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Let Me Taste You || mark tuan smut

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Genre: Smut, Vampire!Mark

Request: fmurphCan u do a vampire got7 mark smut plz if u can

Word Count: 1,600 words

You sighed in relief because you finally had a day off. Halloween was your favorite holiday of the year and you hardly ever missed it. You were a sucker for all things that involved Halloween. You and your friends were getting ready for a Halloween party later that night, making sure your makeup was perfect and your nurse costume was perfect for tonight. You and your friend got in the car and drove towards the direction of the party. “It’s been so long since I’ve been to a party.” You stated, stepping out of your friend’s car.

Having to go to college and work was slowly starting to get hectic, especially with her teachers. Ms. Han, but the other students have a habit of calling her the school’s witch, not in class of course. Unfortunately, you ended up in her class and had to pay the price.

“Right? Let’s have some fun!” Y/F/N exclaimed and you both walked in. Of course, Halloween was possibly, one of the few holidays where people can wear skimpy costumes, and honestly, it didn’t bother you one bit. I mean, your outfit was kind of skimpy but you enjoyed how it complimented your figure and it made you feel sexy.

Twenty minutes into the party, you had managed to lose your friend as she played a round of body shots with a few of her friends and you were dancing by yourself and you enjoyed it. A while later, your heels were tiring you a bit, so you grabbed a cup of beer and walked outside, catching the attention of Mark.

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Double Standards
  • Anna: I want to marry the guy I just met. He's perfect. We even finish each others sandwiches.
  • Everyone: She's so naiv and stupid.
  • Zelena: No, Hades I don't want to be your One True Love after only knowing you for like two days and a bicycle ride.
  • Everyone: Why is she so stupid? He's perfect for her. Omg. <3 <3