October 21st, 2013 - Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth ♥♥♥

bulletshowell  asked:

ahhhh sofía!!!! ive been dating this boy for about 2 weeks now and he makes me so crazy happy!!!! whenever i hear his voice or his laugh it puts the biggest smile on my face and whenever he sees me he gives me little kisses or he wraps his arms around me and and he is just as in love with music as me and he plays the piano so beautifully i swear whenever i hear him play my whole body just turns to jelly im so happy it's insane

omg maddi this is the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard !! he sounds so nice and interesting im very very happy you found him you deserve a love like this 💓💓

milujuamalu  asked:

ahaha saw your retags on my art and i am interested //v\\ is there a story or something where a pink planet is deemed dangerous? will my boys keith and lance die and i didn't even know aaa? aahah - miluuu

Oh, I’m glad you don’t mind me babbling in your art’s tags (the pictures were beautiful by the way, your colouring is amazing ahhh). Your art was actually PERFECT for a klance rp my friend and I are doing. Keith and Lance landed on a planet where the clouds and water are all pink, and they discovered an abandoned city in a mountain valley there. When they were exploring, Lance got stung by a kind of spider-like monster (we let Lance name them so they’re called terrorantulas XD) and unbeknownst to him, it injected its parasitic babies into him, which are currently growing inside him and feeding on his quintessence. Also he’s turning pink because that’s one of the side effects of losing quintessence…? Idk but my friend decided that the planet is pink because all the people who died from these parasites shed the pink skin…and so the planet is pink because the entire population was wiped out…

Currently Keith is trying to save him and also keep the full gory details a secret from Lance, who doesn’t realise he’s actually dying. Keith found a book with notes that seem to indicate quintessence can also be used to help (he doesn’t know how yet) but the writing is all in a language he can’t read and the city is overrun by terrorantulas whose only known weakness is an aversion to sunlight. The nights are…unpleasant. And poking through the shadows of the old buildings is pretty risky too. It’s turned into quite a horror story. Doesn’t help that Lance is being a little shit XD (I’m playing Keith so I would think that hahaha, Lance is not making Keith’s life any less stressful rn)

BUT DON’T WORRY there is a way to cure Lance…if only Keith figures it out in time!