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Okay I just watched episode 9 of this season and I am absolutely reeling from the sciles scene. I like that this season is focusing on Scott's character not being the perfect wonder boy who always has a plan, because his pack is broken, and it started with him putting Theo above the words of everyone else and I am so sad I don't want to seem pushy, but could I have a short fic with stiles having a panic attack and sobbing on the phone with Derek, and then Derek appears at his window and cuddles

Of course you can moment I got it because the whole thing broke my heart too. Alas, responsibilities got in the way. I hope this helps. 

Stiles doesn’t even register when he takes his phone from his pocket as he enters his bedroom; thinks about it even less as he slides his thumb over the name he promised he would never call. Not when he had finally had gotten away from all of this.  

“Stiles?” Derek answers on the first ring. Stiles doesn’t know why that doesn’t surprise him. 

“I- I can’t breathe.” It’s not what Stiles means to say, not even close to what he wants. But suddenly there’s no oxygen and the room is spinning, tears stinging his eyes. “Derek, please. I just- he didn’t believe- I can’t. I need you to believe me.” 

There’s a small gap where Stiles feels like he’s falling, thinks he might pass out, but then Derek is right there in his ear again. Nothing changes, but it’s better. He breathes.

“Stiles, calm down,” Derek says slowly. “Listen to me, okay? Breathe. Count.” Stiles nods, even though Derek can’t see him and looks down at his hand. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. He does it another five times; doesn’t even realise that he’s counting out loud to Derek; doesn’t know how to say how much it means to him when Derek starts counting with him. 

“I’m in my bedroom,” Stiles gasps suddenly, trying not to fumble with the phone, because he knows- somehow he knows- that’s what Derek is going to ask next. 

“I can be there in an hour.” 


Derek doesn’t hang up on him. He doesn’t talk either, instead letting Stiles listen to the radio in his car as he drives back into town. Stiles wants to tell him not to come. He doesn’t want to be selfish, but he can’t find it in him to say it. Go home. I don’t need you. I don’t care about you. Derek has never treated him like a friend, but he’s always made Stiles feel grounded; like he isn’t free falling. Words like anchor come to his mind, but he pushes them out, like he always does.

The window opens and Stiles watches as Derek climbs inside. He’s still graceful, but not as showy as he once was. There’s no dramatic landing or slow motion crouch; just the gentle fall of feet and familiar green- blue?- eyes instantly taking him in on the bed. 

There was a time when Stiles used to feel self conscious when Derek looked at him, but now it’s comfortable in a way. He still feels his heart beat a little faster, but it’s a good kind of fast. Even though the kind of fast that scares him; the kind of fast that makes him think of his dad, think will you stop loving me? 

What happened?” Derek asks, coming to sit beside him. 

Stiles shakes his head. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t know how to talk about it. 

They sit in silence for a long time after that. Stiles can’t think of a time he stayed quiet for so long without fidgeting. “I killed someone,” he finally whispers. “It was self-defense. Scott- Scott doesn’t believe me.” He takes a breath and then another one, before closing his eyes. He feels sick. “Scott was- he was supposed to always-” But he doesn’t know how to finish the sentence. 

It’s one thing to lie awake at night thinking about how your dad doesn’t trust you, that somewhere along the line you became a disappoint to him. It’’s another for your best friend- your brother- to tell you he doesn’t trust you. That maybe he hasn’t for a long time. To realise it’s something you’ve been desperately trying to ignore.  It’s something completely different to admit it out loud; to say, I feel abandoned. 

Derek doesn’t say anything in response; just sits there, but when he eventually touches Stiles’ knee with soft fingers, Stiles lets out a shuddering breath he isn’t been aware he is holding. 

