Rummaging through my drawings and came across some portraits, so I thought it would be fun to compare

As a person who very much enjoys drawing, it’s fun to see how far I’ve come along in a certain amount of time :), this is also what encourages me to get even better!

[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Beauty & the Beast ~

↳Set in Ancient China where Ariel Lin plays the beautiful girl that ran away from her impending marriage to an evil overlord and Show Lou plays the Beast who lives in an enchanted mountain palace. The girl stumbles upon the castle and is immediately taken in by the beauty of the enchanted peonies. Tired and with nowhere to go she falls asleep among the flowers only to be awakened by the growls of a Beast unlike she’s ever seen. Half man, half lion, he demands to know what she’s doing in his property and with his most prized possessions. She pleads her case and he reluctantly let’s her stay. The Beauty spends the days exploring the deserted castle and, finding an old guzheng, plays it every night to abate her sadness. The Beast is entranced by the beautiful music and slowly, as the days go by, he opens up to her. They fall in love which lifts the curse from the Prince and his castle, which comes to life. Beauty is surprised to find that she was never alone and the servants and courtiers had all been turned into furniture just as the Prince had been turned into a Beast.