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The Rebound | Newt Scamander x Reader

You and Newt had decided to go your separate ways. No one could quite believe that, since you two seemed like the perfect match. You couldn’t believe it either, you genuinely thought he was the one for you, the one you would start a family with. It turns out that going around the globe, not being able to stay in the same place for more than a few months or even weeks, wasn’t ideal. It also meant that you either had to stop working for a long period of time, devoting your time completely to him and his creatures, or that you would never see enough of each other. You decided that it wasn’t the life you wanted for yourself. Either desperate housewife or being in a long distance relationship.

You began resenting each other quite a lot, taking your time building little theories in your heads, or having huge fights. The relationship grew more and more cold each day, until there was barely anything left. You still cared deeply for each other, that’s why you sill fought. Those outbursts of passion were the only thing capable of showing how much you still cared for each other, since nothing else seemed to be working. You couldn’t believe how both of you were so calm and sweet once. Now all you saw was red. Every time you met his eyes you felt this anger rally up inside you, ready to burst out at any given time.

It was quite easy to get lost in those fights. One scream louder than the previous one, one word harsher than the other. The sound of complete heartbreak feeling the home you once built out of nothing but love for each other. Companionship was ruined, like it never existed. Unfortunately, as you both found out, you couldn’t run a healthy relationship solely on love. So that was it, possibly forever.

You walked out your home, closed the door behind you trying to control both the anger and the tears. You felt frustrated and furious.

You decided you needed to take your time, making sure you were giving yourself enough space to heal. Except your definition of healing wasn’t all that healthy. You drowned yourself in alcohol for a few days before feeling like you could face the world once again. It didn’t take long for you to find comfort in another man’s sheets. You just wanted so desperately to forget the whole thing, it really didn’t matter who you were with, all it mattered was the short term satisfaction that they could provide you. The faster the better.

So off you went, searching for another easy way to feed your hunger, to ease the pain in your chest, a way to possibly forget the man you once loved so desperately with another man’s body. It felt better for five minutes before it felt worse all over again. This wasn’t who you were but you couldn’t care less. You wanted the thrill of the chase more than anything else. You also wanted to know you could make other people crave you, since things with Newt were so cold for so long.

Days turned to months and it was finally time to see him again. Of course you didn’t want to, but you couldn’t miss Queenie and Jacob’s big dinner party. They were hosting their first party at their house and they couldn’t be happier. You were thrilled for them, they really did love each other and the whole world knew it.

Queenie and Tina were quite concerned about you, they would take out every Saturday to a “girl’s day”, as they called it. You enjoyed spending time with them and knew they were worried sick about you, so you complied.

As you walked into Jacob and Queenie’s house you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. It was the perfect home, it matched their personalities as well as it did their love for each other. But you couldn’t help but feel slightly sad, this brought you back to the house you and Newt shared, to the cold nights and all of the fights, but also to the lovely moments you had shared, when love, friendship and happiness danced around the living room with you.

You greeted everybody and kept to yourself instantly. You grabbed yourself a cocktail and decided to look around the flat, unsupervised. As you were walking down the hallway you saw Newt. Your body froze but your mind was telling you to turn around before he saw you. You didn’t so you decided to put on a brave face and just talk to him like any regular human would.

“Hello, nice to see you” you said, as cold as ice. You didn’t intended to come out so cold, but you also couldn’t help yourself. You wanted to get a reaction out of him. You could tell his eyes were bitter and he didn’t even bother to smile before he answered.

“Hello…” he paused for a while, looking at you and your glass. “Surprised you could make it” he said immediately.

You couldn’t believe him! What the hell was wrong with him? This was the first time you guys had seen each other in months and he was being flat out rude. What the hell did he meant by that? Well, he was a still mad, that was for sure.

“What does that mean, Newt?” the frown lines in your forehead gave you away. You were pissed.

“You know exactly what I mean” he said, bitterly.

“Well, I clearly don’t. Could you explain?” you replied sarcastically.

“I know you’ve been quite busy every night, so I wasn’t sure if you would take the night off to be with you friends” his tone accusatory.

You had no idea how he knew about it or who told him but you were absolutely gutted.

“Oh…” you smiled bitterly “I don’t think that’s any of your business” you said quickly, not wanting to let him know how confused you were.

“Yeah… Not anymore… I guess” he looked to the floor and rushed out of the way, meeting everybody else in the living room.

You suddenly felt all those unresolved feelings bubbling up inside you. The anger, the love, the frustration. Everything coming to you. You couldn’t help but shed a tear, so you decided it was best to head to the bathroom. It was all hitting you, after all the time you spent trying to hide your thoughts and feelings, they had finally caught up to you and you could swore you forgot how to breath for a good five minutes.

You just sat in the bathtub and pressed your hands to your face, trying to muffle the crying and wiping away the tears. You had to pull it together, just this one time, just right now. You could go home and cry your heart out later. Not right now though. Right now was all about the two lovebirds standing in the living room making small talk with everybody else.

You joined everyone in the living room and decided it was probably a better move to chat with someone, or else you would just be consumed by your own demons, letting them take over you all together.

