perfect wow wow yes

ok lol kuroo adores bokuto for sure but i don’t see why people write him as utterly on board with bokuto’s shit all the time while akaashi is frustrated and annoyed

whenever we see kuroo talking about bokuto off screen he’s almost always talking about how annoying he is. i mean, we see him playing along and having fun and it’s clear he fucking adores bokuto but still, he’s always like “what an idiot” from afar. and he thinks it’s hiliarious

on the other hand the second anyone talks to akaashi about bokuto while bokuto’s not present he’s all like “lol yes our ace who is amazing and reliable and what a good guy have i told you how wonderful he is i mean sure he has his flaws but wow what a guy.” i mean, akaashi hardly ever says anything positive about bokuto to his face but behind his back i don’t think i can recall akaashi saying a single bad thing about him without at the very least saying it’s not a big deal given what’s good about him

so yes. kuroo loves his idiot friend, akaashi is in deep

Okay last thing… 

I also really love how they changed Belle in this version. She was noticeably stronger. And it fixes some of the “stockholm syndrome” shiz everyone goes on and on about. (tbh I actually don’t really agree with that claim given the circumstances and situation of the story) 

But in this version it’s clear that Belle could escape and leave if she wanted. And idc what anyone says, Emma Watson did an amazing job. There was nothing “underwhelming” about her at all. She hit the mark. The promos made her singing sound a little weird, but it was so good in the actual film. Everyone was top notch and the whole film was incredible.


How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should have ended.

My Spideypool senses were tingling the moment I watched THIS and saw THIS.

Yes, I really believe that this is how the movie should have ended.

Gwen, Emma… I love you and Andrew but………….. Yeah. *cough*

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


he may not be my real brother but he’s always been there. every memory i have, there’s jasper.

Can we discuss the Klance teamwork in episode 7? Let’s discuss the Klance teamwork in episode 7.

They just work so… well? Like, Keith was instrumental in retrieving the Blue Lion, then they’re paired to take care of the hanger full of enemy ships. And there’s no real arguing?
Like, Keith goes to charge in and smash stuff, Lance reminds him the Balmera is alive, and gives a good, concise plan on how to disable them. Keith sees it’s a good plan and agrees. Keith breaks into the control room, Lance takes care of the guard, Keith keeps watch while Lance attempts to figure out the controls, Keith then comes over and figures them out without so much as a snarky comment. Keith slashes the controls for good measure, and Lance blasts the doors on the way out to seal their deal.
Like, no arguments, no one-upping, no snarky attitudes, not even any conversation on what they should do. Just straightforward trust and cooperation, they operate practically on instinct despite fighting precious few battles side by side like the original Paladins.

They just work so well together.
Klance. Wow.

E • Emon:// Noun - A ship within The Sidemen consisting of Simon Minter and Ethan Payne, created by Josh Bradley.

“Emon FTW!”

I’m out of line I know… E before F & G… But my parents need this now. I am the real child of Emon. This video (& the others) were blessings to my heart

so my sister came to bother me so i decided okay i’ll just draw until i can scroll my dash in peace again so she gave me prompts i had to include like cat ears and moustache and bow tie and

i…….the only even remotely possible scenario could be some modern au themed drunken student party….levi accidentally became an angry hipster and i don’t even know about eren