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You are the first and only writer I have read for this fandom. I love your work so much, I've re read all your Arrow stories twice (even the Firefly one even though I've never watched it). Do you have any favorite Olicity fics to recommend to keep me from going crazy my first hiatus? (I binged the first 4 seasons last year)

This is awesome!! Thank you! I’m super honored. And do I have recs? Oh yes, I have recs. 

First rec isn’t actually a fic, it’s a resource… @theolicitylibrary. If you want recs, they’ve got ‘em. If you want a specific trope or rating or genre, they’ve got that, too. Have a hankering for a fic where Oliver and Felicity are business rivals? There’s a link for that. Where she’s the vigilante instead? There’s a link for that, too. Where one of them is a werewolf? Yup. They’re an amazing resource and you can lose days (and weeks and months) going through lists of alpha/omega tropes and rockstar AUs and friends-to-lovers fics. 

But more specifically… how about I rec some authors, too? I haven’t been reading much lately - I spend all my time writing - so I’m more comfortable reccing authors I know are amazing and whose works I’m looking forward to catching up on. They’re all consistently excellent. This is by no means an all inclusive list.

@dust2dust34 - My co-writer for FiCoN and personal fav (though I admit to no small amount of bias). If you want smut and you want details and mining a scene for feelings, Bre is your girl. She has plenty of oneshots to choose from as well as some multichapter fics.  

@machawicket - Look, I can’t overstate Danielle’s skills as a writer. My husband doesn’t even read my fic but he likes hers. Her writing is funny, sweet, sexy and heartbreaking in turn but it’ll never leave you unsatisfied. She’s a master. 

@anthfan - Nikki is one of those writers that’s so good she makes you forget you’re reading a story, because it’s just something you’re living. It’s an experience. Her characterization is spot-on and her plots are super engaging. She writes both one-shots and longer stories. They’re all worth your time.

@hannasus - Susannah’s writing is the perfect balance of detailed exposition and tight narrative that lets you feel like you’ve experienced the whole setting in just a few lines. Add to that fully in-character characterization and interesting plots that keep you reading and you really can’t go wrong. I recommend reading her Something Like Fate series ASAP as she’s adapted it into the basis for an original novel (which she’s publishing later this year) and it may not be up on AO3 a whole lot longer. 

@rosietwiggs - I can always tell Rosie’s work in just a few lines. Her narrative voice is so very distinctive and so gripping that it pulls me in effortlessly. I don’t believe she’s writing for Arrow anymore, but even her unfinished works are worth a read. I especially recommend The New Normal, Lengths and How The Mighty Fall In Love.

@supersillyanddorky06 - I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard around about Matty’s writing because she’s right at the core of the Olicity fandom’s best known fanfics. With good reason. She’s prolific, plotty, smutty and evocative. If you have a weakness for Bratva!Oliver, I’d start here. 

@jsevick - I first met Jaimie after reading her Jurassic Park AU (really!) and being both delighted and amazed that she could make it work. I’m extremely lucky to have had her help as my beta pretty much ever since. If you like my writing, she’s a big part of it (along with @alizziebyanyothername). While she hasn’t posted in a while, her stories are just fun and if you like Gilmore Girls, her Arrow AU for Gilmore Girls is a treat!

@realityisoverrated-fic - I have no idea how you would feel about Smoaking Billionaires, Anon (I personally love it), but I’ve got to very highly recommend her Infinite Love series. At 110 parts and counting, it deals extensively with Oliver, Felicity and Tommy’s family longterm, including their kids. It’s alternately hot, sweet, and heartbreaking. But, most of all, it’s just well-written and interesting. If you’re willing to read them as a triad, I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

@geneeste - I would pay for more of Caught a Long Wind. Quite literally. But, that aside, Genie is a top notch writer. Whether her one-shots, WiPs or brilliant, ongoing epic co-written work with @machawicket, everything she writes should be devoured. 

@juliesioux - Julie uses the setting in a story as another character. There’s so much life to the world she puts her characters in that it practically breathes. Above that, she doesn’t shy away from hard topics. She will rush in head-first and dig deep to explore what her characters are going through. When you read her work, take her warnings seriously, but if you’re looking for a rich story to read that challenges you, she’s the perfect option to turn to.