You found yourself in a small circle of people, some you knew from the bakery, some your friends and some complete strangers. Newt was there too. You couldn’t stop talking to other people so you wouldn’t even hear his voice. The whole thing felt absolutely surreal, it felt like you had this war going, walls up, one trying to outdo the other, trying to talk over each other.  

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Queenie and Jacob knew how to make an impression in the kitchen. It was nice. It was a wonderful change from all the others nights you had before. This was completely different. It was warm, cozy, familiar and you felt protected, your heart slightly soothed by your friends, despite the fact your ex-boyfriend was there too.

You sat on the couch, sipping on another delicious cocktail Jacob and prepared for everyone. You were alone, but not for long. Tina joined you after a while and you were talking up a storm. You were chatting about everything and anything, but nothing serious. After a while, Newt and another friend joined you. You all made some small innocent talk and you managed to pull yourself together, being polite and even charming towards everybody, even Newt. And so did he. He was so pleasant, it looked like the man you had fallen for in the first place. You missed him, this side of him. A completely different person from the one who had that talk with you earlier.

Tina grabbed your mutual friend by the hand to show him something. You were pretty sure it was all set up but you didn’t care. Newt was about to leave too but you held his arm. He sat next to you right away, quiet.

“You’re mad” you said, bluntly.

“It’s not my place” he said, holding his glass tighter, his jaw clenched and his eyes wondering trough the room.

“Maybe…” you said. You knew it wasn’t his place, but you wanted it to be. You knew everything you did was after the break up but it still sucked that he had found out.

“How did you…?” he didn’t let you finish. “I saw you a couple of times. I was hanging out with Jacob, he wanted to cheer me up. Said I was getting quite isolated…” he looked at you with those puppy eyes that made your heart melt, his lips were pursed together.

“You shouldn’t have seen it…” you meant it. You didn’t want to hurt him anymore than you already did. That was never your intention. It never crossed your mind that he could possibly have seen you. Every time you met another guy, you did it for you. To take your mind off of everything, to give you the rush your life was lacking. You always thought you were damaging only yourself… But this was different. It was Newt. Sure, you ended on the worst of terms, you said terrible things to each other but this was different. With all those fights he knew how much you still cared, how much you loved him. With every tear how much you just couldn’t stand what was going on. But this… this was new.

“I know” that was all he said for a while. “Should I be worried?” he placed his hand on your knee.

“Don’t” you replied. That was the last thing you needed, for him to be worried for you or to pity you.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t need pity and I don’t need supervision” you voice cracked but you cleared your throat.

“So you’re in control…” his hand left your knee. You felt weak so you just decided to be honest with him. “I wish we hadn’t destroyed each other”.

He looked at you again “Do you…? Or do you wish you could stop destroying yourself?” he was dead serious. No hint of mockery, pity or hate in his eyes. It was like he was seeing through you and couldn’t help but speak up.  

“Don’t do this Newt.” that was all you had strength to say. You couldn’t start this conversation right now, let alone with him and especially not here.

“Why?” he asked “This is not the time nor the place” he agreed and as he was leaving to join the party again he said “you know where to find me”.

Time flew by since the party. You finally found a way to start to heal without needing to rush to the bar to find some cheap thrill. You decided it was time to clear the air, talk to Newt. He was probably waiting for you to show up since you last talked.

You knocked on the door. You were so nervous your palms were sweaty. You didn’t let him know you were going to swing by so you had no idea if he would be in. You were also quite nervous to walk in the house you once shared with him, filled with so many memories.

He answered the door and was surprised to see you. He welcomed you with a smile and as you walked through the door you noticed everything looked the same. Just as you remembered. So beautiful, your home. The home you had built together.

“Glad you came” he said quickly, asking you to take a sit. You took your coat off and sat down as you saw him head to the kitchen to make some tea. Newt had this theory that everything could be solved either with tea or over tea. You couldn’t help but grin. He came back and handed you your mug, the one you always had tea out of in the mornings. You smiled. “Nice place you got here” you said with a smirk.

He blushed slightly, probably remembering how everything had come to be in its place, hours and hours of planning and all the trips to the thrift shop. “Yeah, it’s not all my doing though” he said with a huge smile. You rested your mug on your lap and looked down, biting your lip slightly. This was supposed to be you clearing things up but instead it was you falling for him all over again. Everything just felt like a dance again, like you were testing boundaries and waiting to see who would break first.

You cleared your throat and decided to cut to the chase. “I’ve been thinking about what you said a lot…” you paused for a moment, looking at him, his expression expectant. “You were right, I did get lost for a minute there”.

He smiled with a sad look in his eyes. “I guess I just needed to be brought down to earth again… So, thank you”.

“That’s quite alright” he said “I’m glad you’re in a better place now”.

“How are you?” you asked a bit too eager.

“I’m fine, you know… I’ve been getting out of the house a bit more” he looked down and you knew something was up.

“Who is she?” you asked, impatient.

“Ahmmm” you could tell he was uncomfortable “I don’t think it’s like that, you know…”

“How is it then?”