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Hate me or whatever but I genuinely like Steve Harrington. I like his character and his development. I think he’s incredibly realistic (everyone has people at some point in their lives who lead them astray and make them forget who they are). I won’t condone some of his actions, but he isn’t a saint. He’s a dumb teenage boy in love who makes stupid mistakes. And he apologizes for them. I think he’s got a ways to go in terms of character development and redemption, but I think he’s already made leaps and bounds in the right direction. I know that I myself have made stupid mistakes, as most of you have, and I have found myself capable of cruelty that I don’t like to admit is a part of me. But whenever I mess up, I try to make amends. Steve is not perfect, but neither am I, and neither are you. I will always have a special place in my heart for characters who make mistakes but try to be better, because they remind me of myself. As a favor to me, don’t be so quick to judge and condemn a character who makes mistakes. The best thing about watching shows is finding characters, and character traits within them, that we relate to. They are like us and we relate to them because they are not perfect. I love Steve Harrington because he is like me. He is not perfect. I hope you understand that.

Not all the potential influences of Twilight are negative. Bella Swan was a personal hero of mine. Bella’s experience of depression in New Moon perfectly mirrored my own experiences as a depressed teenager. My own depression wasn’t triggered by a break-up, but that is a very common trigger for depression. I valued seeing this character experiencing the same mental and physical feelings that I experienced, behaving in the same ways that I behaved, and yet still managing to be the hero of the story. Bella was absolutely the hero, and not because she always made good choices; in fact, she would have been far less a hero had she been perfect. She was the hero because she followed her heart, refused to let others make choices for her, was brave to a fault while still being full of feeling, and was just generally a badass but very real teenage girl.
A Perfect Storm 17

Characters:  Dean, Cas, Sam, Reader, Mystery Guest

Summary:  Reader is an actress on Supernatural.  What happens when she’s ripped from her world and thrown in o Sam and Dean’s?

Word Count:  703

Warning:  Language

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated

A Perfect Storm 17

Dean’s heart fractures into a million tiny pieces when the light fades from her eyes. All around him, the battle rages on. Demon versus demon. Hellhounds howl and scrabble through the graveyard. Angels drop to their knees as the sky turns black, as the stars seem to disappear from the very sky. None of it matters. Not to Dean. (Y/N)’s blood stains his clothing as he holds her in his arms.

How can someone he’s only known for such a short time mean so much? How come this hurts so fucking bad? It’s startling, how much she looks like Riley right now, her eyes closed, the lines of her face softened. On the battlefield, she had looked larger than life, the angel blood in her making her look righteous and powerful. In his arms, she looks smaller somehow, more human than angel.

He barely registers Cas at his side, trying to take (Y/N) from his arms. “Dean, let me try, please.” The angel’s eyes are tender with compassion. Dean gently lays her body on the ground, clutching her hand while the angel tries to revive her.

“I’m sorry,” Cas says. “I can’t…there’s nothing…” he trails off.   

Sam appears and drops to his knees beside his brother. “No…oh god, no,” Sam moans.  

He can no longer hold the tears back, the floodgates open and the grief pours out.


Opening your eyes, you try to gather your bearings. Looking down, you check your abdomen. No wounds, no blood. You are whole once again. It appears that you are in a bar. A man sits on the stool next to you. “Rob?” you ask, still trying to piece together what’s happened.

He smiles kindly. “No, sorry. Actually, I’m-”

“Chuck. Dear god. I mean dear Chuck? I don’t even…what do I call you?”

“Chuck is fine. Or there’s always ‘grandpa’. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” he says, the corners of his eyes crinkling with his grin.

Holy fucking shit. You are sitting in a bar with god. The god. G-O-D. And he’s not just god, he’s your grandfather. Realization sets in. If you’re here with Chuck, that can only mean one thing. “Am I…is this…heaven?”

“Um, yes and no,” he says. “I mean, this is kind of my own personal hang out. And sorry for not coming sooner. I’ve been away. And you, well, you were a surprise, (Y/N). Michael hid you incredibly well. I had no idea this was coming. Usually, this kind of thing is planned out better, prophecy and what not. I came as soon as I could, but it was too late.”

“So I’m dead,” you state flatly.  

“Eh…” Chuck’s raises a hand and wiggles it side to side. “Mostly dead.”

“Wait, what? Like Wesley in the Princess Bride ‘mostly dead’?” you ask incredulously.

“Sorta. It’s not your time. The good news is, I’m sending you back. The bad news is, you have to decide where you’re going back to.”

“Where I’m going back to?” you echo.

“Yes.” Chuck reaches over and grabs your hand. “This isn’t an easy decision. You can choose to go back to your old life or you can stay in this new life.”

