Bad Idea

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader have sex for the first time (together, not first time ever).

Word Count:  3041

Warnings:  Smut and Language

A/N:  This was inspired by an anon ask for more light-hearted, less kinky, more playful sex. I decided to make it more realistic for once, not everything is perfect. Sex is sometimes awkward and strange while also being awesome. So here you go.

Tags are at the bottom. As always, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Bad Idea

I’m not really sure who kissed who, to be honest. Just a few minutes ago, I was up to my elbows in dishes, scrubbing dinner away. Now Dean’s lips are on mine, his hands roaming freely beneath my shirt, exploring my skin.

I mean, I did splash him with the water. And he did kinda chase me around the kitchen to exact revenge. And we were sorta flirty about it all. But we always have been. It’s just us, just the way we are together. Have you seen Dean Winchester? Of course I’m going to flirt with him.  

But now I’m pressed up against him, my head spinning in the most wonderful way. There are good kissers in this world and bad kissers. I’ve experienced both. Dean’s kisses, they take my breath away. His lips mold to mine, his tongue dances along mine, he tastes like beer and pie. Kinda like you’d think he would.

Listen, I wasn’t really expecting my night to go this way. Maybe I should have seen it coming, we clearly have some sort of chemistry, but I thought maybe Dean was too professional to hook up with a hunter he was living with.

Anyway, like any of that matters now. His lips are on mine, his hips are pressed to mine, my fingers are running up and down his biceps. So here we are.

Eventually, we have to come up for air. We’ve been attached at the lips for what feels like an eternity. Time is irrelevant during a good make out session. I can feel the heat stinging my cheeks, it’s like a tiny acrobat is doing millions of somersaults in my belly. My heart is thud-thudding so loudly it’s a wonder Dean can’t hear it.

He grins at me - is that a bashful smile? From Dean fucking Winchester? This man oozes confidence and sexuality, and now he’s looking at me like…that? Impossibly, my heart races faster.

His green eyes meet mine as he clears his throat. “Do you wanna…keep going?”

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The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

Chemistry Like Apple and Cinnamon

Summary: Y/N lives with boys at the bunker, and it always smells like cinnamon near her room. Dean soon discovers the heart warming reason why and also discovers the chemistry between both him and Y/N that is undeniably perfect much like apples and cinnamon. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, fluff, major character death, blood, angst

Word Count: 6,478

Prompt: Cinnamon Candles

A/N: This was my entry for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall writing challenge. This is told through both Dean and the Reader’s POV I caption who it is! I hope you all enjoy it, I worked really hard on this and put a lot of thought, blood, sweat, and tears into it!

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I was a little angry at Mary, but then he said "my boys" including Cas and I forgave her ❤ 12x12 has me with my heart in my throat

I think there are a lot of mixed feelings about Mary after this episode. I still love her, and the portrayal of her in the show, because I totally understand what the writers are trying to do with her character. I have decided to use your ask to voice my opinion on the current “Mary debate”. Hope you don’t mind. 12x12 also had me choking on my own heart nonny! I am with you there.

Before this season Mary has always been this fantasy figure of motherly perfection to the boys - specifically Dean. They put her high on a pedestal as a symbol of the life they were robbed of. Not to mention the fact that she was framed as “Mother Mary” the holy mother of Christ prior to this season. She was always this perfect “ideal mother” who could do no wrong. Yes we learned of her back story as a Hunter and how she met John but ultimately the “young Mary” story is still separate from the Mary of the pilot and the Mary in the photograph that pulled Dean back from the brink among other things. She was always framed from Dean’s POV as the perfect mother figure. 

So to bring her back to life, to give a life and story and personality to the original fridged woman who has been sat on a pedestal all these years? Its fucking amazing is what it is. You NEED to tear down that “holier than thou” image of her. Of course she isn’t gonna be what her sons expect. Of course she is gonna struggle to adjust. Of course she is gonna make dodgy choices (because she wouldn’t be a Winchester if she didn’t).  She is FINALLY being portrayed a a real person with flaws and problems and I am lapping it up. Women aren’t fucking perfect. They can be a million different things but never perfect. Perfect is boring. If you’re character is perfect, then they aren’t really a character at all. 

If I was writing the show, I would write her pretty much exactly how they are writing her. I would write her struggle to accept that her babies are grown up, that they are still hunters, that her perfect life that she desired from a young age was robbed from her by the same demon that killed her parents. The only thing that pisses me off about the shows version of Mary isn’t even Mary’s fault, its the stupid fucking format of having to make side characters disappear every couple of episodes because for some reason having them pottering around in the Bunker whilst Sam and Dean work a generic MOTW case isn’t a good enough excuse. 