“It’s just someone who’s been helping me with the book and the creatures and such….” He couldn’t look you in the eye.

“Well… Do you like her?” you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You felt slightly sick but you needed to know.

“I’m very… confused” he said, genuinely. You both stayed quite for a while. Not knowing what to say. “I still think about you” he said.

“Yeah… I think about you too” you drank your tea and placed it on the coffee table. “Does she stay here?” you asked immediately.

“No… Of course not” he replied all too quickly.

“Maybe this is as much as we’re going to get out of each other” you said.

“Just… don’t disappear this time” he begged.

“I will try” you smiled.

You walked out and felt better, for some reason. The mess you both made was starting to feel slightly organized… So he still thought about you and you about him but he was getting close to someone else… You shrugged your shoulders, imagining that would probably be it. You and him done for good with nothing but a complicated story to tell and a past shared.

The Hug

A beautiful thing happened tonight.  After seven long season we got to see Rick and Daryl show their love with an actual embrace instead of nods and glances.  It was totally worth the wait and it was the perfect hug.  The way Daryl started getting emotional and bowing his head, the way Rick grabbed him in the hug and held tight to his neck with a hand in his hair, the length of the embrace…. it was all just perfect.  

And Daryl, right hand man as always, gives Rick back his colt.  Having the boys and the rest of team family back together again is a great way to end the season.  After the pain from the premiere and the agonizing episodes with everyone separated and waiting for multiple weeks to see even a glimpse of some of our favorites- Finally we get a reward.  There’s been a lot of complaining about where TWD has been going this season.  I know this because I was one of the ones complaining.  But if 7B gives us Team Family back together again and fighting… I just may forgive 7A.

Somebody Waits For You ( 1 / 2 )

A very Merry Christmas to my CS Secret Santa giftee, @once-uponacaptain! I set out to write you a quick combined coffee shop/bookstore AU. Things got slightly out of hand, and this is what happened instead. I really hope you enjoy it anyway! LOL. It’s been lovely messaging with you the last few weeks and getting to know more about you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, worshipful holiday season!

Find it on AO3.

Summary:  After years trying to make things work with a bad boyfriend/business partner, Emma Swan abandons New York for a fresh start in Boston with her son, looking for a way to live her life and run her coffee shop on her own terms. Enter Killian Jones, the pretty perfect owner of the bookstore next door who’s just the man to help her do it. But even the perfect guy can be haunted by his past, and the events of the Christmas season help reveal that maybe it’s not so much about her needing him as about them needing each other. (Captain Swan/Captain Cobra modern AU, coffee shop AU, bookstore AU, Christmas fic. Angst & Romance/Fluff. Rated G.)

The electronic chime signals the opening of the front door of Horizon Bound, and Killian looks up from the inventory order list on his computer screen to greet the person who has just entered his bookstore.  Correction: people. The pair to grace his threshold consists of a young adolescent boy with a head of shaggy brown hair and an eager smile and – Killian’s lips part involuntarily – a stunning young woman with thick, blonde tresses hanging in gentle waves to the middle of her back, an athletic figure obvious beneath her tank top, and the face of an angel.  Wow.  His usual call of hello completely forgotten, he stares just long enough to warrant embarrassment before he catches himself and tries, at least, to affect his most debonair smile.  

The boy, dressed in shorts and a well-loved Star Wars tee, trots straight up to the counter.  “Hi!”

The woman remains a step behind, her hands tucked into the back pockets of dark blue skinny jeans, and Killian dares to meet her gaze.  Oh.  Her large eyes are grayish green, the color of a forest in the morning mist, and they sparkle in a warm, if slightly anxious silent greeting.  It’s a Herculean task for Killian to tear his attention away from her and focus on the boy with a friendly nod.  “Hello, lad.  Welcome.”

The boy beams, eagerly leaning forward on the counter on his elbows.  “I’m Henry,” he announces sunnily.  “This is my mom.  We’re your new neighbors.”

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The Greatest Gift

A/N: Thanks to the anon that sent in this suggestion!

Two weeks before her one year wedding anniversary to Barry, Iris started to feel a little…funny. Not funny in a bad way, per say, just different.

She didn’t pay much attention to that feeling, however, because she was focused on the perfect gift for her husband. The sad truth was for as long as she’s known Barry Allen he’s been one-upping her in the gift department. Their very first Christmas together, when he came to live with them after his mother died, she saved her allowance for weeks to get him a chemistry set. Turns out his great Aunt Lucy (who he didn’t even know, by the way) had the same idea and sent him the exact same set. Since Barry had already decided that Iris’s gift was the most important and therefore he was going to save hers for last that meant she had to watch in horror as he unwrapped a replica of the chemistry set she had excitedly clutched to her chest. She couldn’t stop the tears that instantly sprang to her eyes as her face fell especially when she saw his face light up with happiness. Selfishly, she wanted to be the person that put that smile on his face so she, for a moment, felt an irrational hate towards this great Aunt Lucy that came out of nowhere to ruin her Christmas.  To his credit though Barry’s face still lit brighter than the Christmas tree he was sitting by when he was able to pry the gift from Iris. From the way he acted you’d think he was unveiling the Hope Diamond instead of a chemistry set he just unwrapped about two minutes ago.

