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Rob just said he loved you! :D a fan asked a question related to God'n'Gabe


and all the nice things that were said. i was havin a rough time today and this healed me

I’m finally gonna start editing my book again because I’ve been considering about publishing it on Kindle (Where it’ll probably be free to read for an amount of time) 

So, If anyone is interested in reading it I’d love to know! Hopefully with some publicity it can become more than just a kindle book and I can become an author! 

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Please please tell me if I can find that sorta dress Harley is wearing in the club scene I just love the length and the way it molds her chest I would really like a dress like it!

Puhhh, that’s a complicated one XD I got two options for you:

- A dress that almost look like hers, just without the sequins

- Or a dress that got the sequins like hers, but have a diffrent style

I really hope this helps you in some way ><’‘

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Psst - Sam has a stash of lip gloss he steals from Dean's high school heartbreak hookups, pass it on

some of them are just like chapstick, and he can smear Dr. Pepper and watermelon on his lips any time of day or night, his own little secret that he tastes in sneaky little touches of tongue. some of them are glossy and thick, slicking his lips up strawberry kiwi and berry cream cake, his pout all shiny wet and irresistible. but the colored ones, deep staining reds like raspberries and pomegranate seeds, those ones he saves, just for dreamy nights alone with his big brother.

all i want is more appreciation for wylan van eck bc that boy is a gift to this universe and he is not ever acknowledged enough for that

he deserves the world and more and he deserves his gay ass makeshift family and his boyfriend and his dad can go die in a hole bc if he ever touches my precious genius artistic demolition expert smol gay son again i will chop every single one of his fingers off, put them in a stew, and make him eat it

this has been a psa

The Ones Who Ran 🐍 🐍 🐍 by @colubrina

■  Draco/Hermione feat.   Theo/Luna   Blaise/Ginny 

Dramione Fanfic

Theodore Nott and Luna Lovegood

“ I know I’m part of what must be the worst day of your life. I know I’m the enemy. But, I swear, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to let any of them hurt you. Luna, I’m so sorry this happened, so sorry we’re here. So very, very sorry.”

“I know, “ she whispered.

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I love hunk crushes. Lance realizing at the garrison that he might have a bit of a crush on Hunk. Hunk who's always willing to laugh at his jokes, who's almost always smiling, he admires how Hunk pushes himself and keeps going through his motion sickness. One day Hunk casually put his arm around his shoulders and makes a joke and Lance feels his face get hot. Shiro is trying to hold himself together, to be the leader, calm, level headed, block out the bad past and just keep going--

– no matter how hard it is. Hunk sitting him down one day in the kitchen and simply saying “talk to me”. Shiro tried to skirt the issue but Hunk wont let him and soon he’s shaking and words are pouring out and so are tears and Hunk holds him a rubs his back and tells him he doesn’t have to hold it all in and that he can always talk to him. For the first time in a long while Shiro feels SAFE and he goes to Hunk more and starts sharing more than just what happened to him and Hunk knows him–

– more deeply than any of the others and sometimes he goes to him just to be held. Keith has been holding onto a crush for awhile, trying to push it aside cause there are bigger fish to fry. But then Hunk makes a kinda self depricating joke and he feels himself get really upset. “Don’t say that! You’re the best of us!” Hunk chuckles and says he’s definitely not the best but Keith interupts. Telling him how he holds the team together, he makes sure everyone is always okay–

– makes the castle feel like a HOME, gives them all a piece of home with his cooking and warmth, and he’s always first to volenteer for a job- and everything he lists off he gets redder and redder because he realizes he’s totally spilling his guts here and then Hunk is hugging him and he’s fairly sure he might be crying as he whisperes ‘thank you’. He hugs him back and never wants to let go.

–Now I feel like I didn’t give Lance enough attention cause I hadn’t hit my grove yet. So continued- Lance is so excited when he learns that Hunk is on his training team, they get to continue working together & get to know him more. One day Lance gets a call from home & is off his grove & oddly quiet. Hunks notices right away and sits beside him out on the roof looking at the sky. “Wana talk about it?” Lance shakes his head and Hunk nods pulling him into a side hug. They sit & watch the sun set


Trans rant #65

Me: - “I followed some blog that reblogs SFW photos of trans women.”

Ex: - “That might actually be good for your self-esteem, because you’ll see that you don’t look any worse than most people.”

Me: - “Ah, but you see, I’ll only focus on the photos of girls who look better than me!” :^)

Ex: *rolls eyes*

And so it was my friends, so it was…