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I have a question: if Harley and Joker had a girl instead of a boy/a girl as their second child, who would you headcanon as their child because I have been having the hardest time imagining someone as their little girl and I wanted a second opinion...

I have the same issue! I can’t find a girl who I think fits the part honestly. I’ve tried and I just can’t find the right person.

(This thankfully isn’t an issue for me though since I always felt they’d have one baby that was a boy so my headcanon was basically already complete once I realized how damn perfect Zac Efron would be lol)

SO it’s @bananannabeth‘s birthday today and I wanted to draw her very cute OC’s for her! I hope today is as wonderful as you are, Ashlee! Happy birthday <3<3 !!!

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I just want to remind people that Draco Malfoy is probably the most real of the characters. People like to think they're brave and valiant, but in real life? People are rarely like that. It's great that all these characters in HP are so noble and ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But in real life? I'm often scared. I'd choose my family over anything else. I would walk away from a fight. I want to be brave, but I don't know if I could if it came down to it. Draco is relatable.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me anon friend, this is exactly why i find flawed characters so important and necessary. I’m so interested in imperfect characters, their complexity and rawness feel so real and closer to heart to me. :)

When People Ask Me About Rhysand:

Person: How much do you like Rhysand?
ME: I do not just “like” him. I LOVE HIM
Person: Enough to marry him?

Reblog if you wish you were mated to Rhysand because SAME.