In comparison, he brought her a bracelet that had a heart with best friend etched in it (he had a round key chain to match) the latest Lemony Snicket novel (he knew how much she loved the cleverness of the series) and Build-a-Bear Angel Bear. Iris squealed happily when she saw her gifts but her mood instantly sobered when she saw the matching chemistry sets flanking Barry.

“I’ll get you something else,” she had promised but Barry wouldn’t hear of it. In fact he told her that his chemistry set was the best gift ever and he was happy he was lucky enough to have two.

So that set the tone of their gift-giving from then on.

No matter what she got for Barry he always got something better. Literally always. It was always something more expensive or more meaningful.  When she splurged and bought him a pair of very practical rain boots he needed, he bought her a super expensive leather jacket that she had been eyeing but would never dream about asking her Dad for. Their senior year in high school she saved her money all YEAR long to send him to his favorite Science camp as a graduation gift and he in turn saved money all year long to help her father send her to Paris for a week. The year she got him a SUPER expensive microscope that she knew he desperately wanted, he had a replica of her mother’s wedding band made for her. When she got him a new (state of the art, mind you) designer wallet that cost almost her entire pay check, he got them a beautiful apartment.

For almost 20 years Iris has been fighting this losing battle. But not this year. Not anymore.

So, with that goal in mind, she had been planning and planning and planning some more to make sure she got Barry the perfect one year anniversary present. So perfect in fact, that it wouldn’t matter what he got her or how much he spent he wouldn’t beat her.

Not that it was a competition, of course.

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The Way I See You// Michael Clifford Smut Imagine

Warning: smut and insecure Michael
Rating: at least pg13
Word count:1147
So this is like fluff and also smut so just enjoy
Written by: S

Your fingers tapped across your keyboard as you finished up yet another almost perfect essay. This weeks writing assignment for your creative writing class was ‘write about something you appreciate’. Michael, your boyfriend of six years, didn’t know it yet, but you’d chosen to write about him.
“Whatcha writing babe?” he asked from the opposite side of the couch. You’d lived together since you’d started college together two years ago and you couldn’t be happier.
“Just another essay. Wanna read it?” you offered, looking up into his sharp green eyes.
“Of course love, you know I love reading your papers.” Even though Michael wasn’t an English major like you, there was never a time when he didn’t want to read anything and everything you wrote.
As his eyes began to flick across the words, a small smile grew on his face. ‘No one has ever made me felt more loved’ and ‘he is the perfect person…my person’ reflected from the screen and he took them in. When he stopped, though, he looked up with a different reaction than normal. His smile dropped and he stared back at you with almost a look of concern.
“What’s wrong Mikey?” you asked, wondering what could’ve changed so fast.
“You just….you write about me like I’m this….amazing guy all….perfect and I’m….. Y/N I’m not…..” he trailed off, his words breaking your heart a little as you’d heard them before but every time he spoke of himself like this it hurt you to know that he thought like that.
“Michael, Michael look at me,” you said softly, crawling over to sit between his legs, convincing him too stare back into your eyes, his now full of tears. “Baby I write like this because it’s all true. There’s no one on earth more perfect or amazing than you in my eyes. You are what I’m most grateful for in life.”
The two of you stayed for a few moments, eyes locked, your hands holding his face, before he leaned in and pressed your foreheads together and let out a choked sob. You felt the tears trail down his face and into your fingers and began to wipe them away.
“I just don’t see how anyone can see me like that,” he whispered, giving you a few ideas. “Baby look at me,” you said again, causing him to open his eyes. “What do you see when you look at me?” you asked.
“I see the most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. The person who I know will always be mine, be there for me, be the best part of my life,” he said, earning a small smile from you.
“See? That’s exactly what I think when I see you Mikey,” you told him, trying to convince him. “But-” he began.
“No, no buts,” you cut him off. “If you can’t see what I see, then I want to make you feel my love,” you said, your tone dropping slightly but still staying soft. You leaned in to kiss him, a slow, soft kiss but still full of all the passion in the world. Your hands trailed down his chest and tucked underneath his tank, rubbing circles on his chest. You began to trail kisses down his neck and onto his collar bones, sucking and nipping softly at the skin. Tugging at the hem of his shirt, you gently pulled it off and over his head, yours following suit.
“Baby you don’t have to…..” Michael started. “Shh, Mikey, let me take care of you,” you cooed, running your hands along his sides while you pressed more kisses below his ear, causing him to hum softly. Your hands found his hip bones and your fingers began to trail lightly across them, back and forth, soothing the skin.
Eventually, you began to work on his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them off of him, along with his boxers, while you kissed his perfect lips, this time more hungrily but still soft and loving.
“Such a pretty cock baby,” you whispered, taking it into your hands and stroking it, earning a groan from the back of his throat. You circled your thumb around the tip and pumped his length. Trailing kisses down his chest, you got to the little trail of hair that started at his navel and began to pet over the soft hair with your thumb, kissing the milky white skin around it until you reached his his hard cock again and placed a kiss on the tip.
“So beautiful,” you hummed, mostly to yourself as you looked up at his face, scrunched up as you continued to stroke him, eliciting sweet moans from him.
You took him in your mouth and began to swirl your tongue around his member, causing him to release the most beautiful sound. As you continued to bob your head, he looked down at you, still letting soft grunts and whines fall from his lips. Pulling his out of your mouth, you crawl back to his body to kiss him, working off your lounge shorts as you do so.
“You ready baby?” you ask him as you line him up with your entrance. He nods in response, not being able to form words.
“I love you so much,” you say, kissing his forehead as you sink down on to him, pulling moans from the both of you. You begin to slowly rock onto him, lifting your hips and settling them back down again. As you do, your hand finds his and you lock them together, staring into his eyes for the millionth time tonight. The room is silent other than the sounds of your skin meeting and the occasional whine or moan from either of you, and nothing could be more perfect. You started down at the man you loved most in the world, and he stared back at you, both of you taking in the beauty of this moment.
“Baby I hate to screw up your vibes here but I, mmhh, I need a little more,” he said, causing you to pick up your pace and bounce a little harder, driving him insane. Both of you no longer caring about the noise and letting out groans and swears and mixed “I love you"s. You felt him twitch inside you, and you were close but you wanted him to get there first. As you picked up your pace, you began to nibble on his sweet spot just below his ear and clenched around him, sending him over the edge and setting off your high.
After you’d both come down, you laid on his chest, still peppering him with kisses.
“Do you see now how perfect you are to me?” I ask softly, peering up at him.
“I don’t know how I ever got so lucky to have a girl like you.” he replied softly.

