The Verb “To Yeet”

Simple Present: I yeet

Simple Past: I yote 

Simple Future: I will yeet 

Continuous Present: I am yeeting 

Continuous Past: I was yeeting 

Continuous Future: I will be yeeting 

Present Perfect: I have yeeted

Past Perfect: I had yeeted

Future Perfect: I will have yeeted

 Perfect Continuous Present: I have been yeeting 

Perfect Continuous Past: I had been yeeting

 Perfect Continuous Future: I will have been yeeting

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If you’re still doing the writing prompts, could you do #5 with Stenbrough? Thanks!

Stanley hated Richie Tozier.

He didn’t really, but he was on the verge of killing him. How could he not hate him when he completely blew off their studying session to do homework with Eddie. Couldn’t the couple spend a mere three hours apart?

Stan went to the library anyway, alone. If there was one thing he was certain of was that he going to pass all of his tests with flying colours. He would get amazing scores and be offered places at the top universities in the country. He would have a perfect job when he left. He’d meet the perfect person, have perfect children and have a perfect life. There was no way in hell that his perfect plan would be ruined by a hormonal friend.

Stan decided to work on science, his weakest subject. He found the right textbook and sat in a secluded spot at the back of the library.

Stan loved to learn new things. It made him more confident about the world, the more you know the safer you’ll be. It’s only common sense after all. He opened his book and began to study the human body and how we have adapted. Slowly, Stan tuned out from the rest of the world and became fully indulged in his studying.

That was of course until there was a loud scrape of a chair. Stan looked up and sucked in a breath. There stood Bill Denbrough. The Bill Denbrough. The boy Stan had had a crush on for several months. Stan’s throat went dry as he took in Bill’s appearance. 

Bill was wearing a dark blue hoodie and jeans, it was probably the first thing he laid eyes on but he still managed to look effortlessly beautiful. His hoodie especially showed off his eyes.

Oh god his eyes, Stan thought. They were a beautiful ocean blue that Stanley couldn’t help but admire, daily. Only this time they were staring right back at him. Stanley, whose cheeks were rapidly heating up, ducked his head down and began to study again.

There was no point in denying it though. His head was now clouded with the boy in front of him. His gorgeous blue eyes, his luscious pink lips that were almost always smirking. Bill’s hair was always messy because how he subconsciously ran his hands through it all the time. Most people got slightly annoyed by Bill’s stutter but Stan found it cute. He would always get frustrated but no matter what he’d finish his sentence. It showed the kind of character Bill was.

Stan was embarrassed about how he looked. He was tall too but that was really it. He had boring brown eyes and untameable curly hair. It bothered him greatly. Stan wasn’t attractive in the slightest, at least in his point of view. Stan knew that Bill would never go for someone like him so he pushed Bill out of his head and continued studying.

About three hours went by and Stan finished his science revision. He got up about to change the book until Bill spoke up.

“C-could you leave that h-here, p-p-please? I wanted t-to look a-at it-t.” He stammered, giving Stan a friendly smile.
Blushing slightly, Stan left the book on the table and quickly scurried off to the safety of the bookshelves. Stan stood behind one for a good minute before searching for a maths textbook.

After finding a decent book, Stan went back to the table only to stop dead in his tracks. Bill was passed out on his desk. Stan began to worry before he heard a quiet snore erupt from him. He was only sleeping. Stan was still worried though. Had he not been getting enough sleep?
Stan checked the time to see if Bill had time to sleep. The library was closing in three minutes.

How great.

Reluctantly, Stan walked up to Bill and gently shook him. Bill let out a tired whine and shifted away from Stanley.

“Bill? The library’s closing in a few moments. You can go sleep in your room.” Stan said softly. Bill opened one eye and sighed.

“C-Can’t I just s-s-sl-sleep here?” Bill whined, opening his other eye. Stan shook his head. Bill sighed and sat up. Then, a huge smile lit up his face.

“C-c-carry m-me,” He smirked. Stan’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“W-What?” He stammered out. Bill chuckled.

“I thought I w-was the one who s-st-stut-tered.” Bill chuckled. Stan rolled his eyes but gave a small smile to the boy.

“I’m not carrying you, Denbrough,” Stan mumbled, placing his books in his backpack.

“At l-least walk me t-to m-my dorm.” Bill smiled sweetly. Stan thought about it before nodding dumbly. Bill stood up and grabbed his backpack.

The pair left the library and walked silently for the journey. Both boys desperately wanted to say something to the other but their mouths just didn’t seem to work. Eventually, they reached Bill’s room.