@thatmasquedgirl - One of the most prolific Olicity fic authors (with 110 fics, including the absolute opus Technical Assistance). She’s consistently excellent, creative and she gives us as a fandom a whole lot to read. You can probably spent a huge chunk of hiatus happily buried in her work.

@entersomethingcleverhere - As a rule, I do not read first person stories. Not even when they’re published books sitting on shelves at my bookstore. I will break that rule for her writing. I like it that much. It’s heartfelt, moving, well-paced, and the connections between her characters are both real and evolving as you go. 

@arrow-through-my-writers-block - Shelby is… well, she’s just fun! She’s a solid writer who never disappoints. She’s got quite a few one-shots and a few ongoing multi-chapters. She’s probably best known for Starstruck, but all of her work is worth reading.  

@wagamiller - I just really love wagamiller’s work. Like a lot. There are very few authors I have on alert, but wagamiller is. Stories that make me laugh out loud are few and far between, but the 35B series surely did (as did @machawicket‘s Unbearable Hotness of Being, btw). Strong, sharp, witty writing that will leave you with a grin on your face.

@callistawolf - When I think of Callie’s work, I think of the fanfic version of sitting down with some hot cocoa and curling up with a warm blanket to watch a Hallmark Christmas special. She’s consistently excellent about finishing her work, which is lovely, and you can pretty much always count on a feel-good romantic ending. 

@hopedreamlovepray - Writing one-shots that stick with your reader is hard. Keeping a story to 1-2k and still being impactful is even harder. She absolutely manages it every time. Hope27 (as she’s known on AO3, so you can find her) has something like a hundred Olicity fics. These are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect if you want to lose yourself in a story on the train to work or during your lunch hour. 

@dettiot - Mel has a lot of great stories (like really great). My favorite is probably the “ink in my pen ran dry” series, but that’s a really tough call. Core Curriculum is super hot. The Felicity Stark series (crossover with Avengers-verse) is brilliant and fun and made me giddy while reading it. Beauty in the Breakdown is excellent. Jerry the EA series features one of the best takes on a relative OC I’ve read in fics. Love is Red made me squeal like a teenager with excitement (I’m not ashamed; it was warranted). And Two Men, Same Name (written with @melsanfo) is one of those that I am absolutely dying for the time to catch up on. While I’m at it, let’s rec Mel Sanfo, too. Her Masquerade is another novel-length fic absolutely worth a read. You really can’t go wrong with either of these ladies. 

@ash818 - Ash is freaking awesome. So, here’s the thing. Her Legacy series is mind-blowingly good. I have to admit, I’ve only read The Man Under The Hood in the series (this is intentional, for a reason you’ll see in a moment, but you need to read all of her work ASAP, okay? You do). This series… you’ve got future, married Olicity with teenage children as they continue their mission. There’s action, plot, heartbreak, angst, love, everything you could want. It’s in first person from their son’s perspective which is something I would probably never have clicked on in the first place had it not come highly recommended, but good lord is it amazing. All of her characters have life. All of them have depth. Her OCs are fully formed and vital to the story without overshadowing characters you already know. I haven’t read the later stories because after I decided to continue on with FiCoN verse, I didn’t want to inadvertently shade my views on Olicity’s growing family and continuing mission with anything she did in her series. If anything I do happens to run parallel to her work, I want to know beyond any doubt that it’s 100% coincidence. But her stories are something I’m absolutely itching to get to read… eventually. Her writing is excellent.  

@tinaday3w - I’m tempted to say “JUST READ IT” but that’s probably not enough… But really, just read it. No one does slow burn like Tina. Victorian era AU with pirate!Oliver? Yes, please. Hello. I’ll take two.