[fic] An S&P-Approved Tentacle Encounter

(Shows up one week late having drunk all the Starbucks herself)

Stanchez, 1408 words, warning for crack, some mature language and one really suggestive situation

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ot3 moodboards ||  damelux modern au

everyone knows that ben solo and poe dameron have spent most of their young lives in love. so it’s no surprise that as soon as ben moves back home after graduating from college, poe proposes to him. the only (huge) hiccup is that the man they hire as a wedding coordinator is perfect in too many ways for both of them. he’s stunning, completing and complimenting their existing relationship in every way. what starts off as casual flirting escalates into more and they realize over the course of just a few weeks that everything they thought was set in stone might be unraveling, falling apart and coming back together in an entirely new and frightening way. the big question is: will hux have them. (fic coming soon, with @mob-lake)

If I Stay part 1

Warnings: Car accident, death, hospital, feels
Summary: It is basically the plot of Gayle Forman’s If I stay with teen wolf characters. The readers bestfriend is Stiles. And her boyfriend is Isaac.
A/N: this has been posted before on a different blog before I started writing on mine. Now I am writing exclusively on this blog and wanted to reshare it!!!

Life in Beacon hills was quiet for once. There was no supernatural chaos, you and the pack were just focusing on being normal high school students. Your boyfriend Isaac was still in Europe with Chris but you guys were happy. You, your brother, and your parents were actually on your way to the airport to go visit him for a week of your winter break. Everything was perfect.
Isn’t amazing how life is one thing and then in an instant it becomes something else- after all you’re y/n the girl who thinks about the pack and Isaac-and just like that…everything was going to change.

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captainswanouat  asked:

It's gonna be even worse (better?) next week holy hell just the promo alone made me freak out LOL. I CANT WAIT la;sdkjfla;ksdflasdf. BUT I REALLY WANNA MAKE GIFS IDK WHERE TO DOWNLOAD LUCIFER CAUSE I USUALLY ONLY DOWNLOAD OUAT BUT IM GONNA TRY AND FIND A LINK YES YES. AND I KNOW IT WAS HONESTLY PERFECT LIKE. IT NEEDED TO BE SOFT AND GENTLE FOR THEM AND FOR LUCIFER TO KNOW HEY DUDE YOU /ARE/ GOOD ENOUGH and it was just perfect and everything I could have hoped for a;sdlkfjlka;dsjf;lkasdjfl

okay but can i just scream about them for a second (or, you know, like the last three and a half hours)

chloe never, ever takes any of lucifer’s shit, ever. she grabs things from him and physically hauls him around and shuts him down and gives him a hard time and holy shit jealous chloe is savage af. she never lets him slide with ANYTHING, and she’s the only person who does this. he has scratched and clawed for everything he’s ever gotten with her, and it’s been good for him.

and yet, at the same time, she’s the person who knows him, who has dealt with all of said shit, who finally knows exactly how he feels about her, how he has finally had that moment of self realisation he needed, and yet it’s his offering to stop and just be happy with them as work partners that makes her realise she can’t stand to keep up this “It would never have worked” mantra she’s been repeating all episode.

he’s standing here saying all this, and he doesn’t even realise that that the man he’s describing for her is him. because he knows his damage and his darkness and his flaws and he’s finally acknowledging she’s far too good for him, and okay, it’ll break my heart but i’ll stop if it’ll make you happy

because all he ever wants is her happiness and her safety and for her to have the world, and he will never ever not give her that, while completely unable to see any light in himself at all, he’s not worthy of that grace (her love) and just

i cannot

so I uploaded the porn chapter of Oikawatch :x Enjoy I guess?

