I forgot how much I love this song


basically sirius black’s theme song


Oliver And Company - Perfect Isn’t Easy (English)

Bonbon-Perfect Ain't Easy Teaser
  • Bonbon-Perfect Ain't Easy Teaser
  • catscater51

Bonbon: Just a lil teaser fer my adorable fans ;3 I’ll be singin’ this fully whenever I get the chance, so be on the lookout, honey buns~<3

((Pardon my poor singing voice u////u I fell like i should sing this since i figured out what song sulleysoup referenced as Bonbon. anyway, have a teaser for the time being, i got places ta be, people ta be with (ugh =n=), and smiles ta give to the lil kids :3))

Beautiful art done by sulleysoup

Bonbon’s voice done by me catscater51

I take no credit in this but my voice (ohgodihopemysingingvoicedoesn'tsoundbadi'msorryifitdoespleaseforgiveme u////u)