At the beginning of the speech, Senator John Pastore seems impatient, even making fun of Rogers in the first couple of minutes. But at the end, after Rogers shares a little song that he wrote, Pastore says, “I’m supposed to be a pretty tough guy and I’m getting goosebumps for the first time in days … looks like you just earned your $20 million.”

That would not be the last time that Rogers would do something like this. In 1984, when the Supreme Court was considering outlawing home-recording technology, they decided not to at least partly because Rogers was worried that taking away VCRs would make it so that some kids who couldn’t watch his show at the scheduled time wouldn’t be able to watch it at all. The court thought that made perfect sense.

Then, when Burger King ran a commercial with a parody look-alike named “Mr. Rodney” in 1984, Rogers asked them to stop. The senior vice president of the company pulled the $15,000 ad without a second thought, saying, “Mr. Rogers is one guy you don’t want to mess with … hopefully now we have peace in the neighborhood.” Can we doubt at this point that Rogers was some kind of sorcerer?

5 Inspiring True Stories For Anyone Feeling Cynical Today


Can we just

Can we just talk about how Japan and America give presents to each other on their birthdays?

((Look at America in the final panel staring at Japan and waiting for his reaction to the cake it’s just… ASDFGHJKL))

So, my sister’s boyfriend, Luke, used to work on Bob’s Burgers as a PA. He knows how much I love both Bob’s and Hamilton, especially Hamilton and Eliza, so he made this incredible fanart for me that the rest of the world needs to see. Isn’t he so talented??? 


Better quality Louigan images, from Late Afternoon In The Garden With Bob And Louise. 

My god they are adorable, and I love them so much.


Anthony Bourdain Shares the Secrets to a Perfect Burger

Recipe of the Day: Bobby’s Perfect Burger                                                           If you’re going to grill anything today, make it Bobby’s “perfect” burger! This will become your new go-to recipe instantly!

Bobbi Morse and Sharon Carter are on the road together.

They’re avoiding big towns, anywhere that anyone might think to look for them. That means long days on the road, holding hands over the center console until their fingers go numb and clammy. At night they rub each other’s sore backs and stretch out limbs cramped from a long day in the car.

They take turns picking out the local little diners where they stop to eat. Sharon jokes that the one good thing that might come out of all of this is that she finally has time to devote her life to finding the perfect burger.

Sometimes they go to movies in tiny theaters, catching the latest showing so they’re all but alone. They saw Rogue One four times that way, in four different states, at Bobbi’s insistence.

They tell different cover stories to every chatty waitress. Yesterday they were sisters, today they’re undergrads, tomorrow maybe they’ll tell a little bit of truth and say that they’re girlfriends. Halfway down the PCH Sharon said they were on their honeymoon, just so she could see the look on Bobbi’s face.

Another time Bobbi decided without any warning that they were European tourists because she gets a kick out of making Sharon do accents. (It’s not that Sharon’s bad at them, she just feels silly pretending to be Norwegian while sitting at a Dennys at 7 AM when all she wants are some pancakes.)

They’ll stay a few nights at a time in hotels that are varying degrees of comfortable. The only constant is leaving the TV on so they can watch the news. Every once in a while there’s a story about the Avengers getting themselves in trouble, about S.H.I.E.LD., about more superhumans cropping up in the oddest of places as the world gets stranger by the day. They see familiar faces sometimes, feel the stress of it weighing on them. They roll around in the unfamiliar sheets, cuddling and kissing, until the feeling passes and all that matters is the life they’re figuring out together.

290. The Daily Show’s 1st anniversary (July 22, 1997)

(See also, The Greatest Millennium, “Indian Bummer”) 

I have so many vhs tapes that friends have given me through the years and my family and I have moved so much in the past few years (we’ve just moved from house to house in the same town-but still, we have a lot of stuff!) that sometimes I lose track of my tapes. 

This is one of these times. 

The Daily Show’s first anniversary from July of 1997.  

Original Daily Show host, Craig Kilborn dressed in a tux to show clips. I miss seeing this guy on TV. He pretty much went into retirement after his Late Late Show in 2004, he tried to do a “TDS at dinnertime” show called The Kilborn File back in 2010, but it only lasted a few weeks. He was in a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese commercial in 2016. I love that. 

Something that always cracked me up back in the day was The Daily Show’s news copter, their van, and their TDS 8400 laser copier that got main credits along with the correspondents in the opening.

Craig said they’re kicking it old skool, and someone in the audience said, “yeah!” 

