perfect time pictures


photography captures all those little moments that we all fail to grasp the magnitude of the complexity that is existence in all the perceptitudes of grandiosity that encompass the fragility and pervasive nature that is existence both fervent and tragic in its temporary omnipresence.


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

22 Very Studyblr Things
  1. reblogging a post you already reblogged 20 seconds ago - so much motivation, so little time
  2. praying that your phone doesn’t run out of charge before you get the perfect shot
  3. spending more time reblogging pictures about studying that actually studying
  4. browsing Amazon and Hema for study supplies on your breaks
  5. regularly scrolling down your own blog page for studyspo
  6. spending your first two Studyblr weeks on the prowl for momentum
  7. stalking the notes of a studyspo pic to find more people to follow
  8. dropping everything at the sight of a (1) in your inbox
  9. totally abandoning your personal tumblr
  10. wishing you lived close enough to a picturesque coffee shop that you could study in
  11. debating the worth of bullet journalling
  12. making a b-line for the stationery isle in every store you shop in
  13. making the ultimate life decision - Staedtler or Stabilo?
  14. keeping the seller of Zebra Mildliners on Amazon in business
  15. knowing enough about examinations held in countries you don’t even live in to maybe sit them yourself
  16. questioning whether or not you’re brave enough to whip out your phone to take a picture of your study spot in the library
  17. stalking your favourite blogs to see their recently answered questions
  18. quivering at the thought of writing on the first page of your new notebook
  19. taking regular notes on graph paper and wondering why you ever only used it for math
  20. regularly zooming in on other people’s studyspo pictures so you can read what their notes say
  21. lusting after a white topped desk
  22. frequently wondering how the hell you studied before studyblr
I don’t want to be the answer. I want to be your question, I want to be your “what if” and your “when?” And your “how did I ever manage without you?”. I don’t want to be your solution. I want to be your “when will you be home?” And your “when can I see you again?” And “can we make this work”. I want to be your question to an answer you have yet to discover but together we can find it.
—  Love was never as simple as the movies made it seem