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So you remember how I said that we may have accidentally unleashed a primordial into the world we’re in during the last NaCl D&D episode? Well, our other bard, Gineye, decided to try getting someone’s attention with prestidigitation, and when that didn’t work, exploding crossbow bolts. And of course, one of those crossbow bolts hit Silvanus’s tree in the center of town.

We’re all kind of lucky that Gineye isn’t a chunky smear on the grass in town, but thankfully Silvanus put aside his anger to deal with the actual problem at hand. Also it was REALLY fun drawing Silvanus’s avatar for this picture because dang, it’s complicated but also just a super cool design. I love his mask a ton.


Jensen and Ryan were roomies back in the day! [x]


Domhnall generously shares his Hux’s AU ideas

I think all of us– myself included– become, in our study of Anne Boleyn, too married to our own personal version of her.

It is particularly easy to do this when one considers the sheer volume of how many fictional Anne’s exist, how often they would all disagree with each other if ever they were sat in the same room (this is even true, I think, of the various nonfiction versions of Anne). 

There is evidence to consider, and we all have different interpretations of that evidence…pieces we disregard or doubt, pieces that ring true to us based on everything else we’ve read. 

When it comes down to it though, the truth is that none of know what she was really like. None of us know how it was that she felt about the people in her life, none of us know how she felt about the events that transpired over the course of her life…so often she was in the eye of the storm, until finally she was pushed into it. 

Who is to know what she felt about the storms? What she thought of them?

But I love her, whoever she was. I love her, however it was she that felt. Whoever it was she loved, and whoever it was she hated. 

All of our lives are sums of pain and joy. Undoubtedly she felt much of both during her life– but ultimately, I hope there were times when her motto (’The Most Happy’) was true. 

She lived in the hearts of many when she lived, and in the hearts of many after she died. She lives in the hearts of many more to this day. 

I try my utmost to do what Anne asked of us as individuals, on this particular day in history…

“And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best.”

…and I hope you do, too.