perfect songwriter

Escaping california

remember how we drove across the state line
Remember how nothing was fine
I remember how your skin smelled, ( I can taste it)
Remember how the pavement did wind

We drove and we inhaled the night air
We got away from everyone there

the stares as our music filled the city
casting light onto all of the buildings
The stereo, the mixtapes, the cds
The drinks we shared could not make us see

We were just oblivious to everything
We packed the boxes and got down on our knees
We had to get away from the city
We had to leave
We had to be free

We lost ourselves
And found where we had left off
We counted trees
We got lost

Ed Sheeran Themed Asks I'm Extra
  • Happier: What's one thing that can always make you happy?
  • Don't: What's something that people shouldn't do cos it grinds ur gears?
  • Be Like You: Who is one of ur role models?
  • How Would You Feel: How would you feel if Singer Songwriter Edward Sheeran told you he loved you in the summer when the li-lucks bloomed?
  • The City: What is one city u would like 2 visit?
  • Sing: Why did anyone let this song exist?
  • Wake Me Up: What's ur favorite thing 2 eat for breakfast?
  • Drunk: what get's u turnt?
  • Cold Coffee: do you prefer tea or last night's whiskey and coke?
  • Bloodstream: does blood gross u out and like make u pass out or are u all good homie?
  • Perfect: How can one human being be as perfect as Singer Songwriter Edward Sheeran?
  • Supermarket Flowers: what's ur favorite flower?
  • Tenerife Sea: this is the best song of ed's and u can try to make an argument but u will fail

anonymous asked:

I really love your analyses of Harry's vocal health. I too worry about him.. I'm afraid he'll go the Steven Tyler route and sound totally different if he doesn't take care of his voice. Like, rasp is cool, but nodes and limited range are not! Do you wonder if he does it intentionally? I don't know enough to know if it's possible to have a "controlled scream" or not. Also, just basing this on the other guys' vocal styles, what genre do you think is best suited for the rest of Ot4? Thanks!!

yeahhh exactly. And I mean, look, he’s going the rock and roll route so rasp is TOTALLY fine.  And honestly he probably WILL have to have surgery somewhere down the line just because that’s how it is.  When you’re using your voice that much in that way even if it IS in a healthier manner, there’s just a lot of wear and tear.  I mentioned in another ask the other day about how it’s similar to professional athletes and their knees…eventually it give them problems, but is it worth it to them to go as hard as they can while they can?  Absolutely.  Buuuut you wanna try and do all you can to try to wait until you’re older to have to do that.  

As for Controlled Scream……ehhhh there are different schools of thought about this.  Technically not really?  but there are ways to do it that are easier on your voice than others.  and again, it just boils down to making a decision- is it worth it for you as an artist knowing what it may cause.  

As for the other guys- honestly, I think they’re all totally smart and going the correct route for them.  Louis’ voice adds such a cool texture to edm, Niall has the perfect confessional singer/songwriter sound, and Liam has that smooth af sound that would be great for R&B.  :)