perfect supreme

“The philosophers of antiquity combat everything that impairs the absolute coldness and neutrality of the consciousness. They were consistent with their false presupposition that consciousness is the exalted, supreme state, viewed as the precondition of perfection, though the opposite is true.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §434 (edited excerpt).

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite things about Saihara?

Eh? My favourite things about Saihara-chan you say? What’s there not to like anon-chan?

Well, I suppose him being a detective is awesome, since he has great deduction skills to try and figure out my lies, you see lying is soooo much fun but when everyone starts to believe in them without any questions I start to feel a little empty inside, Saihara-chan being a detective means naturally having doubts on what people tell him, not all the time since he is a kind person. 

When I told him a stupid fake story, this is what he said “T..That’s a l..lie r..right?” I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt like I could have fun again in this boring world, sure he lacks confidence but we can work on that. He actually doubted me, I suddenly felt a rush and wanted him to doubt me more and more (not too much to push him away and not too little to keep him close) Just talking with Saihara-chan is amazing~ I’ll do my best to keep myself in his thoughts, Nishishi~

I love how easy it is to tease him, don’t get me wrong, I tease everyone but his reactions are the best, sometimes he lowers his hat to avoid eye contact, other times he blushes, on a rare occasion he actually laughs

Saihara-chan is the best~