Had someone told Oikawa two weeks ago that he would maybe, possibly, fall for Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oikawa would have spit in that person’s face with laughter. But now, he was seriously questioning it. He walked up the stairs to his room, blending out everyone around him, and wondered when those damn butterflies had started to go wild in his stomach.

The IceBreaker incident? The campus kiss? That one equipment room quickie? Or had he just been won over by that stupidly perfect date? Maybe the aliens did mess with him in some way. It was the only explanation.

Aliens were also the only explanation to why his room looked like it did once he opened the door.

“Shit!” he said to himself. “I really am a mess!”



Spideypool AU: Gwen usually loves to be the little sister, especially since her step-brother Wade is mostly awesome and badass. She does not love it, though, when her best friend Peter starts to show alarming signs of harbouring feelings for Wade, who’s more of a fuck-and-flee kind of guy. And no matter how much she loves her crazy ass brother, there is no way she’s letting him use and/or hurt Peter, so she tries and keeps them as far from each other as possible. But then Wade’s practicum happens during their senior year and suddenly keeping them separated is no longer possible.

The Signs Preparing for an AP Test

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries: “Okay, if someone dies, we all get 5s. Who are we gonna poison???”

Taurus: barley studies but still gets a 4 or 5

Gemini: crams at the last minute

Cancer: tries studying but ends up crying

Leo: doesn’t study & fails completely

Virgo: studies every day for like a whole month before the test


Scorpio: Reads notes and studies in other ways the week of the test

Capricorn: The most studious. Studies very well. Remembers everything. Aces the test, a perfect 5.

Aquarius: studies hard but for some reason has trouble when they start taking the test

Pisces: tries to study but keeps getting distracted by social media


anonymous asked:

Hi when can I start doing any type of training with my puppy? Is 8 weeks too young

The second they come home is when I start training. I work on small, fun things, like recalls, name games, toy drive, etc.

Sue Alisby’s Training Levels is perfect for young dogs. Start a level one, work your way up - I absolutely LOVE how they’re set up. I usually put them all on notecards and then draw from a pile for what I want to train that day. Set that one to the side, draw from the pile for a later training session, etc., until I’ve worked all of the cards (either one day, or multiple days).

The Countdown

Pairing: Rucas

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,486

A/N: I haven’t written anything on tumblr in awhile.  This came to me on my way home today.  Sorry for any grammatical errors.  I wrote it out fairly quickly.

As they neared her apartment, Lucas sighed.  Another perfect week was rapidly coming to a close.  In a few short hours, he would be on a plane back to Texas, back to school, back to life without her in it on a daily basis.  Just when he was getting used to seeing her everyday, just when he started to forget the two thousand miles that had separated them for most of the last four years, it was time to go back.  It was time to go back and start counting down the seconds until he could see her again.

As their steps drew them closer to their inevitable parting, Lucas decided to not taint the memory of their last few seconds together with morbid thoughts of the loneliness he was about to endure once more.  He studied the distance that separated them from their goodbye.  By his estimate, they were ten steps away from her door.  Ten steps.  Ten reasons why all of the pain and heartache was worth it.

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I’m three quarters of the way through Assassins Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy) by Robin Hobb and it’s just started to all kick off.

Not sure what to pick up next, possibly Ready Player One as I’ve heard nothing but good things.

I’ve also heard rumours that Haruki Murakami is set to release a new book in February but I doubt that’s the date for the translated version.


I’m now on to season 5 of Gilmore Girls.  I think I’m in love with this show.

It’s just so easy to watch, these past few weeks have been a little tough and this show is the perfect way to help you forget about the real world.

Think I might start Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events tonight too!

I watched Nocturnal Animals the other day, although I understood the subtext and what the story represents I failed to see why this film is so hyped up.  After the first quarter this nosedives in to simply mediocre territory.


Not much to report sadly although I’ve listened to the new Bastille album which impressed me upon first listen.

I’ve also been listening to my new Killers record, Hot Fuss is one of my very favourites.  It’s not the best quality pressing in the world but it’s good enough for a single LP.

I’m still searching for new music that I can relate to…hurry up Brand New, I need that new album right about now.


I’ve just bought Battlefield 1, my first FPS in years.  So far I’m loving the campaign, the stories really tug on the old heart strings and it’s a fitting tribute (well, as fitting as a FPS video game can be) representation of war.  Hopefully kicking off with multiplayer tonight.


Just finished my list of things to try and achieve in 2017, not sure how well that’s going to go…


Looking Forward To

Monday off of work! 


I’m promised myself I’d give blogging a real good push in 2017 as after six years I was starting to give up. My heart wasn’t in it and I just wasn’t engaging with people as much as I’d like. 