At the same time I get that she has turned back to hunting for a distraction to her pain. Because she is still a woman mourning the loss of her children. She missed them grow up, she doesn’t get to hold baby Sammy in her arms and kiss Dean on the forehead goodnight anymore. (My mum tells me she misses me all the goddamn time. She misses her little girl like she is mourning me because I am a 30 year old woman living away from home and see her every couple of weeks. My mum still hasn’t quite accepted that I have grown up. But at least she got to experience it.) Mary has been robbed of that. Hell, Sammy was only just 6 months old. She was probably still breast feeding him when she died. Imagine having that ripped away from you?

I wish they explored her pain in more depth, but I get where they are going with it. She has turned to the BMOL because they have given her a promise, to rid the world of the monsters that stole her life from her. They have given her focus, because clearly the shoving your problems down and ignoring them and throwing yourself into work is a genetic Winchester/Campbell Gene. Could she have done more to save Cas? Yes. She could have given up the Colt if it would have saved Cas’s life. It was their only shot, and she chose wrong. I don’t quite forgive her for that but I wanna see where they take her story. She is traumatised by what has happened to her, and not thinking clearly. She is our season 6 Cas parallel as well lets not forget, and in her mind she is doing the right thing. That doesn’t excuse her, but then Cas actively put Sam’s life in danger too… and a lot of people hated him for it at the time (and still do sadly).

Mary did indeed call Cas one of her boys at the end there. I think perhaps by that point the whole situation had sunken in more. She knows how much her sons care for him, how they view him as a brother (and spouse) and after recent events I think she has realised just how important Cas is. She connected with Cas, and also there is probably some residual guilt there from not handing over the Colt at the time.

We just need to see where her story goes. Honestly I see it going the way of 6x20 and beyond. But then again this is supposed to be a re-write of season 6 rather than just a hard copy with different characters. I expect Mary to come to her senses and do what Cas never did in season 6, because I expect that Dean (and Sam) would have learned from that mistake and make an effort to resolve the situation. Communication is a key theme this season so hopefully this will come into play in later episodes. We can only wait and see.

Hate me or whatever but I genuinely like Steve Harrington. I like his character and his development. I think he’s incredibly realistic (everyone has people at some point in their lives who lead them astray and make them forget who they are). I won’t condone some of his actions, but he isn’t a saint. He’s a dumb teenage boy in love who makes stupid mistakes. And he apologizes for them. I think he’s got a ways to go in terms of character development and redemption, but I think he’s already made leaps and bounds in the right direction. I know that I myself have made stupid mistakes, as most of you have, and I have found myself capable of cruelty that I don’t like to admit is a part of me. But whenever I mess up, I try to make amends. Steve is not perfect, but neither am I, and neither are you. I will always have a special place in my heart for characters who make mistakes but try to be better, because they remind me of myself. As a favor to me, don’t be so quick to judge and condemn a character who makes mistakes. The best thing about watching shows is finding characters, and character traits within them, that we relate to. They are like us and we relate to them because they are not perfect. I love Steve Harrington because he is like me. He is not perfect. I hope you understand that.

Circle me and the needle moves gracefully
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you’d be North
Risk it all cause I’ll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you’d be home

If My Heart Was a House - Owl City

“My turning point is when I met you and fell in love…the fact that you are my first and last girl…my love for you is always inside my heart.” 

I have absolutely no words for Yoosung’s Valentine’s DLC. I could ramble on and on how his character development was spot on, but that would make me do an essay on him. If it could be described in a single word, it would be perfect. He made me fall for him deeper, no joke. He is literally the best husband ever. Yoosung Kim is husband goals, no one can top that. 

Also, more Owl City!


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

“I know there’s a lot of heartbreak in the recent episodes, but I find it really refreshing. My ex broke my heart 7 months ago, but he’s still my best friend and I love him more than anything in the world. We live together, and it’s excruciating. It’s nice to know that even amazing, fun, fictional characters that I look up to, like Star, don’t always get that perfect ending. Love is all about timing, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.”

- Anonymous

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Have you watched Wander over Yonder? It's so painfully underrated that it deserve more than what it got! :3c

Seen it full four times! 

It’s an AMAZING show, and it’s perfect for people who LOVES 90′s charm on cartoons, I think the reason why it wasn’t so popular is because of the way Disney mistreated it and how much people considerate over-used the “two best buds and an enemy/nemesis” cliche.

But Wander is not dumb, its warm-hearted, he is well aware bad people is doing bad things but he always tries to help and save them! Tho my favorite character is Sylvia, what can I say I love butch girls! 

I got a question about why I always draw Harry & Hermione as white and it comes down to how I’ve personally been imagining them, and how I started trying to depict that in my drawing since becoming gradually more happy with my style/work a few years ago.

I love seeing other people’s renditions of characters - partly why I like Wizarding Wednesday a lot - and I think Burdge has some of my favourite hp character designs like here and here and here - they just look full of feeling and perfect. Like any drawings with heart in them do, really. 

But the question got me thinking about how having always done it one way before is no reason for not drawing them however I want in different ways at different times. So here’s a little third year Hermione, glowingly happy with her new cat.

It’s been about three weeks since I started Smallville and now I’ve finished it. It was simply phenomenal. I never much liked or particularly cared for Superman before this. From now on, all tv and film adaptations of Superman will be compared to Smallville for me and so far, none live up. Brandon Routh will always have a special place in my heart as my first Superman, but Tom Welling IS Superman.

The last three seasons are the payoff that makes the entire show so wonderful. Superman - Clark Kent comes into his own as a rounded, emotionally relatable character who is anything but perfect. Without Smallville I would never give more than a half-hearted shit about Superman.

Now I can say, he’s worth it.

I believe.

Love is blind (or mute)

Love is blind (or mute) by Bewareofthelilo

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Castiel

Length: 1524

Rating: G

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, Soulmate AU, Fluff, Angst, Mute! Sam

Summary: Everyone around Gabriel had always had the first words their soulmate would say to them somewhere on their skin, but he didn’t.


I think I’ve read a million variations of this fic, but Chuck Damn! I love every single one. I adore soulmate AUs, and the many variations to begin with, but this has to be one of my favorites of all time. The characters are perfect, and I loved the happy ending! - Lauren

Wow. That got me right in the feels…no, its ok I didn’t need my heart anyway!!! Soulmate AU are my weakness and this one is amazing!!!! I’m always a sucker for gloomy Gabe, he is my favorite!!! Just because he comes along side a happy-go-lucky Sam!!! Writing and characterization are also on point! What else do you need?! - Maria

I honestly can never get enough of soulmate AUs where your soulmates first words to you are etched into your skin, and this one has such a great twist to it! I never really gave the possibility of mute soulmates much thought, and the way it played out between Sam and Gabriel was so amazing and sweet! Very original and well-done! - Gisselle

A Perfect Storm 17

Characters:  Dean, Cas, Sam, Reader, Mystery Guest

Summary:  Reader is an actress on Supernatural.  What happens when she’s ripped from her world and thrown in o Sam and Dean’s?

Word Count:  703

Warning:  Language

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated

A Perfect Storm 17

Dean’s heart fractures into a million tiny pieces when the light fades from her eyes. All around him, the battle rages on. Demon versus demon. Hellhounds howl and scrabble through the graveyard. Angels drop to their knees as the sky turns black, as the stars seem to disappear from the very sky. None of it matters. Not to Dean. (Y/N)’s blood stains his clothing as he holds her in his arms.

How can someone he’s only known for such a short time mean so much? How come this hurts so fucking bad? It’s startling, how much she looks like Riley right now, her eyes closed, the lines of her face softened. On the battlefield, she had looked larger than life, the angel blood in her making her look righteous and powerful. In his arms, she looks smaller somehow, more human than angel.

He barely registers Cas at his side, trying to take (Y/N) from his arms. “Dean, let me try, please.” The angel’s eyes are tender with compassion. Dean gently lays her body on the ground, clutching her hand while the angel tries to revive her.

“I’m sorry,” Cas says. “I can’t…there’s nothing…” he trails off.   

Sam appears and drops to his knees beside his brother. “No…oh god, no,” Sam moans.  

He can no longer hold the tears back, the floodgates open and the grief pours out.


Opening your eyes, you try to gather your bearings. Looking down, you check your abdomen. No wounds, no blood. You are whole once again. It appears that you are in a bar. A man sits on the stool next to you. “Rob?” you ask, still trying to piece together what’s happened.

He smiles kindly. “No, sorry. Actually, I’m-”

“Chuck. Dear god. I mean dear Chuck? I don’t even…what do I call you?”

“Chuck is fine. Or there’s always ‘grandpa’. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” he says, the corners of his eyes crinkling with his grin.

Holy fucking shit. You are sitting in a bar with god. The god. G-O-D. And he’s not just god, he’s your grandfather. Realization sets in. If you’re here with Chuck, that can only mean one thing. “Am I…is this…heaven?”

“Um, yes and no,” he says. “I mean, this is kind of my own personal hang out. And sorry for not coming sooner. I’ve been away. And you, well, you were a surprise, (Y/N). Michael hid you incredibly well. I had no idea this was coming. Usually, this kind of thing is planned out better, prophecy and what not. I came as soon as I could, but it was too late.”

“So I’m dead,” you state flatly.  

“Eh…” Chuck’s raises a hand and wiggles it side to side. “Mostly dead.”

“Wait, what? Like Wesley in the Princess Bride ‘mostly dead’?” you ask incredulously.

“Sorta. It’s not your time. The good news is, I’m sending you back. The bad news is, you have to decide where you’re going back to.”

“Where I’m going back to?” you echo.

“Yes.” Chuck reaches over and grabs your hand. “This isn’t an easy decision. You can choose to go back to your old life or you can stay in this new life.”

“Would it go back to like it was before? If I went back to the old life? Would I remember this?”

“That’s up to you. Do you want to forget?”

“I…I don’t know. What do I do?”

“Sorry, I can’t make that decision for you. That’s the thing about free will. It’s kinda my thing - you have to choose.” He says it sympathetically, knowing how difficult and tremendous the burden of choice is.

“Can I have some time? To think?”

“Take all the time you need.” Chuck pats your hand and slips off the stool.  He takes up his guitar and plays softly in the background while you make the hardest decision of your life.


“Chuck?” you ask. “I’ve made my decision.”

He stands and sets the guitar aside carefully. “It’s time then.”  

“Thank you,” you whisper.


You awaken, back in your body once again. Two emerald green eyes meet your own, the disbelief and shock in those eyes apparent.

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Asagao Academy

Something needs to be done.

Any and all Asagao Academy players have been plagued with the same fate: falling in love with PBG.

No one can escape his grasp, not even in other routes.

He’s always watching. Waiting for you to come back, his heart breaking with each moment you’re not on his route. And your heart breaking each time you see his sad, feeble, puppy dog eyes.

PBG….is too OP.

I repeat: PBG IS TOO OP.


Confession:  As someone who ended up playing my Lavellan Inquisitor with a more “Secrets”-heavy Inquisition, with Leliana becoming Divine, I absolutely love the “Wicked Eyes” quest. It always feels like the experience is building up to my headcanon of his moving in as Leliana’s new Left Hand (ironically) someday, like all the political intrigue and maneuvering is on-the-job training. I know it’s coincidence, but it feels perfect, like one character I love passing the torch to another.

me: why is percy coming back again, like i love him with my whole heart but rick, i am so here for any new character that comes into the picture and—

me @ any mention of percy interacting with ocean / underwater world:

anonymous asked:

Especially after the last round of episodes, Scanlan whump has been greasing my gears which is weird b/c that's a gnome, that's a fictional 3.5 feet tall character. Which just goes to show the whump archetype you've so eloquently expressed of "vain, arrogant char stripped sniveling to their most vulnerable parts" spans containers.

oh man same tho i am very, Very about scanlan whump? like. he’s the perfect mix of vain and arrogant, little bit sleazy, jerk with a heart of gold that everyone assumes is genuinely always okay, but it turns out he’s putting on a brave face a lot of the time and he’s actually really hurting… and the cracks are beginning to show…

but god yeah, stuff like scanlan getting hurt and hiding it because the others are more important, or getting sick and ignoring it, or like… not exactly sacrificing himself for the others, but anything where he gets hurt worse because he won’t drop the mask long enough to be like “hey i’m not okay” and the others don’t notice, that really gets me going tbh.

also anything that fucks with his ability to music. break those pretty little fingers and cut his tongue out or sth, idk. i feel like he’d absolutely fall apart without being able to sing or play an instrument - like, a lot of his identity is built around that - and it’d be very cathartic to see him coming to terms with that and slowly building himself like. a new identity, almost.

  • (He Said, She Said)
  • 11th Doctor: Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need. Perfect. Too perfect.
  • -
  • (Dark Water)
  • 12th Doctor: Remember, be strong. Even if it breaks your heart.
  • I'd call it an enormous development, of the Doctor's character, of Clara Oswald's character (by changing how her story was told, in what perspectives and with what preconceptions), and of their relationship.
  • And then,
  • (Face the Raven)
  • Clara Oswald: Let me be brave.