@emmilynestill - She’s just so good. And sooooo hot. I don’t know if you know this, Anon, but writing a good sex scene is hard. You don’t want your reader pulled out of the scene by wondering if a position is actually possible or when underwear came off (or if it did) or how gravity isn’t making them collapse. Like… smut is difficult. But it reads so effortlessly with Emmilyne’s writing. And, beyond that, she weaves it in beautifully with plot that keeps you wondering what’s next and emotion that builds and grows in an organic way. Orgasms and organic feelings. Honestly, what else could anyone really want?

@ruwithmeguys - Jess will gut you and leave you asking her to do it again. Indecent Proposal… just… read the warnings and be ready and read it with a lot of time on your hands and probably in chunks because ouch. But still… read it.

@academyofshipping - Sarah has this dry sense of humor that comes out in her fics that’s as clever as it is fun. Fluffy, funny, smart, cute and rich with feeling, Sarah’s writing is consistently strong. 

@someonesaidcake - Felice is fantastic for completed, multichapter AU fics. She has quite a few and I’m pretty sure every single one included smut at some point (if that’s your thing) as well as plot. 

And… I’ve spent like an hour and a half on this which was a lovely diversion for my day. I know I’m forgetting amazing people but I have to stop here. When in doubt, take the title of a fic you like, google that name in quotes along with “rec list” and find someone’s list where that story was included, then explore the others. Or, check the bookmarks on AO3 of an author you like, that’s a great place to mine for fics, too. And, again, I can’t rec @theolicitylibrary enough. That said… happy reading, Anon! We’ll get through this hiatus together… through fic and sheer force of will. ;-)

Hard to Get - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queenโ€‹

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,016

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Kinky Thomas, Multiple Orgasms, Oral (both receiving), Bondage, Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Masturbation, Thomasโ€™s giant dick pressing into his jeans (cause hot damn we all know it does)

Notes: Some cute lil nonnie said they wanted me to write another Thomas smut. So kinky Thomas it is. Thanks @stilinski-jpeg @minhosmeanhoe and @dylan-trash-tbh for yelling at me to write this so much. Otherwise I would have kept procrastinating. I hope this is worth yelling at me so much.ย 

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Oh yey a prompt post! How about some post war/battle of hogwarts Lucissa? Or any Lucissa, authors choice. I love me some Malfoys lol.

pairing: lucius malfoy x narcissa black

setting: modern, non-magical, college au

Lucius Malfoy spills an entire Gatorade cooler full of jungle juice on himself the first time he sees Narcissa Black.

She doesn’t even notice.

“Okay,” he announces the next morning, spearing this year’s crop of gross, mouth-breathing legacy pledges with a long-suffering glare. “My future wife. I’ve met her. Seen her. Whatever. She’s perfection. You fuckers are gonna help me woo the shit out of her. Questions?”

Rabastan Lestrange is the only one brave enough to raise his hand. “I have class in an hour. Can we, like, do this later?”

Lucius sneers, and rolls his eyes, and flaps his hand in disgust. “True love waits for no one.” He pauses. Reconsiders. “Go. Come back with a whiteboard. And binoculars. I have a plan.”

"Narcissa Black says a bunch of our pledges are stalking her,” Rodolphus says a few days later. He’s yawning into his mid-afternoon pint of Guinness. He sounds alarmingly unconcerned. “She wants us to deal with it.”

Lucius sniffs, incredibly nonchalant. “Oh?”

“Yeah,” Rodolphus groans, thumbing through the texts on his phone. “She—I dunno, man, I guess they’re, like, really out of control, she seemed pretty pissed.”

Lucius clears his throat before tightly crossing his fingers behind his back. “We should probably—you know. Apologize. Right?”

Rodolphus puffs out his cheeks, drains his beer, and burps into his fist. “Yeah, sure, whatever—you need her number? I’m gonna go, like.” He sighs, gesturing vaguely towards the ceiling. “Make the pledges clean Mulcy’s weight rack with their toothbrushes or something, I dunno.”

Narcissa Black glides down the stairs of her sorority with all the grace of a ballet-dancing swan. She’s dressed for tennis. There are diamonds on the barrettes in her hair.

“Rabastan Lestrange is awfully chatty, you know,” she tells Lucius, smiling sweetly. Too sweetly. He despairs. “Especially when he’s late for class.”


‘Cause girl you’re perfect, You’re always worth it

“Earned it” by The Weeknd | Choreography by The EZtwins

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I really love the way your draw Kirishima! Hair up, hair down, hair in a ponytail it's all perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your art! I am stuck in Kiribaku hell but it feels like heaven.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ;A; thank you so much??? Im really glad you like the way I draw Kirishima! Here have some more kiri as a thanks for your kind words! I love you anon!! ;//////;

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Well well well well...I just went to your blog and seeing your art that you are calling it "TRASH"!!!!?!! WHY!!! YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING!!! SO HOW YOU ARE CALLING IT A TRASH!!!???? IT IS SO AWESOME , CUTE AND PERFECT!!!!

Thank you. But it’s not perfect

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I feel people dont treat me like i think i deserve, i dont want to sound ego or anything, i analysed this too much but its like i worry about people when they dont worry bout me the same way and im just so tired of that, i dont know if ill find anyone that makes me feel like i deserve. I dont know if im asking for too much, this makes me think my concept of friendship/any kind of reliationship is too much idyllic

True friendships and relationships should be a two way street 100%. It is possible that some relationship/friendship goals can be too idealistic, because nobody is perfect. However if you just want someone to give back the same amount of effort you’re giving, that isn’t asking too much at all.
• You deserve someone who worries about you too
• You deserve someone who listens to your problems and respects your feelings.
• You deserve someone who doesn’t take advantage of you.
So of that’s what you’re asking for, it isn’t egotistical at all. :)

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Describe the perfect sex scenario you wish it'd happen with you and baby boy spence

Hmm ok so as much as I enjoy rough sex, i don’t think I’d choose that with Spencer. Maybe it’s be just one of those evenings where you’re both laying in bed and just talking, and small looks turn into gentle kisses, which leads to slow yet sensual love making where you both connect in a way you wouldn’t with just normal sex.

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i hate when people are like "oh im so sorry about you being gay, i can help make you straight" like,,, no,,, i dont want to be straight honestly how can people think its bad for me to like being a certain way? i Do Not Get It

Ignore them 🙄 you are perfect just how you are!

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Finally a skam blog that isn't criticizing Julie all the time, calling her insensitive and all sorts of other things just because she's trying to portray real teens AND NOT TEACHING A CLASS ON HOW TO BE PERFECT ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Hi Anon! 

Thank you for the nice words! It’s just that I love this show and I love this season and what came before it and we owe it all to Julie and sure sometimes I don’t agree with everything that happens but ultimately I am so thankful to Julie for making Skam. 

No one else in the world is doing what she’s actually doing right now. And she doesn’t receive enough gratitude for it. 

We might all get frustrated at some point while watching the show, but I think it’s important to remember that what Skam is doing is the very first of its kind and it might not be 100% in every way possible but since it’s the only thing we have to compare it against, it’s 100% perfect compared to what we have!!!!!

Drop by with these super nice compliments anytime! :-P

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Hey new blog friend! How would the ut, uf, and sf bros react to seeing their brother dust but before their scarf/jacket can hit the ground their s/o uses some type of light magic to bring them back 100% fine? This is something the s/o can only do once every so many years. (Like Mercy's Ultimate from Overwatch. If she's in the same area as someone on her team and they die she can bring them back to perfect health. But you have to charge it up for it to work.)


No. Not again. He can feel his soul shatter a bit in his chest as his brother dusted. Even when you brought him back 100% fine the only thing he could think about was his brother turning to dust and the scarf hitting the ground and there was nothing he could do about it. In his head, Papyrus was still dead, and the one thing that snapped him out of it was when he ran to pick up the scarf and was instead picked up by his brother. They cry together for a solid five minutes before they realize that it was you that brought him back. Classic’s inner science nerd wants to experiment with the power, take you to his lab and poke you with things, but, that’s against his better judgement. He can’t just do that. Instead, he sits you down and you talk about it. He finds it absolutely amazing and he only falls for you more.. You saved his brother’s life.. That’s something he can never repay you for.

