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HP + the Cursed Child - 1/3/2017

So on Wednesday I went see the play for the forth and final time (probably) before Jamie leaves in May (as rumoured). 

I knew I’d be in London to see Dan Radcliffe at the Old Vic so I had been keeping an eye out on the Nimax tickets for a premium seat - as luck should have it, a normal priced Row C Stalls ticket popped up at the right time which I quickly snagged.

I was right on the end of the row but thankfully the rake is quite steep there so I had a near perfect view (albeit a side view!) of everything. 

Noma was out so I got Nicola Alexis as Hermione. I wasn’t sure about her in Part 1 but I thought she did a great job in Part 2. Adam McNamara was on as Hargid, etc and he definitely doesn’t have the same stage presence as Chris Jarman. Other than that, I think the rest of the cast was as it should be.

Paul Thornley remains the best Ron we could have hoped for. I’m a little bit sad that he’s basically used as comic relief throughout the whole 2 parts, but he’s brilliant at it. My memory is foggy but one of his lines got an epic reaction from the audience that they had to wait a few seconds for the crowd to go quiet. 

The more I see of Alex Price’s Draco, the more I love him. He was on fine form yesterday and generated a lot of laughter from the audience. The first funny moment was in the EGM where he talks about Harry saying things for attention with “My scar is hurting, my scar is hurting!” and when he walks into Harry’s office and  says about the alternative reality where he’s head of the DMLE, he ended the line with an actual “Mwaha ha ha.” It was funny, but also actually quite a sweet thing as he was clearly trying to cheer Harry up. Also when Ron comments on Draco’s pony tail, Alex went really haughty and swished it in perfect Malfoy fashion.

Poppy Miller has restored Ginny to the brilliant character she is in the books. She got right in Draco’s face with the “so is mine” line.You can really tell that her and Jamie are very close as they have amazing chemistry when they share a scene. The kiss was especially good - and in the brief moment I dragged my eyes away from Jamie while they’re watching Harry’s parents die, I could see how much anguish she was showing for her ‘husband.’

Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett were both as good as ever as Scorpius and Albus. I enjoyed Anthony’s performance quite a lot actually - he barely spat at all yesterday (which I’ve previously found a tad distracting). He again brought a lot of humour to his performance - one bit worth noticing was at the end scene on the stairs he swished his cloak with a bit too much flourish and got wrapped around it for the rest of the scene - he carried on regardless.

And finally, we come to Jamie Parker. Oh my Harry. <3333 As much as I love and adore the Radcakes, Jamie just IS Harry Potter. He’s everything I could have hoped for and more. I love just how fucked up his Harry is while equally loving his family without hesitance. I love how he shows Harry trying to open up to his son (undoing his waistcoat) and then closing his emotions down again (buttoning up the waistcoat). I love how utterly devastated he is that he can’t connect with Albus. I could go on and on about all the things I bloody love about his Harry but here’s some memorable bits from this show in particular:

- When Albus incendio’d his Hogsmeade letter, Jamie properly brushed down Albus’s cloak to get rid of the ash - very father-like and irritated.

- During the big argument between Albus and Harry, Jamie got right up in Sam’s face. He was just completely engulfed in rage and his body chemistry changed so quickly after he says he wished Albus wasn’t his son. Probably the best version of the scene I’ve seen. 

- I could go on and on about how much I love the polyjuice scene - it gets funnier every time I see it. Jamie was spot on in his Anthony Boyle as Scorpius impression; from the brushing of hair behind his ear to the pulling down on his sleeves. When he swished his cloak after telling Albus to go to his room, he got properly tangled (which made the bit with Anthony at the end of the play even more perfect). Jamie was ridiculously high pitched and giddy in this scene - I would gladly watch it over and over. 

- The first nightmare scene was just as good, if not better. Jamie really conveys how distressed Harry is about it, to him fidgeting on the bed afterwards, to curling his toes with anxiety, to him trying to calm Ginny’s fears that he’s alright (when he really isn’t). I also loved Poppy Miller in this scene - they really have amazing chemistry and you totally believe they have this incredible backstory with the trauma they went through as children and how that’s connected them throughout their marriage.

