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dude that'd be awesome if you can write all those AUs from the post where "chloe" was crying in her car

This is the link to the gifs that inspired this one-shot.

Chloe’s marriage has broken down. Her kids are asleep in the back seat. She’s packed up some of their things, left her husband, and is now parked outside Beca’s apartment but doesn’t have the guts to go up. Shortly after this set of Gifs, Beca knocks on her window, and tells her to come inside. Beca scoops up Chloe’s daughter. Chloe scoops up her son. They go inside together.

Chloe turned the engine of her car off and brought her left hand back up to the steering wheel. Her hands gripped the leather tightly as her surroundings fell silent, save for the sound of her two young children breathing at different rates as they slept in their seats behind her. Her babies. Her everything.

Her little girl, her beautiful little two year old whose smile shone like the sun regardless of the situation or time of day. The curls of Rosie’s fiery red hair bounced whenever she laughed, which was oh-so often. Chloe recognised so much of the way she had once been in her daughter. The way she used to be. Smiley, positive, full of life. Now at the grand age of 36, Chloe was a dark shadow of her former self.

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