[004] Hanyu, Y.

“Skating is something that heavily depends on how you’re feeling and there’ll definitely be times when you feel like you absolutely hate it. When you do it well, it’s the greatest feeling in the world and when you don’t, it’s the single most frustrating thing ever and you start to think that maybe you don’t like it as much anymore. But you’ll always have the people who’d stand by you no matter what. When things don’t go your way, these are the people, people like your parents, or others around you like your coach, who’d tell you exactly what you need to hear (even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear) and they’d be doing it because they know you can do better, so it’d be wise to listen. 

And as you grow older, you may find yourself going through rebellious phases and getting angry quite a lot, and you’d maybe think that all these people around you should just mind their own business and leave you alone, and that’s natural. But it’d be awesome if you could grow up to become someone who is able to understand where they’re coming from and cherish all the support that’s selflessly being given to you.”  

-Yuzuru HANYU, at the ISU World Championship 2014 Small Medal Ceremony, answering an 8 year-old skater’s question about what they (the skaters on stage) feel is most important to them when it comes to skating 

Source: Taken from 04:18~04:26 of [this video] for the little girl’s question and 00:00~01:32 of [this video] for the big boy’s answer.

(Note: He answered it after Tatsuki and Javi cos he wasn’t prepared to give one only to find out that he’d basically skipped his turn. I think they somehow let him say his piece later, though, cos he was looking really sulky and isn’t it a good thing that they did?)

Olicity Prompt ~ 5 Dresses

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A prompt from a friend on AO3….

I as usual went in a slightly different direction. 

Prompt:  I have found the prompt about the dresses that are driving Oliver mad with longing. 

 1: gold dress (Dodger)
2: red poker dress (finding Walter)
3: grey and orange (when Oliver makes her his EA aka I quit)
4: red peek-a-boob dress (intro to jealous Oliver)
5: pink dress (Moira’s party)

Warning: Explicit for me so you’ve been warned. (Not that the gif wasn’t clear enough…)

Read it here or an AO3 

5 Dresses

“Are they arguing again?” Rene asked when the elevator doors opened to reveal a very frustrated Curtis sitting with his back to the approaching visitor. 

“Mom and Dad as you’ve so cleverly termed them are just talking it out, they’ll be done soon…” he added lowly with a nearly silent exhale, “I hope,” while Rene found a spare chair to put beside his own. 

He tapped at the latest piece of technology slowly with timid fingers. “Is she really going to be his assistant?” Rene asked almost gleefully. 

“She prefers the term Deputy Mayor since Lance has taken a leave of absence but yeah she’s going to fill that role for at least the next two months,” Curtis commented while he pushed Rene’s fingers away from the broken down device. 

Rene leaned back and placed the soles of his tennis shoes along the table. Curtis gave him an annoyed eye roll but continued going through the various burned wires as the other man talked. “So what are they planning to do? I mean the reporter chick is also with Prometheus, the DA is busy carrying on a bromance with John and we’re being used as eyes only recon while Tina continues to train with Dad. I mean how does having blondie act like his right hand man help tie up any of those loose ends?” 

Curtis almost couldn’t believe the man who’d dubbed Oliver and Felicity mom and dad wasn’t able to connect the neon like dots. “He’s trying to get her back stupid,” Curtis laughed quickly. 

Rene’s feet dropped off the table ledge as he came forward with a harsh thud, “He’s what?” he croaked with childlike excitement. 

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