perfect video chris


Happy 3rd Birthday Mylo Xyloto!
Released worldwide on October 24, 2011


Chris Brown - Scream ft. Joelle James

THIS IS PERFECTION! You need to listen!

I’ve got two things to say about this video. First of all, its interesting because its pre-stubble years. (laughs) That’s why I get embarrassed. Second of all, and this might sound a little- Will had to go to a funeral that day, and for one reason or another, I didn’t go, which I shouldn’t have done, and I always feel like this video has some magic about it because the significance of that day. That’s my feeling on it, because its our best video probably, and it has something we can’t really explain to it. Oh, and that’s CGI on the running.
—  Chris Martin on the music video for Yellow

Everything about this video is perfect