Can we talk for a second about the non-newsy set Daily Show had back in the day? What are those behind Craig? Drawers? With a sheer fabric curtain? While those colors were hot back then, Craig’s chair looks like it came out of a middle school shop class. 

TDS premiered on July 22nd, 1996 – on Bob Dole’s birthday who was running for President at the time. They then proceeded to show the clip of him falling off the railing in Chico, CA (remember? I bought it up in my 96 things about 1996)

“He still got high marks from the foreign judges!” 

There’s those funny chyrons I love so much. (and this was a year before we saw him hugging Monica!) 

“It seems that the Man who Wears the Star ain’t down with homie…”

“a legal aide close to the The Daily Show [there’s Matlock again!] sent what we believe to be a copy of the tape, let’s listen” : 

but yeah, in all seriousnesses someone at Texaco really did make a black people/black jelly bean metaphor. 

“One of the best things on TV is that guy crushing the other guy’s head right before…!” 

If you never watched old Daily Show, you’re like, what is Judd talking about? So back in the day, instead of a simple interview, Craig would ask the guest five insane questions. He carried it on to his Late Late show on CBS in 1999. It was Daily Show’s major trademark back them. There was even a book: 

Originally posted by trash-fuckyou

This is where the head crushing comes in. For the introduction to the segment, a clip from the film The Story of Ricky would show. I loved the reactions some of the guests would have: 


“Bristol Connecticut!” (the joke being that both Craig and Keith Olbermann both worked at ESPN which was located in Bristol) 

“David Lee Roth?”




I’ve been looking for freedom…”

 Oh! I left the commercials intact so we can see what was happening in the Summer of 1997.  The first commercial break is just acne meds, Excedrin, and a bizarre Rocky themed Lipton Brisk commercial. 

Oh, and Good Burger. Because that was a thing. Does anybody remember on Talk Soup when John Henson gave away the Hamburger AMC Gremlin Pacer car from Good Burger? Someone on Reddit a while back found an abandoned one. 

The biggest commercial of all though was for the first episode of South Park, coming in August.

These little photoshopped bumpers were also a trademark back then. Usually at the beginning of the show there would be a big head photoshop of the people in the news that day. In this case, its just Craig and his correspondents, Brian Unger, Beth Littleford, Lizz Winstead (who helped create TDS) and A. Whitney Brown.

I’m so angry I can’t make a .gif out of this next clip. Vimeo doesn’t work withh with the vid to .gif websites. I totally remember this clip, and I think they even showed it in the opening credits montage there for a while. It’s a cop being voluntarily tazed by a remote controlled stun gun belt. He went from one side of the room to another, and then back again. The clip begins at 10:40.

Janeane Garofalo came and sang a song to Craig. I believe that it was an on running gag on the show that Janeane had a huge crush on Craig.  She was even in a commercial for the premiere of Craig’s Late Late Show in 1999.

There was a commercial for the all new season of Dr. Katz. Dr. Katz was a summertime tradition with me in high school, up until my junior year when Comedy Central kinda abruptly canceled the show and stopped showing the repeats. 

There’s a montage of “they’re not the ‘I team’, they’re ‘my team’” correspondents. 

“So, this is not the holy hill?”

“Smells like butt to me…”

I remember this as if it was yesterday. Correspondent A. Whitney Brown interviewed this man who invented and installed in his scalp these snaps so his toupee wouldn’t fly away. I still remember the snapping sound they made when he put his toupee on! 

Aw, George Stephanopoulos before he had to deal with that airhead Laura Spenser every day on Good Morning America. 

Even the correspondents dressed up. 

In one commercial break, there is a commercial for the Jennifer Aniston movie Picture Perfect, back when all the Friends stars were in movies. I only remember this movie for one thing: all the Gulden’s mustard. You can see two ads for it in the background of this screenshot. What was the deal with the Gulden’s mustard? I have to google this.

Take, for example, Gulden’s mustard. Executives at International Home Foods, which owns the brand, freely acknowledge that their product comes in second after top-ranked French’s.
That status proved beneficial when the producers of the Twentieth Century Fox film Picture Perfect came calling.
In the movie, Friends star Jennifer Aniston (shown here) plays an ad executive who conceives a campaign around Gulden’s being the second most popular mustard brand.
Gulden’s, whose real ad agency is Young & Rubicam in New York, has developed in-store promotions and a public relations campaign around the film.
“They had this idea where they wanted to use a No. 2 brand in the movie,” explained Gulden’s vice president of marketing Ceola Shelton. “Gulden’s is a No. 2 brand, and we granted them permission.” 

There’s our answer, fishbulbs. 

“Finally, we learned that time flies when you’re having fun!”