darling, just hold on.

upsanta  asked:

wears his goggles bc he can :VVVVV

     TRIDENT. inhales deeply. neptune, there is entirely no reason to lash out. it’s not like this old geezer just put his hands on your face and took your most precious item or anything, right? surely you can react to this as a rational adult. breathe out. breathe in. breath out. yes, calm. you are calm. no need to make a scene.

     【 but they don’t even match his outfit. 】

     inhales deeply.


Oz Observation

When we had Chandler he would sleep in the giant crate in my moms room because ,well, we are little and it’s a two story house. Now Oz would sleep with my mom every night which drove me nuts because I love him to pieces. Sometimes he would start in my room and then like 2 hours later get up and hit my door until I let him out to go upstairs. No matter what he always ended upstairs with my mom and Chandler. But Jolette sleeps in my room because the little crate is in it. And every night since we’ve gotten Jolette Oz has slept in my room the entire night and got up with me in the morning when I finally drag myself out of bed to take Jolette potty.