perfect taste in music

You show up when the sun is high.
when the sky is blue and perfect,
When giggles and music sound,
And the sweet, familiar taste of Spring is in the air.
But when the clouds role in,
And thunder sounds in the distance,
You are no where to be found.
Because you say you love April,
But you run from the showers.
And you say you love me,
But you hide from my storms.
—  A.P


1. ‘’Chega De Saudade’’ (1987) Tomo Jobim

2. ‘’Oh Honey'’ (1975) Delegation

3. ‘’Sexy'’ (2003) Black Eyed Peas

4. ‘’My Cherry Amour’’ (1969) Stevie Wonder 

5. "The Hustle" (1975) Van McCoy

6. ‘’Sunworshipper’’ (2004) Mylo

7. ‘’I Can’t Go For That'’ (2010) The Bird and The Bee

8. ‘’Saturday Love'’ (1985) Cherelle ft. Alexander O'Neal

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Ok here begins the struggle:

1. I can say the most ridiculous things and then make them the most amazing things

2. I have a big heart

3. The way I describe things is a perfect 5/7

4. My taste in music 

5. My sense of humour

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I made a mix!! We got to thinking about what sort of music Napstablook would produce for their band and I quickly realized that my absurd taste in robot music is a perfect match. I think Alphys would approve too.

|| Singing Robots ||

Sick by yksb
Princess Syndrome by kagomeP
Bluff Liar by EZFG
It’s a Festival, Hey Come On! by PinocchioP
Blue Low Light by CheetahgirlP
Gimme Love, Gimme Kiss by samfree
Human by PowaPowaP
Killer Machine by hachi-oujiP
BurNing HeaRt by U-ji
Chip Tears MineK Remix original by U-ji

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The Signs As People I Know

(A little context for this post; I saw one of these floating around and thought “hey i’ll do one” so here we go)

Aries: literally the hugest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. sends you uplifting messages just when you need them. is a hopeless romantic but still manages to be awkward. low key sad perpetually. has good taste in music.

Taurus: a little bit perfect. could successfully rule the world if given the chance. is skillful in the fine arts department. likes to look at nature. likes birds and space a lot.

Gemini: kinda unpredictable and somehow has their crazy life under control. you never really know what’s going on with them. keeps social media pretty barren but when they post something they make you pay attention.

Cancer: doesn’t hide the fact that they’re a huge nerd very well. an all around nice person and a cutie at that. has a few close friends that they love very much. when they party they party hard.

Leo: a nerd that likes to write stuff on their hands. really enjoys relaxing. is basically a gigantic puppy. switches between being popular and awkward at the drop of a hat. be nice to this one they need it.

Virgo: such a nice person like omg. is basically the mom of every group. dont mess with them. great to party with. is the conductor of the metaphorical hype train. pretty cool but also knows when they need to straighten up.

Libra: the most reliable of the signs by far. really adorable and needs love. usually develops crushes on older people. are full of love but aren’t afraid to smack someone if it comes to it. coolest on the block.

Scorpio: doesn’t take anything from anyone. contrary to popular belief is actually pretty selfless. that kid on the playground that had the golden charizard card. everyone hates them a bit but kind of wants to be them.

Sagittarius: the biggest heartbreaker on the planet. very charming. knows how to make you laugh. when they play games they get intense. will stop at nothing to win. problematic fave.

Capricorn: is very difficult to understand. says one thing but means another. really into games. dresses nicely. when there is a romantic interest they change completely. just a tad weird.

Aquarius: really amazingly cool. probably has a secret double life. when they smile the whole world melts. likes to watch movies. great possible romantic partner. charming is their middle name.

Pisces: the hugest cutie to exist. would probably die for you. likes animals. the balance between classic and modern. precious cinnamon roll. a heart made of gold and candy. when they talk people listen.