Sometimes I feel that as I’m getting older this site is getting younger and I’m getting lost in references, memes and bands I’ve never heard of.  The people I engage with are slowly becoming inactive and I’m struggling to find like-minded blogs with original content.

I don’t really want to quit as if I do I’ll have nothing else to check since I’ve quit all other social media and sometimes this page is a real escape for me.

Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend.

{ Vitri Week - Day Three: (Im)perfection / Intoxication }

『 Virus hated his eyes. How their color changed. How the surgery managed to fix his previous altered eyesight, but brought an other flaw to his eyes. How he now couldn’t see the world in color without his glasses.

Trip hated his red roots. He hated that part of him that still managed to find its way through the bleach. That part of his past, of when violence was his only way to have peace, before Virus’ light entered his life. That part of him that make him painfully different from his partner.

They both hated and loved their scars. They were the proof of their past, of their life. They were the proof of their differences toward others. But they also were the physical witness of their shared past, of what they both went through. The proof of their link. 』

The headcanon of Virus seeing in black and white without his glasses belongs to @serpentiem.

Here you go. I won’t be able to draw anything for vitri week during the next four days as I’ll be in a con during this time, but I’ll try to catch up and do it during the next week. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this drawing ~

Liam’s Crazy Date

Requested here

You and Liam had been dating for about 2 months now and he was bound and determined to out do his first date with you for your two month anniversary. You didn’t wanna hurt his feelings but you couldn’t care less if you just sat on the couch forcing him to watch Star Wars, so you went along with him randomly running up to you and asking question for the last three weeks .

“(Y/N) What is more romantic a road trip or camping under the stars?” Liam was walking backwards in the hall as you were on your way the chemistry class with Scott.

“Camping under the stars.” As soon as you answered he took off towards Maison and they started talking. You pulled your hair behind your ear and started to listen in.

“So chocolate, lilies, the color blue, Blink 182, camping and what else? Maison help I’m gonna screw this up. It needs to be perfect. I really like her. Like super like ya know?”

“You know it’s rude to listen to other people’s conversations (Y/N).” You glared at Scott when he finished.

“It’s not my fault my boyfriend has never heard of being covert.” You walk into the chem lab with Scott on your tail and sat down near the back.

“He’s trying to make a good anniversary date for you guys.”

“So you were listening into their conversation as well?” You looked at him from the lab table.

“No I wasn’t actually he’s been asking me questions as well. Like if i could help him steal Stiles’ jeep.”

“What about my jeep?” Stiles sat down next to you and Lydia sat next to Scott.

“Liam wanted to borrow it for his and (Y/N)’s two month anniversary.”

“Nope not allowed nobody but me drives that jeep because knowing him it would come back in parts.” You leaned towards Stiles and gave him your best puppy dog eyes.

“Not even for me?”

“Sorry (Y/N) not gonna happen.”

“I’ll tell the whole school your real first name.” he sneered at you as if daring you to so you stood up and started to talk loudly. “Stiles’ real name…”

His put his hand over your mouth and yanked you back into your seat.

“FIne but if there’s a single scratch I’m holding you and wolf boy responsible.”

“(Y/N) come outside.”

“Liam I’m butt naked. I just got out of the shower.”

“I don’t mind.”

“The neighbors will mind and I don’t wanna spend our anniversary with Sheriff Stilinski.” You poked through your draws trying to find something cute to wear and something that was comfortable. You placed your phone on the dresser and pulled the clothes on before quickly brushing your hair.

You grabbed your purse and keys and walked out the front door to see Liam leaning up against Stiles baby blue jeep with a bouquet of flowers.

“You look wow… Amazing.” He stared at you like it was the first time again.

“Smooth babe are we going somewhere?”

“It’s surprise so climb in.”

You climbed in and Liam shut the door like a gentleman. He started the jeep and started mumbling and babbling like the incoherent goofball he was when you made him nervous. He told you how his dad was going into the woods to hunt for bigfoot or as his dad called it ‘squching’.

He parked the jeep and climbed out to open your door for you.

“(Y/N) do you trust me?” He grabbed your hand and helped you out of the jeep.

“Liam I trust you with my life.” He pulled a bandana from his back pocket and tied it around your face. “What are you doing?” He wrapped his hand around yours and started to guide you away from the jeep.

“Okay wait here.” His hand slipped from yours. You reached out with your hearing as an attempt to figure out what he was up to. You froze when you heard more than just Liam’s clumsy footsteps.

You walked towards what you thought was Liam’s footsteps before you hit a tree. You gave up trying to find him and didn’t want yell for him because it could be hunters. You tried to pull the blindfold off but he had accidentally tied it into your hair.

You were trying to get the blindfold off and you could hear whispering near you you turned around before you felt a bullet go through your shoulder.

You screamed out in pain as the people walked closer to you.

“Oh shit man that’s a girl not bigfoot.” The blindfold came off and you looked up to see Liam’s dad and four other guys.

“OH crap this is my son’s girlfriend.”

“(Y/N)?!? I heard a gunshot are you okay?” Liam came running through the bushes. “Dad?”

