The world’s scariest drug has the prettiest origin. Scopolamine is a drug from the seeds of this flower. In small doses, it’s used to cure motion sickness. In large doses, it can cause something called the ‘Zombie effect’. The person dosed with scopolamine becomes highly suggestible and unable to think for themselves. Basically, whatever you tell them to do, they’ll do. After the scopolamine wears off, everything, even the dosing, is completely wiped from the victim’s memory. The person dosed remembers nothing. It creates, essentially, the perfect crime. Every cop’s nightmare. Mother Nature is scarier than any lab-created drug.

Fandoms that have no drama right now

Leverage fandom. Come join Leverage fandom.  We have capers and sillyness and the perfect OT3, and found family, and basically it’s wonderful and you should come hang out with me instead of being sad about fandom drama.  The show is done so the creators can’t ruin it. It’s perfect. It’ll be perfect forever.