Hi ! I’m Jacqueline, I’m 15 and from Scotland :)

I’m really into reading, poetry, writing, Greek mythology and photography.
I tend to ramble a lot,I collect things likes small flowers, postcards, movie tickets, book marks and news paper clippings that end up scattered all around my room ( I’m a pretty messy person XD )
My perfect pen pal would be someone around my age that’s willing to put up with letters that are as messy as me and I’ll probably end up sticking some stuff to the letters ( like pictures and some stickers ). I’m really wanting to make some new friends :)

My tumblr -
Please message me there ! :)

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bill would have to see all the minion memes on facebook. and i just imagine him seeing one that is like "MINIONS. the only one eyed yellow creatures i love" and he'd get so offended and 8 year old dip would say "dad, you are my favorite one eyed yellow creature" and then he'd whisper "but not my favorite one eyed creature, because there is tad, mike wazowski and sapphire"

So precious and perfect xD

  • Shinya:*in a crowd and can't find Guren* this calls for drastic measures
  • Shinya:*uses his hands as a microphone* CURRY SUCKS!
  • Guren:*from across the street* who the fUCK JUST SAID THAT!?
  • Shinya:there he is

TVXQ in Vogue Oct 2014 bts

story about opening champagne bottle

[…]Yunho-san said, “You know, I have done this before. So this time, Changmin should try it!” Changmin-san looked delighted to hear that and said, “Since I have not done it, I wanna try it!” It looked as if the very kind/caring older brother was letting his younger brother to do the task. They both looked so cute/adorable.

However, there were only a limited number of bottles so failure was not really allowed. So I asked Changmin-san, “Do you want to practice opening a champagne bottle first?” (I am sorry Changmin-san!). Then Yunho-san pointed out, “If you let him practice, you gonna miss the best shot/best facial expression.” […]



Min Suga: Even if your friends leave you hanging, just continue to be all dorky & adorable do what you intended to do to get their attention. Repeat a second time for better effect.

inexplicablesatsuma replied to your post: “inexplicablesatsuma replied to your post “inexplicablesatsuma …”

Bones had an epiphany in the middle of some random mandatory class for freshman he already knows all the material in. So he’s daydreaming and just sort of “we both want this, its not hurting anyone, why the hell am I not doing this”

yesssss exactly

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"You have got a great ass." Magnus says, watching Alec train with a smirk. "And a great well...every thing else, really." -ofglitterisms (had to xp)

Alec quirked a brow at him with an amused smile. “Oh, really?” He asked, pausing in his training.