- Another relationship I enjoyed watching was between Draco and Harry. The fight in the kitchen reminded me so much of the books/movies. As previously mentioned, this was the scene in which Jamie broke his chair. Alex laughed at this moment, but I’m not sure whether he was laughing at Jamie’s situation or whether it was in character at Ginny’s comment about Harry doing most of the cooking. I also bloody love the scene in Harry’s office. It’s a great moment between these two characters and finally brings the start of a friendship of sorts.

- Something that I thought was a new take was just before everyone transfigures Harry into Voldemort, Jamie was smiling quite a lot - normally he’s quite serious at this point so it was a different take to what I’ve seen before. My view was that he was trying to reassure everyone that he was okay with what was about to happen. 

- And then we have the bit where they are watching Harry’s parents die. Jamie is absolutely one of the best actors I’ve seen on stage and how much energy doing this scene must take, especially after doing the play for so long now, is incredible. I’d hate to think what he uses to channel all that anguish and to that level. Again, I think this was my favourite version I’ve seen. Jamie was literally clinging on Sam Clemmett for dear life (as Poppy was clinging on to Jamie) and when he collapses in grief - fucking hell. All the awards, sir. All of them. 

- Finally, I did wait by the stage door to see if I could catch Jamie leaving. I did - however I decided not to bother him as no one else had spotted him and I didn’t want to bring any attention to him as he was getting on his bike to go home. I did get immense pleasure at seeing him stopped at the traffic lights as loads of Harry Potter fans walked past him oblivious to the fact he was ~right there. I feel certain that I’ll get another chance to speak to him one day so I was happy to let the moment pass.

So yes, that’s my review. Hopefully I’ve not rambled on too long. Feel free to ask me anything about the show as I’ve probably missed out loads.

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So I know you wrote something similar recently, but because you do it so damn well, more mpreg and angst please?

Just remember that you asked for this. [sweats] Content warning for mpreg, depression, unwanted pregnancy, etc. Check the tags if you want to know how it ends. ALSO SOMEHOW THIS ENDED UP BEING OVER 10K, WTF.

The new temp hates Stiles.

Stiles is used to being disliked; it’s a hazard of his personality, abrasive and impatient and too intense. He’s gotten better since he was a kid - mellowed out in his old age, as Scott likes to say - but some people still don’t like him. Stiles can understand that; unlike Scott, who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, Stiles has many mean bones, and, on the whole, doesn’t like all that many people. Whatever; you can’t be friends with everyone, nor does Stiles want to be friends with everyone.

Still, he’s not sure what he’s done to make the new temp hate him, and it kind of bothers him. Their first interaction had gone pretty well; one of the ladies from HR had brought Derek around the floor to introduce him to people, and when she’d brought him to Stiles’ cubicle, Stiles had nodded politely and said “Hey, nice to meet you,” and Derek had nodded back. No friction there, as far as he could tell.

Their second interaction is where things seem to have gone wrong. They’d both been in the break room at the same time, Stiles loading a cup of coffee up with sugar, Derek making a cup of tea, when Stiles had nodded toward Derek’s stomach and asked, “So do you know whether it’s a boy or a girl?” He wasn’t just blindly guessing about Derek being pregnant all right? He’d been raised with the rule that it wasn’t okay to ask someone if they were pregnant unless there was actively a baby coming out of them, so he wasn’t being a jerk there - he could be an asshole sometimes, but he wasn’t trying to be rude; the lady from HR had said it herself, explaining upon introducing Derek that, “He’ll be here for just a couple months until he goes on omega paternity leave.” Derek had grimaced a little when she said it, so maybe it was a faux pas on her part, but it wasn’t a secret, all right?

But anyway, as soon as Stiles asked, Derek’s face had gone flat, and he’d dropped his spoon in the sink with a clatter that made Stiles wince. “That,” Derek had said coldly, “is none of your fucking business,” and he’d stormed out of the break room. And all right, Derek had a point; it wasn’t really any of Stiles’ business, but he seriously hadn’t meant anything by it - he’d just wanted to make conversation, and now Derek won’t even make eye contact with him, let alone talk to him. So, okay, maybe that’s why Derek hates him, but Stiles really wasn’t trying to be a jerk.

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you decide to go to the first football game of the season, and a certain cheerleader, jungkook, catches your eye.

you weren’t a big football person. and that meaning, you didn’t know much about the sport, either.

but when your best friend is a huge fan and wants someone to accompany him, you give in and tag along. anyway, he promised he’d buy you a burger and fries for supper so it’s not like you could turn him down for that.