“Liam what are you guys doing out here? I told you we were going to out in the preserve hunting tonight.”

“Liam you dumbass you took me on a date when you knew your dad would be running around here with a gun?” You stood up with your hand on your shoulder. “Okay never mind can we get to a hospital because I don’t know if you’ve noticed there’s a bullet in my shoulder.”

“Right.” Liam picked you up bridal style and carried you back to Stiles’ jeep. “I am so sorry (Y/N) I really did not think this would happen. What do I do?”

“Scott.” You winced in pain as you leaned back on the seat.

“You’re bleeding (Y/N) dear god you’re bleeding all over the car.”

“Liam I’m gonna bleed more if you don’t help me get this bullet out of my shoulder by taking me to Scott’s.” You learned you head against the window and tried not to move.

“Right.” Liam started the jeep and drove like a crazy person to get to Scott’s house.

We were a few streets from Scotts house when red and blue lights started flashing behind you. You groaned when Liam stopped the car and rolled down the window.

“Stiles how many times have I told you not to speed in town.” The sheriff walked up to the window, “And you’re not Stiles. Liam what are you doing with my sons car and why are you driving like a maniac?”

“Well I wanted to take (Y/N) on a nice date and i left her by the jeep and went to go light the candles and…” You cut him off when your seat fell backwards and your shoulder felt like someone punched it. “And my dad shot my girlfriend. We were trying to get to Scott’s house because the bullet is still in her shoulder.”

“Calm down Liam she’s a werewolf she should be fine as long as you get it out of her shoulder. Just drive carefully because not everyone will give you a free pass. Go ether to Melissa kid.” Liam pulled the jeep out of park and went to Scott’s.

“Hey Liam this is definitely a date I’m going to remember for a long time.”

“Really?” he sounded confused because it sounded like a genuine compliment from me.

“Yes because other boyfriends don’t get their girlfriends shot.”

“Actually Braiden has gotten shot because of Derek. It’s just the perks of dating a werewolf.”

“If you don’t stop talking Liam I’m gonna show one of the other perks of being a werewolf.”

Isn’t She Lovely?

Request: Leo being an overprotective dad of his newborn baby

She was the most precious thing in the world. So small, so pure, so angelic. His little princess.

He held her as gently as possible, afraid that he would hurt her if he gripped her tighter. He glanced at you laying on the hospital bed, fast asleep. You looked different. But not in a bad way. You had a new glow.

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xenolovegxxd  asked:

“You should probably sit down for this.” ( i will cry )

February 21, 1991

It was needless to say that, after a week of silence from Pandora, Daisy had started to become a bit concerned. But she understood, in a sense; they had their precious, nine year old, the princess Luna her goddaughter – a wild, airy, perfect small creature. Her wide-eyed wonder and wild, beautiful personality kept ‘Dora and Xeno busy. 

Things weren’t the ways they used to be.

Still. The very minute that Daisy reached the door, and pulled it open, she had known. Something had happened. The look on Xeno’s face, the way the light in Luna’s precious, light eyes shifted at the sight of her from underneath her golden hair…Daisy knew. She couldn’t bring herself to ask,  to utter the words, where is she? Almost as if she was afraid of the answer.

She welcomed them inside without hesitation, a heavy feeling settling in her chest…one she hadn’t felt in years. Not since her parents… NO. She would not allow herself to go there. Everything was fine. Nothing, n o t h i n g had happened.

They settled in the sitting room, Luna crawling onto and curling into Daisy’s lap easily. So had been the way ever since she was tiny, it was so natural - her fair head rested on Daisy’s shoulder, hiding in her fiery curls. Daisy’s arms tightly would around her godchild, eyeing Xeno carefully.

He looked rough. No – rough was not the right word. Xeno Lovegood looked haunted, much more than she’d ever seen him. The numb, dreaded feeling settled in her stomach and she knew. She knew, even before he forced himself to look at her, hair in his eyes, wringing his hands together, and apart, over and over.


A large, painful lump swelled in Daisy’s throat. She didn’t have to hear him to know it was true. Pandora was dead. She was suddenly very grateful for Luna’s presence in her arms, for the cat curling between her legs, reminding her the floor hadn’t fallen out from under her feet no matter how it felt.  

The tears stung viciously before they spilled, and green eyes shut, hot tracks of salty tears trailing down her face as Daisy held Luna closer in her arms. She wanted to scream, to cry, but it was gone. All sense of it was gone. Her best friend in the world, her sister, gone.

How she wished Tilden hadn’t had to go away that week. 

Luna may not have been hers, but Daisy was so intune with her. Even in her grief she knew the child had started crying again, and it was all Daisy could do to try rocking her, comfort her. The beautiful living proof that Pandora had lived


| Flirty | Josh Washington x Reader ~ Until Dawn

“I sneaked in to this huge house party for some free food but you asked me how I knew the host and the first excuse I could think of was that I’m dating their sibling, so basically I just lied to you about going out with you” au with Josh omg please 

Warnings: Severe flirting from Josh, Akwardness, mentions of nsfw, implied sex, swearing

Part 2

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