Right now I’m on tour with a band called Enzuigiri from WV. Last night we slept at the Myspace house in Philly. This morning PJ woke me up and told me that he found a box of tapes and 7"s that were apparently strewn under a nearby bridge. Enzuigiri’s van was broken in to and they lost a left handed guitar, a left handed bass, a snare/tom and a backpack with pedals. It is even more of a major bummer because Enzuigiri is an amazing band who rarely gets out of WV. They’re still planning on playing the show tonight at Little Man’s Garage with restrung guitars. If you were already thinking about coming that would rule very hard.


Batman Harley Quinn 1999

Excited to drop a big announcement today! The new Perfect Future LP, “Manifesto” is now up for pre-order. What’s more, you can listen to the first single “Our Best Years” over at right now! When you love it, go grab it at our webstore. Those of you in the UK, grab this co-release from strictly no capital letters.

Also, peep this track listing:

1. Preamble 
2. A Call to Arms 
3. Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires 
4. Only Life is Holy (Part I) 
5. Our Best Years 
6. Only Life is Holy (Part II) 
7. Whole World Wasteland 
8. Babylon Lies as Babylon Thrives 
9. Unexamined Lives 
10. Perfect Future





Originally from Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Co-release with Strictly No Capital Letters(UK)

Track Listing:
1. Behold
2. From Me to You
3. Make Fun
4. Mother Earth
5. Father Time
6. If We Dance…
7. Colonization
8. Don’t Be Fooled; Word Can Affect World View
9. Palate
10. Roses & Roses& Roses
11. In Hopes
12. Gerald Said, “I Believe in Redemption.”


Empire! Empire! & Perfect Future tour dates!

Empire! Empire! & Perfect Future present: Old Friends & Old Wounds Tour

Perfect Future will play these two dates alone:

  • July 27 - Huntington, WV - house show
    w/ Enzuigiri and The Company Time
  • July 28 - Frostburg, MD @ The Warren
    6PM - donation - w/ Jon Felton

The event page for the whole tour is here.

RIP Perfect Future

One of our oldest and dearest bands, Perfect Future is going on indefinite hiatus after this summer. Make sure to catch them one last time if you can.

RIP Perfect Future.

Here is what they had to say:

“There will be time for us to wax sentimental, but it’s not today. Yet it should be known that at the end of July Perfect Future will begin an indefinite hiatus. Today though, we announce what will be our final tour. This tour is with our old friends in Ostraca (formerly Kilgore Trout). We will announce some final local shows in July as we sort out the details sometime later. We can’t wait to see you all soon.

June 20 – Pittsburgh, PA
June 21 – Lancaster, PA
June 22 – Danbury, CT
June 23 – Boston, MA
June 24 – Burlington, VA
June 25 – Providence, RI
June 26 – New York, NY
June 27 – Wayne, NJ
June 28 – Philadelphia, PA
June 29 – Richmond, VA”

Pick up some of their stuff here:…/perfect-future


A full Enzuigiri set from a very strange show with Perfect Future in Huntington, WV last summer. This was included with a live tape that came out last fall.

In Hopes
  • In Hopes
  • Perfect Future
  • Self-Titled

Perfect Future- In Hopes

with a pen held tight in the palm of my hand,
I let ink spill like spit,
in hopes of some sort of genius accidentally spilling out.

with a pick held loosely I strum strings which produce notes I’ve already heard
in hopes of stumbling across the chords that brush past hearts to produce thoughts.

but there are no words left in me.
but there are no chords left in me.

so let’s manufacture inspiration
because if all i have is you.
if all I have is you then I have all I need.