Taking each other’s virginity
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You and your boyfriend were both virgins. Never thought about the time to bring up sex to each other either. But, last night you suddenly craved him, not for a cuddle, or kiss either. When you hungrily kissed him he knew exactly what you wanted to initiate with him and he followed your moves. You felt his bulge growing against you, showing you he felt the same.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Jagi?” He whispered into another kiss. You just nod as he pins you to the mattress, removing your clothing, piece by piece.

It was perfect, just how you imagined it. It was passionate, and it was a beautiful thing you two shared.

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You wake up to Jin’s bareback in front of you, a smile ran across your face as you wrapped your arms around him. Jin was still peacefully asleep, so you kissed his shoulder, and got up to make him breakfast.

You got picked up his shirt and put it on. You always loved wearing his clothes.

You walk out of his room to the kitchen. You completely forgot you were in the dorm, so when you walked out, Hobi was walking about the dorm in his boxers. You froze, he froze, he yelled. You ran back to Jin’s room, nuzzling into his chest, face bright red. Jin woke up and kisses your cheek.

“Good morning beautiful,” He whispers, his voice raspy. “Last night was amazing,”

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You woke up in his arms, his grip tight. Yoongi held you like you were a security item. When you slightly moved, he woke up smiling. He rolled over so you were laying on top of him, as he covered your face with sweet little pecks not missing a single spot. It made you blush a bit, so you hid your face, Yoongi pouts, taking your head, and lifting it by your chin so he could see you, and kissed your nose.

“Thank you,” He hummed.

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You woke up alone in his room, which confused you. You sat up yawning when the door flew open. Thinking it was one of the other members you squealed covering yourself with the blanket. Luckily, it was Hoseok with breakfast. He laid the tray on your lap and sat next to you.

“A beautiful breakfast, for my beautiful princess.” He hummed placing a strawberry on your lips.

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You and Joon lay in bed, both just awoken by the sun shining through the window. He rolled over wrapping his arms around you and kissed your neck. You whined unintentionally, which kinda made him wanna go for a second round.

“Babe, wanna redo last night?” He smirked positioning himself over you.

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You woke up to Jimin spooning you, him the big spoon, you the little. His bare chest, against your bare back, just felt so good to you, it made you warmer than the blanket did. You rolled over and kissed his cheek. He woke up, and immediately, Jimin had an uncontrollable, goofy smile, he covered himself with the blanket, giggling.

“I’m sorry Jagi,” He chuckles, “You’re just so perfect,”

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You sat up to see Tae walking around in his boxers, his hair still messy, you figured he just woke up. When you stretch he froze making eye contact with you. You smile at him, Taehyung came over to you, cupping your face, and kissing you all over.

“I love you so much, Jagi!” He sang, placing the final kiss on your lips.

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You woke up to his face buried in your face, and his arms draped around you. You loved him so close to you, just like this. You placed a hand on his, making circles with your thumb, and cuddle closer to you, kissing your collarbone.

“I love you,” He sleepily whispers onto your skin.

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His Pet-Names For You|S.Holland

Others In this Series: 

Tom Holland-Pet-Names

Peter Parker-Pet Names 


  • You are perfect in his eyes 
  • “She’s my doll, Harry..” 
  • “She’s so perfect mum, she’s my little doll and I love her.” 
  • It was his way of describing just how perfect you are 
  • Never being able to find a flaw in you
  • “You’re like a doll, perfect in every which way.” 
  • “Sammm stop!” 
  • “Never doLL” 


  • Cuddles would be used when he needed cuddles from you 
  • It’d be a rainy day and he’d just hit you up saying he needed to be snuggled by his cuddles. 
  • Not wanting to let you go. 
  • “Cuddles come back!” 
  • “I have to pee Sam.” 
  • Boy is needy and just wants some of cuddles attention. 


  • homeboy can’t help it
  • Wifey was the nickname he used when talking to his brothers about you. 
  • “Yeah wifey, cause I see a future with her.” 
  • Changing your contact name to ‘Wifey 💕’ 


  • Sam doesn’t use this one as often
  • But when he does it’s holds so much emotion behind it. 
  • “God love, I’ve missed you so much..” 
  • “Counting down the days till I can hold you in my arms again love.” 
  • “I call her love, cause I feel nothing but love when I see her..”


  • He’d alone use it when you two were alone..
  • “Come here yummy..” 
  • “Sam..” 
  • From there things would just escalate farther. 
  • “You’re yummy, so why shouldn’t I call you what you are love?” 

I’ll bruise you up then I’ll take care of you, alright sugar? I’ll make sure you’re okay because you’re mine and I keep my things in perfect condition.

You did so good for me baby doll, I’m so lucky to have such a good pet. Thank you for letting me play with you.

Safe Place - Park Woojin School AU!

request: hi can i request for a woojin school au? THANK YOU!

wOW this is way longer than i thought it waas lol

anyways i really like how this turned out, enjoy!