“Th-thank you for walk-king me to m-my d-d-dorm,” Bill said softly, placing his hand on the doorknob. Stan smiled and nodded at him before awkwardly turning around to walk away.

“St-Stanley! W-wait!” Bill said. Stanley turned around, confused.

“Yeah?” He asked, walking back towards Bill. Bill took a deep breath before rushing a sentence out.

“Would you like to c-come in f-for a bit and j-just h-hang out.” Stan looked shocked before nodding.

“Why not?” He grinned. Mentally, Stan was screaming. How was he acting this cool? Bill Denbrough just asked him into his room! To hang!

Despite the mental battle in his head, Stan walked into Bill’s room calmly. Bill grabbed his hand and led him to his room. Stan almost squeaked.

“Well, this is my b-bedroom.” Bill grinned, swinging the door open.

“I thought you’d at least take me to dinner first, Bill,” Stan muttered under his breath. Bill heard though. Bill let out a giggle.

“Just when I thought I had it all planned out.” Bill joked, sitting on his bed and switching on his TV. Stan smiled and sat next to Bill, leaning against the back of the bed. Bill lay next to him before shuffling slightly and leaning into Stanley. The pair eyes were fixed on the TV but their minds were all over the place. Well that was until Bill got bored.

“D-do you want t-to listen to m-music?” Bill asked. Stan raised an eyebrow.

That’s how half an hour later both boys were dancing around the room singing terribly along to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper. Bill’s face was slightly flushed from the dancing and Stan’s curls were flopping around, constantly getting in his face, but neither boy minded. As the song came to a close Bill grabbed Stan’s hand and pulled him closer. Stan stared as Bill l leaned towards him. Bill kissed Stan’s cheek and tucked his hair back.

Stan blushed and that made Bill smile which of course then made Stanley smile. Both boys were happy. Happy with each other.

Stanley loved Richie Tozier.

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I know we’ve only heard 3 songs so far, but I miss harry being taylor’s muse 😭

and if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about baby i’m perfect…………BABY WE’RE PERFECT

ـ الإمامُ الباقرُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): الكمالُ كُلُّ الكمالِ التَّفقُّهُ في الدِّينِ، والصَّبرُ علَى النّائبَةِ، وتَقديرُ المَعيشةِ .

Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘Perfection, all of perfection is education in religion, patience over misfortunes, and apportioning one’s livelihood.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 172, no. 3]

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Favorite part of Finn's body?

How does one choose?????
His eyes, omg, have you ever seen such shockingly icy blue eyes? They’re the epitome of bedroom eyes.
His lips…so pouty and full, they almost convey his virility all on their own. The way he’s always licking over them. Gah, I’d love to bite the bottom one.
His arms, the way the muscles flex with the least bit of effort and they’re so vascular…mmm-mmmm!
His abs…those abs just fuck me up. To be able to run my hands over them, kiss them…my idea of heaven, honestly.
His thighs. HO-LY FU-UCKKKK is all I can say. I have never had such a need to put my hands and mouth on a man’s thighs before.
His ass is out of this world. It’s perfect. Perfect for grabbing…spanking…biting…just absolute perfection.
His back, so toned and smooth…perfect for scratching.

In summary, Finn Balor is perfect and I refuse to believe he has one personal or physical flaw. Also, sorry I got carried away answering this…lol oopsie 😋

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Lollipop. Except instead of perfect love partner, describe perfect sparing partner.

Subetei crosses his arms, head tilting back and eye closed as he considers what is being asked in it’s entirety, before motioning one of his hands. “Ah suppose t’at depends ‘n wha’ ye mean b’ perfect…Someone who be ‘s skilled ‘s m’, o’ course, bu’ someone ah dunna ‘ave ter worry ‘bout ‘urtin’. Someone good w’ armor ahn shield, ahn nah fraid ter swing ah fist if’n ter moment call fer ih. Ah like fightin’ w’ me fists but t’ere be no substitute fer swingin’ ter axe ah someone.”

“Ah wouldna mind someone ah could drink w’ after, o’course. Ahn ter sort o’ lot who’d keep score, ‘er somet’in, ter drive m’ up ah fuckin’ wall if’n ah lost, ye know? Ah dunna put much pressure ‘n ter shite ah do normally, but someone ah fought repeatedly, ah’d need some’tin ter nah fall inter ah pattern.”

“…course, admittin’ somet’in ah dunna say often, ah lass ‘er lad wha’ could use aether wouldna hurt e’ier. Ah tend ter avoid fightin’ mages ahn ter like if’n ah can ‘elp ih, too much ah canna control, but…Learnin’ ter fight one safe like t’at would ‘elp. Ah lot.”

夢 子