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Two aroaces, sitting in a tree, H-U-G-G-I-N-G (unless one or both of them are touch-averse), first comes cake, then comes friendship, then comes a really long and involved enthusiastic conversation about DRAGONS and SPACE and SPACE DRAGONS and possibly also plans for WORLD DOMINATION (this is for Aro-Spec Week, probably Saturday?)

I was doing a photoshoot with @missladytale outside and all the sudden soneone started playing “Can you feel the love tonight” and I must say couldn’t be more perfect timing than this! XD

Also in the next clip Papy’s confession to Berry didn’t go as he thought it would and he was denied in the end, poor pap ::)<3 

Undefell cosplay by me
Underswap cosplay by @missladytale
Video clip taken by my friend