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What inspired you to start drawing? What about painting? Do you have any tips for those of us who have never painted digitally before?

ok so i never really had a distinct moment I was inspired to start, ive kind of always enjoyed it, but my competitive streak made me want to be better than everyone else (obviously that hasnt happened and ‘better’ is relative, but ive learned a thing or two since then haha)

as for tips:

  • I’d say practice absolutely does make perfect (or as close as you’ll come) 
  • dont worry too much about the finished pic (especially if you’re just starting out) I always enjoy making the art waaay more than looking at it when its done. 
  • dont be afraid to collapse things onto one layer and paint from there- this doesnt really work with lineart or anything like that but if you’re painting it’ll make things 10x faster and 10x easier if you just go nuts on the 1 layer imo
  • look for tutorials abt painting and stuff theyre actually so helpful (helped me a ton!!)

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For Mun: I really love your blog so much! Your portrayal of England is PERFECT. Not to mention you have the cutest dog. Even my cat likes your dog lol.

Oh! I did get a question!! TToTT TTuTT Thank you so much!!! And also thank you for you continued support of my blog!! TTuTT
Ahhh thank you… TTuTT I know I say this a lot but I’m always worried that my England isn’t good enough haha… X’D So that means a lot! TTuTT Also AH yay! My dog tries to be friends with cats… But they appreciate it less than he thinks they will… XD Anyway thank you so much that’s really so sweet!! QuQ Kind words always make me smile and it’s lovely to hear them!! TTuTT

ALSO!! Daily England post is below all the Munday stuff! Please check it out! :D
Why Marinette cant figurate who Chat noir really is ? A short essay by me

Spoilers for the second season

One of the thing that really catch the attention of the audience in MLB is the incapacity of our protagonist to figurative out their secret identities, even more since in the collector our main hero discover the identity of the villain in like 4 minutes, Why?  

Well, the deduction of Marinette to discover that Hawkmoth is really Gabriel Agreste is really good, the owner of the book must be Hawkmoth, it was Adrien´s book, that´s freak Marinette out because in her own words “Her Adrien haven´t an evil bone in his body” when turns out it was his father´s book her reaction was relieve, this pretty much show us how marinette think about Adrien, for her Adrien is perfection. 

But you must said, Chat noir has the same voice and body and they are never in the same room, if she discover Hawkmonth is illogical that she can´t see what is right in front of her. 

Eh… no? 

We know that Chat and Adrien are the same person, is easy for us, but for Marinette they are complete diferent people. 

Adrien is noble, kind, sweet and polite. 

Chat noir is funny, brave and annoying, he literally never shut up. 

They are not exactly opposites but since Marinette point of view there is no way they are the same person.

But what about Adrien? how he could be so stupid to not figurate out that Marinette is Ladybug? she only change her clothes¡¡ 

Well is basicaly the same. 

Since Adrien point of view Marinette must be the must clumsy person who has ever born, think about it, every time  Marinette is near to Adrien she is a dam mess, she trow things or trow herself of broke something or mumble or anything, contrary to his lovely lady who is the must talented person in the whole planet, Lady bug is really skill, impatien and confident. Is not Marinette. 

And more important: Marinette likes him

I´m pretty sure that Adrien is just to Girls likes him, he is a model after all and after the dance scene i´m complete sure that he is suspicius about Marinette feelings, he is not a shy boy, he is not the kind of person who is insecure about a lady feelings for him, we see that over and over in his constant flirting on lady bug, and i´m pretty sure that he has this same game with marinette but in a very subtle way, he is not playing with her but he love the attention, he love to be loved and he really likes how cute Marinette is and how kind she is and how she is a complete mess when he is around. 

“She is the best” he said  after open her Christmas present, he is complete aware of Marinette little crush on him. 

And because of that since Adrien point of view she can´t be Ladybug, both of them idolize one part of the other, and the real tragedy is that they can´t see what the other really is: Chat noir is Adrien way to be himself, he feel comfortable, he is free, he enjoy every dam minute in that cat suit, he is Chat noir, but for Marinette, Lady bug is a persona who help her to be more confident, she is Marinette, she embrace Ladybug but at the end her real herself is she in her own skin; If Adrianette hapend this season then maybe Marinette get to really knows Adrien, and maybe she discover that he is funny and chatty and that he is incapable of shut up and maybe she could put two plus two together. 

Only time could tell…. 

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Hello!! Congrats on 3.7k!!!! I really like your writing!💞this is for the celebration (i hope I'm doing this right) dean as the character, prompt: spanking, age gap and dean as the dom?? Like the reader does something that makes dean jealous while on a hunt and when they come back to the bunker he spanks her and it goes to smut and it gets a little rough? Sorry if it's too specific thank you 💞💞

“I’m going to spank you until your naughty ass turns red, Y/N,” Dean announced, with Y/N laying down over his lap, her legs and arms resting on the bed. She could feel his cock hardening against her stomach, the zipper of his jeans scratching her in the perfect way. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, arching her back for him.

