It’s like Dean and Cas are looking for a house to live in but Dean being a momma’s boy brought Mary with him so that she could approve of this place too. 

And clearly Cas is not amused. 


You can hear Ashlyn Harris cries all the way from Minnesota 😂

Inner Circle Meeting: Employee of the Month
  • Rhysand:Okay everyone, before we start I'd like to announce the employee of the month-
  • Mor:*rolls eyes* Seriously Rhys? This again?
  • Cassian:This is completely unnecessary Rhys. We all know who it's going to be.
  • Feyre:...There's a selected employee of the month?...I wasn't aware this was a thing.
  • Azriel:It is and it's Ridiculous.
  • Rhysand:-MOVING ON. The employee of the month, holding their winning streak is me.
  • Mor:*heavy sarcasm* Oh wow. I'm shocked.
  • Feyre:Should've seen that coming.
  • Amren:Alright Bastard, let's get on to stuff that actually matters.
  • Rhysand:Fine, but I'm just putting it out there that if any of you tried a little harder you could possibly be employee of the month next time.
  • Feyre:I doubt that.
  • Rhysand:*smirks*

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