“Would it go back to like it was before? If I went back to the old life? Would I remember this?”

“That’s up to you. Do you want to forget?”

“I…I don’t know. What do I do?”

“Sorry, I can’t make that decision for you. That’s the thing about free will. It’s kinda my thing - you have to choose.” He says it sympathetically, knowing how difficult and tremendous the burden of choice is.

“Can I have some time? To think?”

“Take all the time you need.” Chuck pats your hand and slips off the stool.  He takes up his guitar and plays softly in the background while you make the hardest decision of your life.


“Chuck?” you ask. “I’ve made my decision.”

He stands and sets the guitar aside carefully. “It’s time then.”  

“Thank you,” you whisper.


You awaken, back in your body once again. Two emerald green eyes meet your own, the disbelief and shock in those eyes apparent.

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Man Crush Monday: Ji Chang Wook’s Seo Jung Hoo in “Healer”

akinahana89 March 1, 2015

Seo Jung Hoo. Park Bong Soo. Healer. Whichever name he decides to use, Ji Chang Wook‘s character in “Healer” has completely captured my heart.Completely. I used to laugh at how cute Soompiers were by always telling me my man crush of the week is “more than just a Monday crush. He’s myeveryday crush!” But now, I know. Now, I understand. And I just want to say that I hear you, Soompiers!

It might be strange that after more than a decade of dramas, my most perfect man turns out to be such a recent one – as in three weeks ago recent – but if you knew Seo Jung Hoo, then you’d understand. Wouldn’t you? Of course, I didn’t say that he’s perfect because he’s truly without flaws. After all, where’s the fun in that? I say that because his flaws are part of what makes him beautiful and head over heels crush worthy.

There is so much I can say in praise for “Healer” and Seo Jung Hoo, but I’ll settle for simply stating that “Healer” has dramatically raised the bar for all future dramas and I fully expect to wait another decade or so before seeing one that will come as close to my definition of perfection as this drama. But instead of simply taking my word for it, we should let Seo Jung Hoo speak for himself. If you haven’t fallen for his charms, then you will after this! (Spoilers ahead.)

1. He’s hilarious.

Unintentionally so, which is the best type of hilarious to be. I guess we can’t really blame him since he’s never been a people person… until Chae Young Shin, that is. Running away in sheer terror from a hoard of women who only wants to dress him up for an undercover mission, attempting to peel potatoes with an alien object that confuses him (It’s called a peeler, Jung Hoo! And it’s a wonderful invention!), and peeling the outer layers of an onion like he’s actually carving into an apple are just some of his funny antics. Oh, let’s not forget that prankster Young Shin tricks him into touching his eyes with fingers full of onion juice. LOL.

His facial expressions during those precious moments can make anyone fall over laughing, but none are as knee slapping as his shocked and startled faces. The Healer fans call it his “WTF face.” Here’s just one example of many:

2. Seo Jung Hoo is simplistic.

All he wants is a deserted island! How much more simple can he get? Okay, okay. That’s actually pretty complicated, but Seo Jung Hoo had already acquired 64% of the funds he needed to buy his own island. Pretty ambitious and hardworking, eh? He doesn’t really enjoy his job as a night courier; it just pays well and helps him build his ultimate goal of kicking back and relaxing all by his lonesome, surrounded by sand and waves.

When he meets Chae Young Shin though, Seo Jung Hoo’s dream becomes even more simple – to live a normal life. He wants to be like other everyday people. Settle down. Get married. Have children. Hold a normal job. Spend his days with the love of his life. Be happy. This time, truly, how much more simple can he get? He’s not picky at all about the material items and he only needs Young Shin by his side. That’s all he needs to feel fully and completely content.

A nice bonus would be Jo Min Ja, lovingly referred to as “ahjumma,” and Kim Moon Ho‘s presence and friendship. Together, the four creates a perfect team – their own little Healer family.

