An English Rose: James & Lily (AU)

Jily AU Week, Day 6: Fairytale

I have no idea at all what this is. I have been wanting to write this forever, and this was the perfect opportunity. I didn’t finish it early enough to have anyone beta, so forgive how unpolished it is.

An English Rose

James Potter is a lot of things, but stupid usually isn’t one of them. 

Confident, definitely. Reckless, perhaps. But definitely not stupid.

Until now. 

He knows this is the stupidest thing he’s ever done. He knows it. But it’s really hard to care at all when her hands are raking down his chest and toward his trousers, her fingers fumbling at the button. 

His mind goes blank as her hands make contact with his skin. Her fiery hair is falling out of its neat plait, and he pulls at the ribbon so it falls to the floor. Her hair tumbles in waves around her shoulders and he can’t resist running his hands through it. 

His mind registers one last thought before descending into the bliss that is the taste of Lily Evans’ lips: 

I could do this forever. I could be here, with her, forever. 

Except - he is a lowly stable hand, destined to be spreading hay for the rest of his life, dirt caked under his fingernails. 

And Lily Evans is the Princess of Gryffindor, destined to be Queen. 

They’re going to hang me for this. 

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