“Good girl.”

She held her breath when she couldn’t feel his hand kneading her ass anymore, bracing for impact. She was determined to keep quiet. Yet, nothing could’ve prepared her for the hard smack against the soft flesh of her ass, and she squeaked in surprise while Dean used his arm to keep her in place. He wasn’t holding back this time.

He barely gave her a few seconds to recover before his hand came down on her again, even harder than before.

“Are you sorry yet?” he asked, spanking her again. He loved the way her ass jiggled when he did it.

“No… —ow!,” she breathed out, another smack stinging her skin.

“You will be,” he promised, his hand finding her ass again. He made sure to go a little harder each time, until both cheeks were tinted red. Y/N was squirming so much now keeping her still was a challenge. 

“How about now?” he asked again.

“Yes, I’m sorry, sir, I shouldn’t have flirted with him…” she rushed out, her ass stinging. Dean’s hand didn’t come down on her again, instead lifting her up to place her on the bed on all fours. 

“Good girl,” he praised, using one of his fingers to tease her wet pussy. “You’re dripping. Did you enjoy your punishment, Y/N?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“Tell me,” he breathed, leaning over her, lining his cock up with her pussy. He was going to fuck her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, sir,” she whispered, and in one thrust, he was inside her. She loved it when he punished her like this, disciplining her. She looked so young standing next to him nobody realized they were together, and guys would flirt with her, ignoring his presence. She would flirt back just to rile him up. It always worked. Dean was never insecure, though. She had made sure of that a long time ago. She wanted him for who he was, age be damned. 

He took care of her in a way nobody else could. He fucked her like a man, he punished her like a man, and he loved her like a man.

You know… there are times I feel like I am falling for different group more than b.a.p, that I am slowly becoming more distant from them… and then I see them somewhere perform or watch their MVs and then I am like: “YES!! THIS IS WHY THEY ARE MY UB GROUP AND WHY THEY WILL BE MY UB GROUP FOREVER.”

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do you do pronoun validation or can you suggest people that do

I do not know what that is…



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Hey dear! We talked a bit before via my art blog, but essentially I really, really appreciate your writing style and how natural it seems. Do you have any tips for getting started when it comes to writing? I am doing some work for an animation I'm working on, and I have storyboards and a treatment done, but I need to write a script and I am absolutely dreading the thought. How do you do it? Thank you in advance xx

Okay, I just had the perfect response written up for you and it deleted so sorry for the delay here. 

I think that the best way to think about writing and to write decent things in general is to follow two basic rules. 

  1. Just write.
  2. Write things how you’d want to read/hear them. 

When writing, I think that the biggest issue people have is in how to portray certain characters, how to have them react, stuff like that. So if you write in a way that you would want them to sound, then it would seem more realistic. 

I am someone who often times likes to plan out a lot of my writing before I write. It is just bullet points on what I want to touch on sometimes, but other times it can go down to the dialogue that is happening between two characters. Some find it daunting to plan this much out, but I find it reassuring. 

Also, another thing I do is make sure that I run through every scene from each character’s perspective, no matter how small their role is. This is mostly in my head, as switching points of view in the middle of writing is often jarring and the piece loses a lot of its fluidity. So in my head, I run the scene through a certain character’s eyes, trying to make sure that I know how they are feeling, how they react, what their arms are doing, what they say in response, where they are positioned and when, stuff like that. 

If you are writing a script, I’m not going to lie, it changes the game a lot more. There is a bigger focus on dialogue in scripts and as someone who struggles with dialogue the most in her own writing, it is crucial. A good way to make your dialogue sound decent, at least in my opinion, is to picture yourself saying it. If you say it out loud then you often times catch a lot of the stuff that sounds too cheesy, dramatic, or just awkward. Think about how you would want to hear it come out of someone else’s mouth. Do you want it to sound as over the top as poetry, or do you want it to be more casual? Are they aloof, or angry, or joking around? Tones are very important to the connotation of dialogue, so keep that in mind too. 

I know after all of this nitty, gritty stuff that I have laid out for you, I think the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Don’t let the writing overwhelm you, otherwise everything you write will seem forced. I know some people like to listen to music when writing, to fit their mood or to allow themselves to enjoy their time but it doesn’t work for everyone. For me, I like to just sit in the quiet and write, trying to relay the story that is playing in my head the best way possible. Visualize what you write and it helps loads. 

Have fun, and don’t sweat it that much. You are potentially going to write stuff that is shite, I know I have a ton. If you don’t like something in a scene, try to fix it. If it gets too frustrating, write the gist of it, then skip it if you’d like. Don’t let the writing dictate your mind, let your mind dictate the writing. 

I wish you the best of luck and if you need anything else, or have any other questions (for any of you) please feel free to send me an ask or message me! My door is always open and I try to help as much as I can. :) 

Much love, xoxo.