3. He’s the perfect blend of Seo Jung Hoo, Park Bong Soo, and Healer.

Although he’s stuttering Park Bong Soo by day and fierce Healer by night, Seo Jung Hoo isn’t always putting on an act. He possesses qualities from all three of his identities, molding him into one gorgeous male. Gorgeous inside and out, that is. He has the vulnerabilities and loneliness of Seo Jung Hoo, the confidence and intelligence of Healer, and the awkward innocence of Park Bong Soo. There is absolutely no way to pinpoint which traits are his best or which part of him is my most favorite because all of his qualities mesh together so well. He wouldn’t be who he is if any aspect of him changes and I can say with 100% certainty that I’m glad he was consistent and developed from beginning to end.

P.S. Seo Jung Hoo didn’t even need to consider anger management classes like so many other male leads! He’s not nasty, foul-tempered, or short fused just because he could be. Ever. Wow, daebak (awesome)!

4. Seo Jung Hoo doesn’t suffer the Noble Idiocy Disease.

But then, neither does Chae Young Shin! Which makes the two of them a perfect, perfect match.

There has been misunderstandings and consideration for each others’ well being. There has been doubt and the uncertainty on whether to trust or distrust each other. There has been a lingering fear that they’ll only bring each other harm. But never, never, never did Seo Jung Hoo and Chae Young Shin allow that to deter their relationship in any way. Instead, they take time apart from each other to carefully consider the situation then they talk to each other about it. Open, honest, emotionally raw conversations.

Hey, who knew such a thing existed in Dramaland! And who knew problems could actually get solved this way! Leave it to two young people entering their first relationship to show the world how it’s done! It’s no wonder I totally lovethis OTP.

5. Seo Jung Hoo has smooth moves.

Scaling the walls. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Crashing through windows in the blink of an eye. Taking on a dozen men all by himself. Surprise visiting his girlfriend by using her window as an entryway. Fighting through the effects of sedatives like a real champion. Seo Jung Hoo totally sizzles whenever he leaps into action, especially since he’s so polite about it at the same time. I couldn’t help but chuckle when he apologized to the mother and child he startled when he cut across their living room for a shorter route to his destination or when he thanks President Hwang after giving him a much deserved beating and breaking into his safe for an external hard drive.

I’ve never been a big fan of baseball caps and all black ensembles, but on Seo Jung Hoo, it’s undeniably swoon worthy and even Park Bong Soo’s adorably clean and neat outfits are no comparison.


Intense stares. Boyish grins. Charm and charisma. Odd terms of endearment.
High up places. First snowfall. Small hands. White bedding. Hair.
The sound of camera shutters. Large hands. Smiling eyes. Big embraces.

Things I don’t like? Everything that keeps me away from the very things I like.

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#2581 I have many favorite LOTR and Hobbit characters but I just want to point out a specific one. Lindir is a perfect specimen. When I saw him on the LOTR I always thought he was cute and then when I saw him on the Hobbit, my heart just literatly exploded. His voice is so angelic which makes me want to hear him sing to me, his skin looks so soft that I just want to kiss it him, his eyes are gorgeous and his nose is so freaking cute.. He seems the one to be the first boyfriend, first kiss type of man~

Beyond the Sky

I know I wont look behind, I see no regrets, just beyond that sky, there’s new places you’ll see.

Xenoblade is my favorite RPG ever and I just love it to pieces; the characters, the plot, the music, and the story were so perfect in my eyes.

Scott McCall is a gift, bitches.

Just in terms of a character, I love him. It’s just so hard to write a character like him. He’s the heart of the show; the hero. So he has to possess those characteristics associated with that type while also appealing to those faults and flaws that make us human and relatable.

No one wants to watch a character who’s perfect at everything and always does the right thing. Scotts messes up, but he always tries to do better or make it right. He cares about people which explains why people are quick to rally for him and protect him. He stands up when standing ain’t easy and it’s so hard to find that balance with a show’s protagonist.

I also think my love for Scott also has a lot to do with how Posey portrays him. Just like his counterpart, he cares about people. Very humble, very warm. He’ll give the spotlight to someone else before putting it on himself and he’ll do it with a smile on his face and no malice in his heart.

Scott McCall is one thing that Teen Wolf got right imo.


The big three, finally done!

I spent forever on Usagi, I always get nervous when doing titular characters (for example I had such a hard time with making Princess Zelda). There’s just so much pressure to make it look perfect! 

