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There was a woman sitting next to me. I knew her, yet she was a stranger to me. I couldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Instead I stared at the blinding white screen of my phone, ignoring the tiny letters trying to speak to me. I stared at it, willing the fiery tears that were burning through my eyes to go back into my head and stay there. My heart was beating so loud I could feel it in my toes. And with every deafening ‘thud’ my head screamed at her- Your husband is leaving you.
Thud. Your husband is going to leave you.
Thud. Your husband thinks you hate him.
Thud. You probably do hate him.
Thud. Your husband is leaving you.
Dad is leaving you, mom.

[Fancam] 170114 V @ Golden Disk Awards
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Eyes brown like coffee with just the right amount of cream,
A heart as gold as all the treasure in Fort Knox,
Thoughts as deep as the unexplored sea,
Broken like an old record that still plays lovely music,
Warm as the sunlight on a summer’s day,
Beautiful as the little things in life we never seem to notice,
Difficult as a puzzle with a few missing pieces,
Special as every one of a kind piece of artwork in the museums,
Lovable as the moments in time we wish we could get a little more of,
Heartbreaking as a phone call never picked up as you drink into the night,
Confusing as a book with ripped out pages,
Necessary as the oxygen I seem to be low on when you walk by,
Lost as a hiker wandering through the woods with a look of amazement,
Addictive as the drugs they tell you to never get into,
Stunning as the night sky when it’s cloudless and starry,
Enchanting like a fairytale brought to life,
Unexpected as a sunny day when they said there’d be rain,
Calming as a tight hug while you sob on the floor,
Perfect as you are.

You are everything wonderful I write about.

—  read this and know that it’s always you