Papyrus -
Papaya starts sobbing and can’t see straight. Even when Sans is brought back he can’t decipher him from the pile of snow and dust. Sans walked over and hugged him, and hell he thought he was hallucinating. He hugged back the ‘hallucination’ and just sobbed on it. It took him a while to understand Sans wasn’t dead and the poor thing just clung to both him and you for the next few days before even questioning it.


Sans -

Oh. Welp. Kill or be killed, Edge died because he wasn’t strong enough. When you brought him back, though.. It was just.. What? There was nothing like that in the history of the Underground. Red was in awe. While he was grateful to you for bringing Edge back, he also felt like you shouldn’t have wasted your power on that. Of course he’d never tell you or Edge that.

Papyrus -

Edge had already started walking to pick up Red’s jacket before it hit the ground. His original idea was to take it, put it on, go home and cry for a while then destroy whoever dusted Red. Even if it was kill or be killed. His gloved hand ended up wrenching itself into Red’s shoulder, which caused an 'ow’ to come from him. Edge blinked, Red was supposed to be dead. What?
Excuse me?? You can’t just defy death like that??? When he saw Red he just turned away to go find who’d dusted him in the first place and kill them anyway. He’d ask you about that damned power later.
Zero fucks given.


NO. ROUGH CAN’T DIE WHAT THE FUCK WHO’S GUNNA BE THE LAZY PUSHOVER. Small panic attack. HUGE panic attack. And then Rough was back. Y'know at first he didn’t believe in the power of love bullshit but that made him believe in it for a good few minutes.. Until he demand you explain. And you did. And he was actually kind of disappointed at the actual explanation. Afterwards he walked over to Rough screeching about how he didn’t give hjm permission to die.


Black died protecting you, oddly enough. Rough was torn- on the one side his highness was safe, on the other his brother was dead. He felt torn in two, and then when you brought Black back, he just broke. Despite the lack of permission he sobbed on both of you, but wasn’t too surprised, of course his god/dess would have some sort of power. He was just really glad it was that specifically.

Am I the only one who wants Tom Payne to sing in The Walking Dead?

When I found out he can sing I didn’t think about it further, but yesterday I watched a video of him singing and thought something like:‘Would be awesome if they would let him sing in the series, but that’s not gonna happen. It’s the walking dead why should somebody sing?’.
Then I remembered Beth singing a few times and I was alive!

I’m voting for some sort of campfire scene after the war. Thanks.

p.s.: It’s also perfect for the Desus ship (you know the Beth parallels and so on). 💙

cat dragons are good, excellent, spectacular, even perfect- but you know what *else* id want in my pointedly un-dragonlike dragons? arthropodic mo'fuckers. babies with mantis arms or ladybug elytra. or any elytra. big, doeful compound eyes.


but i know thats horribly unlikely because everyones a big bumbly baby (oh my god bumblebee dragons– WHY DONT WE HAVE A BUMBLEBEE GENE YET) over insects and such relateds, sob sob. so instead, mayhaps GOAT DRAGONS. so my metal-genre’d lair can get a leader it deserves.

(im just…. im really passionate about this breedcourse. its *really* fun. ;u; )

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It's been legitimately years since I've been as drawn into a story as I am by your My Mistake series. Your characterization of Dark is incredible, and the pacing of your story is basically perfect. Thank you for writing this, I can't wait to see what comes next!

Thank you for inboxing me! I’m always thrilled when someone has something nice to say about my writing, especially when it’s something I wrote for my own amusement that dozens of you are enjoying too. (I love seeing what people tag too)

I think there’s about two more parts left in this story, possibly involving a certain green being. Then I’m going to see if I can figure out a ‘choose your own adventure’ style adventure in the same setting.

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"fuck that. you the only one ever even if you’re not perfect you’re limited edition, " "(whoa!) if you follow trends that's good (whoa!) if you're totally different that's good" - do you, "got six bullets in my tongue, ho - six snakes in my lung, ho" "if you watch porn you finish in 3 seconds" - joke (JOKE IS THE BEST DISSTRACK THERE IS)

Heell ydah