Hopefully I managed to do that with Usagi. I think Mamoru and Chibiusa came out pretty well though! This version of Chibiusa is definitely an improvement from my last one XI

It probably seems like Chibiusa should be the Jack of Hearts, but her being the Jack of Spades actually works very well for my overall plan for the suits, I promise! :) 

You can buy prints, cards, phone cases, etc of these cards at my Redbubble store :) 

Once upon a time I got angry thinking that Felicity may not happen. Now, however, I'm not worried. Lauriver is a DEAD END even if they are END GAME so Olicity is and will always be THE REAL THING for me. Maybe just in my imagination and in hundreds of fan fictions out there but OLICITY EXISTS and is perfect and YOU OLICITERS make it this way. No matter what happen between Oliver and Felicity, no matter if those stubborns writers blinded by Black Canary want Lauriver to be canon. Who gives a shit? They are digging their own grave investing so much time in a character that doesn't fit in this show. It will be their fault if we don't have Season 4, "you did this" I will say and then I will keep dreaming with the best tv couple my eyes has watched on TV and just like this... Olicity will be always in my heart
Love is blind (or mute)

Love is blind (or mute) by Bewareofthelilo

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Castiel

Length: 1524

Rating: G

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, Soulmate AU, Fluff, Angst, Mute! Sam

Summary: Everyone around Gabriel had always had the first words their soulmate would say to them somewhere on their skin, but he didn’t.


I think I’ve read a million variations of this fic, but Chuck Damn! I love every single one. I adore soulmate AUs, and the many variations to begin with, but this has to be one of my favorites of all time. The characters are perfect, and I loved the happy ending! - Lauren

Wow. That got me right in the feels…no, its ok I didn’t need my heart anyway!!! Soulmate AU are my weakness and this one is amazing!!!! I’m always a sucker for gloomy Gabe, he is my favorite!!! Just because he comes along side a happy-go-lucky Sam!!! Writing and characterization are also on point! What else do you need?! - Maria

I honestly can never get enough of soulmate AUs where your soulmates first words to you are etched into your skin, and this one has such a great twist to it! I never really gave the possibility of mute soulmates much thought, and the way it played out between Sam and Gabriel was so amazing and sweet! Very original and well-done! - Gisselle


30 Day Otome Challenge
Day 7: Favourite OTP

My favourite OTP will forever be Majima x Yuriko. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, it’s immoral. Yes, it’s forbidden. And yet, it’s so perfect to me. Their relationship is the epitome of angst and my heart really goes out to Majima. He’s such a complicated character, yet it all boils down to his love for Yuriko. It’s both twisted and pure. Every day, he has to face an inner storm of conflicted emotions. I’m forever bitter that Aromarie didn’t give him one more ending in any of the ports or FD where Yuriko knows of the truth and they still remain happy together. Regardless, Majima x Yuriko has such a special place in my heart and they will always be my number one OTP <3

My biggest and most meaningful tattoo to date. A tribute to not only my favorite TV show but to characters and a fandom that have changed my life and will be a part of me forever. After almost a year of deciding I wanted it I finally got it done and I think it’s perfect timing. For me this is the heart of Supernatural and always will be.❤️ Done by Lea Vendetta at Hart & Huntington Tattoo in Las Vegas. #savingpeople #huntingthings #thefamilybusiness #supernatural #supernaturaltattoo #spnfamily #thecolt #guntattoo #tattoo #traditionaltattoo #hartandhuntington #leavendetta #inkmaster #hardrockhotel #lasvegas

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I’ve seen the new spoilers just before go to bed and how i supposed to sleep now!?





I always liked this concept but finding out it will become real, gave me an heart attack. They’ll give more space to my favourite character I’m so happy I could cry.

Then Chloe confirmed as the bee kwami holder

Guys, I’m too happy. I think she’s perfect to be Queen Bee and I really hope they will give her a good development. Maybe we’ll finally discover why she acts like a bitch? Probably I’m the only one, but I like to think her as Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls or Victoria Chase from Life is Strange: I really hate the stereotype of the character that think to be above everyone and hates the main character for no reason, so I’d like to know why Chloe acts like that.

And can we talk about the new images of Duusu? He’s so beautiful and even a small angry ball of feathers. (I suppose he’s a male for his appearance, but if he were a female, it would be pretty cool)

Confession: I’ve always fallen for the stoic characters. Morrigan is a no-brainer. I’ve had my first playthrough (& more) romance her with different possibilities. When DA:A came out & my broken-hearted warden saw Velanna, I couldn’t help but think she was Morrigan somewhere there, although that thought didn’t last because Velanna had quite the temper. That’s why during DA:II. I never expected to fall in love w/ the opposite personality, Merril. I think she’s perfect for my Hawke playthroughs!

Journey on The Light of Sinew

I painted a canvas,
sewed it to my bones.
Threaded with words
that sounded like
dreams…of some-other-
I drank it like wine
intoxicated with fruitful
adventures that danced
in my mind.

sun rose
settled in the prairie.

When I returned…my mind
decided these bones
should bend, temper more
into winds. Perfect
heart dead in head schemes.

I felt silence of my non-being.
This sadness that I choked
on, these tears I forced back
into my eyes. My lips were
spontaneously shuttering
of all my attempted my own
face was letting pain give

I am no more…

There is this space found
where always has been
being fluid
in river gratitude.
Guessing not stone
or turning tides.

I am being pregnant in
a garden of love
birthing moments
silent as my heart
is bursting into quantum

Still, now.
It is only now…

Flourishing, expanding perfection.

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Headcanon things for Will? (If you haven't done them already)



Sexual Orientation Headcanon: Raging pansexual. He’s known since he hit puberty, like oh, wow, everyone’s gorgeous wtf, buuuut being as his mother was strikingly homophobic, he was only ever open about his sexuality in school. It was his safe space in a way, and it was really easy. He was the star child favorite of the drama club and everyone was generally more accepting there.

Gender Headcanon: Genderqueer Shakespeare is going to always hold a special place in my heart for the rest of eternity. Listen, growing up, whenever he wasn’t home he would go all out with his gender expression. He would practically beg the play director to let him play a girl character, or even understudy, because 1, he’s perfect for the part and 2, he would get to wear lipstick and a dress. Like, deep down he still lowkey feels like a man and he’ll go by he/him pronouns no matter what, bc anything else feels strange to him, but there’s a detachment there. Like he doesn’t necessarily feel connected to the idea of being a man and he doesn’t really care about traditional gender roles. But some days he just straight up doesn’t feel like a guy, and he’ll look in the mirror and he feels like his own face is a mask. And those are the days he shaves and takes his hair out of the side-braid so it falls down and frames his face.

Mental illness / Neurodivergent Headcanon: THIS BOYS GOT ADHD. HE’S GOT MAD ADHD. Listen idk if you say im pushing my own identity onto a character HE’S! GOT! ADHD! He forgets things constantly, he’s impulsive, he will zone out in the middle of a conversation and then change the topic when he opens his mouth again cause he just didn’t hear what you said (and it makes him seem really really rude.) He’s indulgent because he’s impulsive, but he’s also the most creative individual youve ever seen. Like the way he thinks is with his left brain. I know that’s fake as fuck but you know what I mean. 

He’s also got an injection phobia, which I learned in class recently is an actual thing! If you show him a needle he’ll bolt. He’ll just run and never stop running, he cannot do needles.

3 Random Headcanons:

1. Okay y’all have probably picked up on it but he’s a little fat. Like, he works out and runs and has a bit of muscle to him but he’s spoiled and a lil bit fat.

2. He loves dressing up. He really does. He loves pinstriped shirts and suits. He loves the sleek black look and the professional aura it gives him. Also he wears at least 2 inch heels whenever he dresses up bc they make him feel powerful.

3. He has mad a sweet tooth. Like in general he’s usually a spicy kind of guy but when he wants something sweet he wants something teeth-rottingly sweet. Like the sugar covered type of candy, or a root beer float type of sweet.

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You!!! Are!!! My favorite!!! Voltron artist!!! Aaa the way you use colors is stunning? And the expressions on your characters' faces are always perfect! They really pass the point you know? You really are amazing! Keep up the good work! And thank you so much for posting here~

om g ,, thank you sm??? for u kIND WORDS ;;