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Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano, CT-7567 | Rex & Ahsoka Tano
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Episode, Slaves of the Republic, Undercover, Slavery, Voyeurism, it never goes as planned, boundaries get pushed, it gets awkward, then it gets serious, with a little Rexsoka on the end because I’m scum

AU of S04E12: Slaves of the Republic. Taking on the trope of “what if Rex was the slave and Ahsoka was the seller?” How would our heroes really feel at dealing with the wrongness that is Zygerria, the sleemo that is the queen, and the pressure to complete the mission at the expense of their own integrity?

By doing the job, of course, no matter how horrible and weird it gets.

sure i ship bechloe as much as the next person but my fave couple of the pitch perfect franchise is the bromance between fat amy and aubrey like it starts off with aubrey all “chloe, we need girls with "bikini ready bodies” to join the bellas" then fat amy shows up and aubrey’s all “okay cool see you at auditions” then 2 secs later bi chloe with a lady boner points out beca who has a “bikini ready body” and aubrey’s all like “hell no.” then at the aca-initiation party fat amy’s going on about her hairstyle and aubrey’s intensively listening to her and validating her analysis, then after chloe gives up her solo and beca says she doesn’t want it after lovesick chloe insists that she take it, aubrey gives it to amy knowing that she wants it, and like when fat amy is horizontal running aubrey the drill sargent doesn’t even yell at her, and when amy says that the bellas’ all have fat hearts aubrey just looks at her with such pride and i just love these two so much okay because aubrey is a controlling bitch towards everyone except for fat amy and it gives me feels


These last 24 hours it’s been like the swedish weather has wanted to wipe away all the darkness and unhappiness that has spread over the world by covering Sweden in a thick and fluffy layer of pure, clean and pristine snow.

And since I recently found out my dear @highfaelucien had never seen or built a snow lantern I realised this was my chance to right at least one wrong in the world, so I went out into the calm, fluffy darkness to make her one this evening.

I give to you, The Lauren Lantern. 

Look what fabulousness my favourite tall girl in the world @charliebowater got me – now my home can smell like the Buzzard Prince Consort of Terrasen and the Illyrian Baby High Lord of the Night Court! She is the best <3


>> We are the Raijinshuu, your bodyguards. We exist to protect you, Laxus! No… Not just you… The entire guild! The Raijinshuu is far from running on empty! It’ll take more than this to bring us down! <<

Raijinshuu & Laxus, Fairy Tail chap. 459 and 460;

Okay, but seriously, I REALLY LOVE how Lydia and Magnus respect, support and love (in different ways, but they love him) Alec. I mean, everyone is so rude with Alec, no one cares about how he feels and they make him feel like crap, always choosing Clary over him (they chose a girl who barely know over Alec, his brother, his partner). Then, Magnus came to his life and he shows Alec how it feels being the first choice, what it feels being wanted and appreciate for who he is, what it’s love. And after came Lydia, who shows him how is when someone respect you and cares about what you think, what you believe and take your opinion like valid; she sees Alec like an equal, like a leader, like the kind of person he tries to be and she respects him for that. I know they barely know each other, but they truly respect, trust and love him and it’s so beautiful because they’re probably the only ones who think that about him, specially now.


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something i don’t see talked about in the pitch perfect fandom is how in pp1 during Party in the USA when they’re all staring at beca so she’ll sing that it’s actually stacie who wiggles her fingers at beca like ‘come on i know you like this song beca honey’ and then beca is like fuck it and starts singing and tbh that really gets me i’m such a slut for steca