perfect combo for a perfect skin !

       Pure Tropix products : Jungle Clay Mask + Scar and Blemish Cream

    Let me tell you guys that it’s really hard to find organic and natural skin care products in France. I think that these two products are going to be part of my new skin care routine for this new year of school (omg, I start tomorow afternoon). It’s easy to set a skin care routine during holidays but what about the rest of the year when you’re studying, having exams, having a part-time job, hanging out with your friends, seeing your family … Well, you don’t have a lot of time for yourself ! The Jungle Clay Mask is a quick detoxfying mask that you have to set for only 15 minutes on your face. It’ll be a pleasuuuuuure to use it after school or after working, in the evening, before going to bed. It’s really refreshing ! The Scar and Blemish Cream is so so so so amazing. I’ve been struggling with eczema since my birth (focused on my hands which is not really …. cute. That’s why I’m so insecure about my hands!). And the creams that my dermatologists give me is so greasy that I can’t touch anything !! This is a great alternative, during the day. I use it on my acne scars also because y’all know that Black/Mixed people tend to have hyperpigmentation issues. I love the smell of it lol it smells like natural stuff and I’m happy because all the other creams that I’ve been using were smelling like chemical fragrance, and I hate that !