“tae, slow down! it’s not starting yet!”

“it will if we don’t hurry up!” he huffs, holding onto your hand tight and tugging you to one of the front row benches where you’d have a perfect… side view? frowning, you turn to look at the brown haired boy, to which you poke his chest when the both of you settle down, “tae, if you wanted to watch football, we should’ve gotten up higher. why are we down here?”

“shhh…” he places a finger on your lips, “you talk too much.”

rolling your eyes, you slouch and give up. whatever that floats his boat, really. it’s his call, anyway.


your answer comes during break time and the radio system is pretty fucking amazing for the bass to shake the ground. the rhythm hard and pumping, adrenaline rushing through everybody’s veins and screams and shouts so deafening you can’t get past taehyung’s squeals. a group of stomps sound together and the whistle blows. cheers run free into the air and come crashing in when the uniformed colors of red and white darts through to the field. and you’ve placed the pieces together when this is the perfect spot to watch the - “they’re here, they’re here!”

the cheer team.

they were fawned over by many and placed on the golden pedestal for the amount of competitions they’ve won. it helps even more when all of them are good looking. specifically the one in jet black hair that somehow catches your gaze when you’re clapping for them. he acknowledges your eyes on him when he does an impressive flip in the air, double turn with skilled perfection before he falls accurately into the hands of his catchers waiting below. the bass drops and they have a dance break and surprise not surprise, the one that still catches your eyes smirks and gets to the center. apparently taehyung has eyes for someone else when he starts melting against you and when the music dies with one last boost to their flyer up into the air, their chants and cheers sends the crowd wild, including taehyung, including yourself.

“this is why you wanted to come? to see a hot cheerleader?”

“shut up, you had your fun, too,”

sighing, you shake your head at him and you allow taehyung to go on and on about how hot this ‘jimin’ is.


it’s a bummer that the team taehyung was rooting for (because the cheerleaders of that team was the one taehyung was eyefucking with) didn’t win and that included the one that you were (a little) attracted to during his performance. however, it doesn’t necessarily have to end on a bad note.

just as you and taehyung make it out from the stands, reaching the fence of the backway, you almost scream, clutching onto taehyung’s arm when two familiar people pop in front of your way.

gasping, taehyung’s eyes widen at yours widening at his and the both of you are at lost for words.

“hey, thanks for coming out to support today,” you assume it’s jimin, the one that’s patting taehyung’s shoulder and taehyung frantically grips onto your hand tight, forcing out a, “n-no problem…”

“so, we were wondering, would you like to join us for a meal? we’re hungry and we could use some company along for some burgers. you down?”

taehyung gulps as he turns back to you and you’re avoiding their eyes until the two strangers laugh and that’s when you’re meeting with - “i’m jimin,”

“i’m jungkook,”

you feel like taehyung has lost his ability to speak and honestly speaking, you too. but you maange to point weakly at the fellow beside you, “h-he’s taehyung,”

“she’s y/n,” taehyung returns the favor and then jimin does something that completely blows taehyung’s mind away.

“well, taehyung, y/n. what do you say?”

taehyung looks at you for guidance, to which you just shrug and it’s all up to you. taehyung then carefully slips his hand from yours and nods at jimin, “s-sure,”

jimin extends his arm and looks at taehyung, as if it’s the most obvious thing ever but taehyung apparently forgets to function. carefully, you make taehyung step closer towards jimin and move taehyung’s arm for himself, placing a hand in jimin’s and jimin takes lead from there. when the two of them start walking first, taehyung looks over his shoulder with a strangled thank you!

you, on the other hand, have to struggle on your own when jungkook raises a brow at you, his smile curling up to his face as he offers his hand. shyly, your hand reaches forward and slips into his own. the warmth of his palm pressed to yours, his fingers holding onto yours tight with a sense of protection and safety you can’t quite put your finger on it. jungkook chuckles and tugs you lightly, leading the way, following behind jimin and taehyung.

taehyung didn’t even need to buy you burger and fries that night.

a cheerleader was going to do it for him.

((“oh, and y/n?”


“you’re pretty cute.” you try to return the compliment with cheeks blushing three shades darker, “likewise, jungkook. i mean, you were pretty cute-”

“i saw you staring at me. do i look that attractive to you?”

