perfect teru

Enemies to friends to lovers to husbands
I live for married terumob

I think Teru would take Shigeo’s last name because he wants to be a part of the Kageyama family
PS: don’t worry guys, tomorrow I’m going to do the requests (I hope)


Teru’s favorite kisses were the desperate ones. The ones that were thousands of tiny ones all at once, where words were started and quickly cut off. The ones where neither of them could breathe because they were holding onto each other for so long. The ones where they gripped onto each other’s hair because the sting made them both feel real. He loved the ones where Mob’s tear covered cheeks brushed against his because it meant someone other than himself was afraid. He loved the ones that made him forget about the blood in his mouth, the ones that left him gasping for breath, and the ones that made him want to hold on to every second a little longer. The ones that hurt. They all reminded him of his mortality, it reminded him that he wouldn’t be here forever, and that the next time Mob kissed him, he should kiss him harder.

key components to teru’s theme

  • the electronic buzz that sets the melody for the song
  • very quiet bass line, but still important 
  • the  steady BASS DRUM ( BA DUM BA DA DUM )  
  • the contrasting tiny bells (best part honestly) 
  • the overlaying electronic hum that almost sounds like a choir (aaah aah aaaah
  • those synthetic cymbal crashes 
  • that weird garbled noise that’s present throughout the whole song
  • everything just layering in nice waves of intensity and calmness 

愛するには短すぎる/Le Poison
(aka 星組trio being perfect)

I love Teru being an absolute dork in this show. It’s great to have a 二番 male role who loves the lead female but also can still be friends with the lead male. Chie and Teru have such an effortless chemistry in this. Especially during 愛は元々unfair, the comedy really propelled the song along.
The 謎 song reminded me a little of Singin’ in the Rain trio. They’re just so perfect together. Nene’s acting in the second half was amazing.
I was kind of confused over the Matador dance. My impression was Teru and Chie were playing some sort of alter egos? When Teru got stabbed by the bulls Chie collapsed as well?
Also look all that love in Chie’s eyes…

Asahi Gou headcannons (this is what happens when you start projecting on a minor character)

  • Sexuality: Pan
  • Gender:  He’s a boy and he’s good.  Is he a trans boy?  Cis boy?  Demiboy?  Could be any all are good I love my boy.
  • He’s a fuckin memelord and being around him is physically painful cause he just can’t stop with it
  • He’s a Can’t Do Math Gay™ but he’s really good with languages
    • He’s practically fluent in English cause he likes watching shitty American TV without subtitles
  • His name in the group chat is something cursed like “Clown Fucker 420″ or “Sauske’s #1 Boyfriend”
  • When he was a kid he wanted to be Naruto and he had a huge crush on Sauske
    • He’s super jealous of Teru’s perfect Naruto hair
  • The things he thinks are hot include nice hair and big muscles
  • He has lots of trouble focusing on stuff and he hates it ‘cause he thinks his pyrokinesis could be way better if his dumb brain would just cooperate
  • Also school is the worst and he hates his teachers and he gets picked on sometimes so sometimes he just,,, doesn’t go.  He hangs out in the awakening lab instead because it is a nice place and sometimes there are people there to validate him
  • A big believer in Fake It ‘Til You Make It
  • He likes people and being around people but he worries that his personality is abrasive and annoying
  • Lowkey has a crush on everybody
  • Owns a metric shit-ton of candles that he claims are for practice purposes but mostly he just fuckin loves candles they smell nice
  • Kikai: Teru is like that self insert oc that is literally too perfect for the story but now he's been humbled and I love him
  • Kikai: EXACTLY
  • Chrissy: the problem with that type of character is never ever having anything get the better of them, always powerful, always perfect
  • Chrissy: and teru got shaved bald, stripped naked, and flung into the fucking sky so