-proving yourself wrong
-proving others wrong
-big, warm hugs that make you feel loved
-making lists
-letting go of the past
-the word “serendipity”
-learning another language
-fresh air
-the window seat
-rereading your favorite book
-gel pens
-deep red lipstick
-hair bows
-glitter & sparkles
-flea markets
-cute lil antique shops
-pocket watches
-fine art
-poetry, tea, & over-the-knee socks
-random acts of kindness
-freshly baked cookies
-photo booths
-freshly cut grass
-happy tears
-catching up with an old friend
-seeing someone light up when they talk about their favorite thing
-sitting by a lake
-looking at the stars
-getting a pair of new shoes
-jumping on a trampoline
-elevator music
-blue eyes
-cursive writing
-when a cat sneezes
-falling asleep
-toaster waffles topped with fresh fruit
-the smell of lavender
-coffee ice cream
-bakery muffins
-walking in the woods during the summer
-apple picking
-squinting when the sun is too bright
-crossing things off your list
-saying hello
-deep city lights
-rainbow sprinkles
-old couples
-being sleepy & having messy hair
-forehead kisses
-swing dancing
-sugar cookies
-apple blossoms
-cute outfits
-aqua, light green, & purple
-mint green tea
-short stories
-iced tea with honey
-long necklaces and gold rings
-quoting your favorite movie
-hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, & a roaring fire in the winter
-snowball fights
-having a ton of pillows
-going out to eat

slytherin aesthetics

overgrown greenery • blank stares • heirloom rings • victorian architecture • crackled marble • dark winged eyeliner • dark nails • perfect hair • tea in the common room • ballet classes • mahogany • sarcasm • wet grass • thorns • thick eyebrows • grand staircases • morning mist • black silk • green velvet • summer rain storms • evergreens • the smell of new leather • mischievous smirks • cold nights • pebbles from a lake • crystals • grand fireplaces • drapery • expensive jewelry • large castles • rings passed down generations • scented candles • knee socks • sheer robes with fir trim • friendship that lasts forever