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Madison Kocian and Peng Peng Lee Perfect 10s on Uneven Bars 2/11/17 vs Stanford

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Does fox!hux lie on his back in a sunbeam to warm his belly up?? Maybe kylo comes home to find his fox splayed out in a perfect position for belly rubs....which hux goes crazy for of course. ((and maybe hux shifts to human form and begs kylo to keep rubbing him all over.....!!))


Hux (in his fox form) follows the sunshine around the living room, following the beam of light so he’s warm, lying flat on his back with his limbs in the air, tail wagging, perfect for Kylo to lay down next to when he gets home and rub his belly like crazy to get those perfect little yip sounds from Hux

and cheekily, Hux switches to his human form halfway through the belly rubs which turns into soft body worship with Kylo rubbing every inch of Hux’s chubby body (and a handjob, also a gentle handjob)

*600-item multiple choice
board exam tips and advices.
6 modules, 2-day exam, 600 items, 75% passing

THIS POST is dedicated to all Pharmacy students and those who want to take up BS PHARMACY.  let’s find out what subjects are included, what to study and the most important information you need to know before taking the board exam. go get that title: RPh! 

We really want to help you conquer the EXAM kahit na 1st year or 2nd year ka pa lang o kukuha pa lang ng BS Pharmacy. We want you to be ready when the time comes. 

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I'm glad that Toni's family is in Madrid because he is finally appreciated and Jessica is not criticized by fans of "perfect" and plastic german wags.

Honestly, I don’t know how it was before and I’m not interested in it, but I’m also glad that Toni is in Madrid because he’s a great footballer and Real Madrid have bought him for a ridiculous price - good for us :P And Jessica … everyone has haters, but on my blog no one will insulted her. I think she has a lot of fans among the Madridistas who are interested in WAGs :)