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just look at my ot3 over there, mob and reigen with their mouth open, did they do this unconsciously?! their habits are killing me!! and mob is leaning on him, his hand, and in-between his legs like HOLY CRAP the reimob!!! /SCREAMS/


lookit security guard Dimple (SO FINE) and that ekurei connection /CRIES/  look at his frickin face all up by reigen’s ear (damn you earmuffs but i also kinda like you bc you make reigen really cute!) and reigen is being cradled by dimple’s LEGS and im just dying MY OT3 YESSSS and Idk how to match but i see matching with my ot3, very small like Mobs orange pants and the orange on reigens earmuffs and the green of reigens shirt and the green on dimples tie /CRIES/


i love height differences I LOVE THEM so much and i love seeing the ot3s height difference it’s so perfect i feel inspired 

Teru, if i could ask you to push against them a bit more so they could be even closer :”D that would be perfect~


愛するには短すぎる/Le Poison
(aka 星組trio being perfect)

I love Teru being an absolute dork in this show. It’s great to have a 二番 male role who loves the lead female but also can still be friends with the lead male. Chie and Teru have such an effortless chemistry in this. Especially during 愛は元々unfair, the comedy really propelled the song along.
The 謎 song reminded me a little of Singin’ in the Rain trio. They’re just so perfect together. Nene’s acting in the second half was amazing.
I was kind of confused over the Matador dance. My impression was Teru and Chie were playing some sort of alter egos? When Teru got stabbed by the bulls Chie collapsed as well?
Also look all that love in Chie’s eyes…


Um… hi. I am here to write a shitty fanfic.
I have never done this but I might as well try, right?


Teru never knew how he would say it.
He knew he would have to tell him sometime.
He knew he couldn’t hide his feelings forever.

Teru looked down at his now trembling hands in front of him. He looked close at the nails of his fingers, down to the knuckles, to the palm, to the wrist. He looked over at him to see Mob, messing with his hair a little, as it bobbed up and down slightly from the steps he took.
Mob and Teru where walking to Reigen’s office. It was after school on a thursday afternoon. It was a little bit gray, but still warm. The weather was going to get cooler soon, so Teru knew he should enjoy the warm while it only last a little longer.
Mob quickly moved his head, to lock his eyes with Teru’s. He could feel his eyes burning into his head.
Teru’s face grew red when he saw mob’s eyes meet his. He looked down and covered his face so mob couldn’t see him blushing. Mob smiled.
“Teru, are you okay?” He says, looking down at him.
Teru forces himself to remove his hand from his face, and smile back at mob as if nothing happend
“Y-yeah, I’m good.” He stuttered.
Mob was perfect. Teru knew it - he was so sweet. He is a kind, nice cinnamon role. How girls don’t like him, he never knew.
“Oh… okay.” Mob says, with a small bit of sadness in his voice.
“Mob, what’s wrong?” Teru says, looking at Mob again.
Mob didn’t say anything at first. He just looked at the crack in the sidewalk, where they where standing. He looked up slowly and closed his eyes slowly.
“I don’t like her anymore”
Teru was in shock what did he mean?
“Her… or them I don’t like them anymore”
Not helping… this only made Teru more confused. What does he mean…? Her, them? What?
“Mob, what do you mean?” Teru asks.
Mob paused and looked over at Teru. Teru’s face got a little pink from how sweet and cute he looked.
“Girls. I don’t… think I like them anymore.”
“Mob… are you?” Teru started, but he didn’t finish. He was in a bit of shock.
“Yeah… I guess I am. But please don’t tell anyone. You are the only one to know… so I am asking you to keep this only between us."Mob says.
Teru smiled a little bit. "You have my word, Mob.”
Mob walk a little closer to Teru. He wrapped his small, yet stronger (due to the body improvment club) arms around teru’s body.
Teru’s face turned almost pure red in a split second.
“Thank you… Hanazawa” Mob says softly.


About two weeks after Mob told Teru about his interest, Mob invited Teru to go to a cafe near where he lived.
Teru was shaking when he got the call from Mob. Was this… was this a date? He didn’t know. But he dressed up in nice clothes, and offered to walk to his home and to the cafe.
When Teru rang the doorbell, he started shaking a little bit. Did he smell okay? Was his tie right? Does his hair look bad? Before he knew it he was sweating. Ritsu opened the door. He gave Teru a bad glare. He walked to the stairs, and yelled to his brother
“Nii-san, your date is here.”
Teru’s face turned pure red and sweat ran down his forhead as he stood in a single pose, not moving.
Date?! This really was a date?!
Mob walked down the stairs, with a smile on his face. “Teru, thanks for walking all the way over here. That is very nice of you.”

Teru and Mob went to the Cafe. Teru is not a massive fan of sweets, but they split some food. After eating, they felt it would be good to go for a walk, and then call it a night and go back home.
Teru could tell how he felt right now if he wanted to.
He could share how he felt… with the first person he really cared about.
They walked around a little bit. Mob was standing closer then he normaly does.

He couldn’t stand it anymore.
Teru grabbed Mob’s hand and intertwined it with his. He took a deep breath and looked down. He felt his face get red, yet again for the bowl cutted 14 year old.
“T-teru, what are you doing?” Mob ask softly. His face was a light shade of pink.
“Well, someone who likes another person will grab their hand, right?” Teru says. Mob stops in his tracks, and so does Teru. Teru lets out a little"eep" as he relized what he just had said. His face, ears, and everything else was a bright red now. His have covered his mouth as sweat dripped down his face.
Mob looked up at him, a light pink still on his face. He smiled at Teru, and looked back down at their hands, which where still together.
“Oh” he says blushing. He pulls teru’s hand that was intertwined with his closer to his lips and lightly kissed it. Teru made another ‘eep’ type noise. Mob giggled and leaned closer to Teru.
“I’m glad you feel the same way I do, Teru. I thought you would hate me.”
Teru forced himself to play it cool. He smiled at Mob. “I won’t hate you. I can’t hate someone who is as sweet as you.” And there it is, it slipped again. His face turned pure read once again. Mob laughed a little, and rubbed his forhead on Teru’s sholder.
“Thank you, Teru. You are sweet.”


oh my gad hddmdjjfhefb why did I do this