“you cocky little fuck.”))

Hello everyone! I totally did not expect the notes on my last post! Thanks! Anyways here is my fan-account:

Thursday July 23, 2015

So I was working at Sixflags Great America near the exit. I was looking at the guests that walked past me and smiled. Suddenly, a really good looking Asian guy walks by and then he looks around and meets up with a girl. He caught my interest because he looked so handsome and when I first saw him I thought that he looked like V.

I kept secretly stealing glances at them and was thinking “boy, he seriously looks like V, but that makes no sense. Plus he is sooooooo skinny and short”. I am 5′ 3“ and he seemed like he was only a couple inches taller than me (for some reason I thought that V would be reallllly tall). So I kept thinking to myself that he cant possibly be V and he just looks like him. I observed what he was wearing (a yellow hat, blue unbuttoned shirt with a shirt inside, and light blue jeans with the ripped fashion style) and I thought that V dresses like that. But I still did not think that this gorgeous look-alike was V.

He sits down on a bench right next to my stall with the girl. So I had the perfect angle to side view him. He was doing something on his phone. He took off his hat for a minute, and I must say that his hair was GORGEOUS! He also had a earring on his ear (which reminded me of V as well). Then another guy came and sat down next to them and started talking to the girl. (this all happened in the span of 3-4 minutes).

After about five minutes, he gets up and sits down on the bench in thats almost exactly in front of me and asks the girl to take pictures. He is doing a bunch of poses with the carousel in the background. Then he did a double v sign pose and I was like omg that is classic V. But im still not convinced. Then the two go back and sit on the bench next to my stall.

Im trying to think of reasons why V would be here (if that was actually him) and then I had an A-HA moment. BTS is performing in Rosemont tomorrow (Friday)! So they are here in Chicago today! Then I started freaking out (internally cause I was working). And i kept thinking to myself I gotta make sure that that is actually him. So I worked up my courage to go walk over and ask him.

So I went over (I was standing and he was sitting down) and said “excuse me”. He looked up at me (and I died a little inside) and said “yes”. I asked him “do you know what kpop is” and he said “yea”. And then I asked him “has anyone ever told you that you look like a kpop star called V from BTS” and he said “yea”. And then I started flipping out (again internally) and asked him “are you V from BTS” and he said “no” but I could tell that he was lying. Then my voice got really excited and I almost yelled to him “OMG you are V” and then the girl sitting next to him started laughing. (I think they were surprised I knew and spotted him). (btw his voice is pretty deep and soooo nice to listen to)

So then, I asked him if I could get his signature and he said “yes” but I dont think he understood me because I asked him if he had a pen and did the signing gesture and he said “oh no, no sign” and I was like “ok. can we take a picture” and he made a X with his hands and said “sorry no pictures” and I said “thats okay” so then I started walking away and said “bye” but then I remembered that I had to tell him something and turned around and almost screamed to him “by the way, you my favorite in BTS” and he gave me two thumbs up and a smile and I completely died and was smiling like a goof ball. They were there for another good 10 min ( I think they were waiting for a ride) and then they left (V, the woman and the man).

So yeah, thats it. I got REALLLY lucky and I thank God for this moment cause I was really depressed before cause I was supposed to hang out with my friends but then I had to work. So anyways, V is beautiful, really skinny, suprisingly short, can understand english fairly well, had a nice voice, and is realllly sweet! #blessed

sorry its so long! If you have any questions, just send me an ask! Thanks! :)

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what do you mean by silhouette? like jm trying to picture it out of foam but i just cant...

good timing on this message, anon; i was able to take some pictures of this part of the process today!

first part is making the “helmet”– i start with a band around the head

and then add foam to the top for the cranium and to the bottom for the jaw and whatnot

(the eyes will be cut out later, but the nose and mouth hole needed to be cut out now so i could make the area under the chin more form-fitting!)

aaand here! this is the silhouette step– it’s basically drawing the shape of the muzzle (and parts of the face, as needed) in a perfect side/profile view, cutting that out, and gluing it down along the center of the face. in this picture it’s only pinned on for placement, but it gets glued down after!

i hope that helps! i’ll be taking more pictures of my process as i go so if you have any more questions i’d be happy to answer them. C: