low-key obsessed with the naruto stage play actors especially these two cuties (they are perfect for my fave characters ;u; huhuhu)

dedicated to narutostaph onemerryjester and everyone else who also wishes to see them in a selfie…….i feel your pain



Ang theme song kaninang 6:00 am! To all #JaTheafans, para sa inyo! Conposed by Glaiza and Chynna! Lol at Rhian’s additional lyrics at the end 😂 (thanks to my trusty ukelele, nakakawala ang boredom!) #trmd


Our theme song from earlier at 6:00 AM: To all #jatheafans, this is for you. Composed by Glaiza and Chynna! LOL at Rhian’s additional lyrics at the end. (thanks to my trusty ukelele for easing my boredom) #TRMD

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