perfect teru


just look at my ot3 over there, mob and reigen with their mouth open, did they do this unconsciously?! their habits are killing me!! and mob is leaning on him, his hand, and in-between his legs like HOLY CRAP the reimob!!! /SCREAMS/


lookit security guard Dimple (SO FINE) and that ekurei connection /CRIES/  look at his frickin face all up by reigen’s ear (damn you earmuffs but i also kinda like you bc you make reigen really cute!) and reigen is being cradled by dimple’s LEGS and im just dying MY OT3 YESSSS and Idk how to match but i see matching with my ot3, very small like Mobs orange pants and the orange on reigens earmuffs and the green of reigens shirt and the green on dimples tie /CRIES/


i love height differences I LOVE THEM so much and i love seeing the ot3s height difference it’s so perfect i feel inspired 

Teru, if i could ask you to push against them a bit more so they could be even closer :”D that would be perfect~

whaleshork  asked:

2 and 6!!

2. What is your favorite snippet of dialogue?

“He could not have conversations easy, and his envy of the world only grew when he met someone that was everything he admired formed into one person.

I can’t compare.”

Honestly I just loved writing this part so much because, I think we’ve all had a moment where we meet like, a friend of our friend and compare ourselves. And giving Mob real, un-repressed emotions is always fun~

6. What’s the detail you wait on bated breath for readers to notice?

I mean, its not really a detail, but at the beginning of AMOT, Mob is reflecting that hes never met any of Teru’s girlfriends before, now hes met Akia and thinks shes perfect for Teru. 

Also just.. I’m hoping people are wondering if Teru is okay. Hes not.

And like, the very vague foreshadowing in Shou and Mobs texts.