another tentoo/rose with their lil one!! :D Pretty much completely inspired by veritascaras adorable daughter!  Its a bit angsty, but i was in an angsty mood when i started it lol (On my DeviantART) A bit of a thank you for all the notes and nice comments i got on my other one *hugs everyone*


She was always beautiful, always simply but exquisitely dressed, highly intelligent (she did The Times crossword daily, and her reading ranged from Confucius to Montaigne) and infinitely concerned with her work as an actress. These things are all part of the enigma - and the legend.  Felix Barker 

Only England could have produced her. She was the perfect English rose. When the door opened and she was there, she was so terribly good-looking. She had such an exquisite unreality about her.  Diana Vreeland

 I never thought it was possible to love anybody so much or quite so completely, or that anybody should be so wonderfully abundant and prodigal to me in everything I’ve wanted most.  Laurence Olivier

 If I were given the chance to live my life over again, I would be certain of only two things. One is that at a very young age I would become an actress. The other is that at a not much later age I would marry Laurence Olivier, and do the proposing myself if necessary. Vivien Leigh

 Happy birthday Vivian Mary Hartley !