perfect wonderful magical human being


October 26th

Day 8 of 13 Days of Halloween. Pairings: Zimmbits

Kent Parson was laying on his living room floor with Kit Purrson on his chest when there was a knock on his door. He let out an exasperated sigh and glances at Kit. She lets out a small mew in conformation and trots towards the door as he follows behind.

When Kent opens the door, he is greeted by the mailman who gives him a package and goes along his merry way. Kent didn’t order anything though, and it’s defiantly not from Amazon. Setting it down on the coffee table, he reads the return address.

“…Eric Bittle…Do we know an Eric Bittle?” Kent asks Kit. She just jumps up on the table and waits expectantly. So he grabs his jack knife and carefully opens the box. Normally, he would go straight for the goodies, but something makes him pick up the card first.

“Oh, it’s from Bitty.”

Dear Parson,

I hope you aren’t taking the loss too hard. Forgive me for not being too upset on your behalf. You and Jack worked very hard and I’m very proud of you both for working out your differences.

Now, Jack here told me that your anniversary with Kit as your familiar was coming up, so I made her some little charms and enchantments for putting up taking care of you for this long already.

With Some Love,


Kent sets the letter down. “Looks like this is for you, Kit.” He pulls out a… “Oh my god, it’s a mini sweater! Kit come here, let me put it on you!”

Kit, unfortunately, doesn’t get away quick enough, so she lets herself be subjected to the torcher of the sweater. She doesn’t try to struggle out of it, though, probably because it was made with so much love and charm.

Kent reaches out of the box to pull out four toy mice filled with what smells like cat nip, basil, and lavender. And, lastly, there is also a Cat’s Eye Tarot deck. He sets the mice on the floor where Kit immediately inspects her spoils.

After sitting down on his couch, Kent pulls out his phone and calls Jack.

“Hello?” Jack’s voice calls from his cell.

“Hey, Zimms. If you don’t propose to Bitty soon, I will.”

Kent heard and unseemly squawk from the other side, “What?”

“Bitty is a perfect, magical human being. He is wonderful and I am going to keep him forever if I get the chance. He understands me and we have so much in common.”

Jack hesitates for a moment, “Is this because of the anniversary gift he sent Kit?”

Kent grins, “Of course. He’s purrfect.”