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I desperately need a ‘Carol Aird’ in my life right now

(The girls are listing all of their own faults as “training)

Haruka: (dramatically) Having no faults…is painful as well.

Usagi: You are so wrong about yourself!

Rei: You admire youself too much. You lack a personality beyond the surface level!

Makoto: You go along with what others tell you.

Hotaru: You’re overconfident, but submissive.

Someone: And you’re always trying to look cool in front of women,

(Haruka immediately strikes a sexy pose to impress the ladies, proving her right)

Michiru: And your biggest fault is that you join in too easily!

Haruka: So what about YOU?

Michiru (avoiding the question): I have…my own training schedule…

Haruka doing her super sorrowful melodramatic voice about how SHE’S SO PERFECT IT’S A CURSE

claiming she has no flaws and everyone responding with a LAUNDRY LIST (including Hotaru calling Haruka SUBMISSIVE i guess we know her evaluation of Haruka and Michiru’s relationship) and Haruka immediately striking a seductive pose when it’s pointed out she tries to look cool in front of women…. Michiru avoiding having to list her own flaws…

.just, this will always best Myu moment, sorry. Acknowledging these two for the melodramatic teenybopper dweebs they are

Haruka and Michiru are flawed and melodramatic, but perfect in their dorky flawedness

Singing along loudly in the car to ‘Blank Space’ whilst dad’s driving and accidentally singing~
#awkward private jokes your parents don’t appreciate