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the problem w/ twine is i keep coming back to ideas that, while i think are hilarious and worth exploring, are always kind of outlandishly involved. SAMPLES:

- you are putting together a viewing party for a LONG LOST FINAL EPISODE of a centuries/decades old television show. the snacks are perfect. the setting is perfect. but not everyone you’ve invited is on good terms anymore. there MIGHT be a fist fight? the episode might make your friends’ existing beef even worse, somehow? BUT MAYBE IT WILL BRING THEM TOGETHER. yeah. perfect. a+ logic there. 

- another INTERNET focused thing where you are some…. deeply troubled person trying to infiltrate/ruin a 90′s era message board dedicated to a long-running “home improvement” rp, either by befriending mods/sowing discord among existing players/learning to HACK????? 

the latter still feels like it’d be really fun to write but i think i have more to go on w/ the former, esp. given that…. i remember nothing about home improvement besides it being a thing i angrily sat through before the simpsons as a teenager


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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December Asks
  • Wind: What do you want to look like?
  • Frost: Do you believe in magic?
  • Empty Trees: Describe something, or someone, that comforts you.
  • Fat Birds: What age do you want to die at?
  • Gray Skies: What would you change about the physical world?
  • First Snow: Describe a favorite fantasy from when you were a kid.
  • Finals Week: What do you want to be when you "grow up"?
  • Minty Cocoa: Tell a story you love!
  • Evergreen Trees: Share a memory that shaped you.
  • Blizzard: Do you believe in soulmates?
  • Poinsettia: What winter movies or TV shows do you return to?
  • Candle Lit: Favorite books to read in December?
  • Arguing About Starbucks Cups: What issues matter to you?
  • Hymn: Are you spiritual?
  • Hearthside: Do you celebrate any rites of winter?
  • Solstice: Tell your perfect, utterly perfect, December day.

Yuuri and Victor did NOT break up

This is exactly whatt Kubo wants! A cliffhanger!

Kubo wants us to believe that Yuuri and Victor will end if and I repeat IF Yuuri loses. Let’s get real, Kubo wouldn’t do that. She does not intend to end their relationship because the show is about a healthy relationship!

Please relax they aren’t going to break up and Yuuri DEFINETELY still has a big chance of winning! We’ve seen him perform and how high he can score! He will be last most likely because the show will end off with his performance!

Victuuri will not break up, they want a cliffhanger before the big finale! Please don’t worry too much twe already no Victor ain’t taking that shit.

What Kubo does is give us a very happy episode, then fill us with angst and cliffhangers, then will leave us happy and fulfilled for the finale!

So stay calm because I KNOW and have faith that Yuuri will succeed in his last routine since he’s never perfected it. He will finally perfect it in the ending.

I’ll give a more definite explanation later about how he will win gold so stay tuned! :)


countdown to the end of extinction: [5/5] dino charge rangers » shelby watkins


that feel when your incorporeal Dark Lord cbf coming up with a Cool Villain Name for his least fav follower X)

based on this post, and because I can’t get over learning that Asmodean literally means “Musician” in the official Wheel of Time companion book, I’m still flipping out poor Asmo, this is why I love you

The greatest kept secret to achievement is also the most obvious: immediate action.

I started my final weight loss journey in November 2010 just a couple of weeks before the start of the holiday season with all its gatherings and opportunities for stuffing my face.

I could have told myself to wait for the perfect time but I’d been waiting for the perfect time my whole life and it never showed up.

I didn’t know exactly what to eat so I could have waited to research the perfect diet or system. But I couldn’t find it so I just started with a small tweak: no sugar.

What was my secret? I focused on the three habits that would produce the greatest results. I wasn’t perfect but I was moving. Sometimes the journey is two step forwards and one step back but slow progress is still progress.

Waiting is almost never the right choice. Starting small almost always is.

What is one thing you can change today? Be like that snowball rolling down the hill that becomes an avalanche.

Start small. End strong. You’ve got this.

…it was always about two men who found each other, formed a bond, became best friends who learned to love others, learned to love each other and are learning to love themselves.

the wisdom of @mouseymodesty 1-13-2017

something I concur with completely–and I hope that, in the end, it’s something the majority of the fandom can realize & appreciate as we wait to witness The Final Problem


I had an epiphany. I think that’s what it was. Oh yeah? Smoking a joint in a satellite dish. I can see those going together. All three actually.


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

but imagine being draco

you’ve spent your childhood hearing nothing but good things about the boy who lived. when you get your letter, you’re nervous and overjoyed and excited and anxious, knowing you’ll be going to school with THE BOY WHO DEFEATED THE DARK LORD. finally, you’re face to face, but you can’t show how scared you are of messing this up, so you act like your father. he never messes anything up. he’s perfect to you. but to a malfoy, perfection is in line with prejudice, and you automatically insult the only friend he’s ever had. he rejects you, and your friendship, and for a millisecond, it’s shown in your eyes how heartbroken you are, realizing there’s only one type of relationship you’ll ever have with harry potter.

Split - Kai Scenario. Part 1

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 2976

A/n: I’m finally uploading my new series. This has been in my drafts for almost a year and I’m finally ready to show it to everyone. Any kind of reviews (even just a word) is welcome as always <3


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When the alarm wakes you up you don’t even need to open your eyes to know that it’s still dark outside. But you have to get up right away. Even if it’s cold and the bed seems more inviting that ever. Your bedroom is illuminated only by streetlight, until you finally reach for flip the switch on the wall.

The sudden brightness blinds you temporarily and you keep rubbing your eyes, while searching for something warm to wear. You’ve been extremely cold lately. And you know it has nothing to do with the fall rolling over. Neither can you warm yourself with a sweatshirt or hot tea, which you still choose to drink seated by your kitchen island.

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Yuri’s Proposal

My brain has been thinking a lot since episode 7 came out so here’s what my dream marriage proposal between the two would be.

  • It would take place maybe 3 or 4 years after the events of the show that way they’d be settled into their relationship.
  • Yuri and Victor would have settled down in Hasetsu and have both pursed coaching together bringing skaters from all over just the chance to be taught by them.
  • Yuri of course is a nervous wreck about proposing but really wants to do it but struggles to find the perfect ring for Victor.
  • He finally finds the perfect ring, a white gold band with aquamarines’s embedded in it, the perfect stone that matches Victor’s eyes~
  • Yuri asked his composer friend for one last piece to be made for him. A piece that represented his and Victor’s love from the beginning till now. Filled with every emotion they’ve ever felt along the way. It’s titled “Love is Victory”.
  • After getting the music he practices in secret making a routine that uses segments from both Yuri on Ice and Stay Close to Me to signify the two of them becoming one through marriage.
  • The night Yuri decided to go through with his proposal he tells Victor he wants to go over a lesson for their students as a way to trick Victor into going with him to the rink with him.
  • “I made this for you.” Yuri cupping the side of Victor’s face bringing their foreheads together, running a thumb lightly over Victor’s bottom lip much like Victor had done to him those years ago. “Keep your eyes only on me.”
  • Yuri skating his heart out to this routine! This is the most important performance of his entire life! Putting his heart and soul into it, losing himself to the music as he thinks of all his and Victor’s precious memories. At the end he it knelling in front of Victor arm stretched out with the ring offered to him as he finally asks the question. 
  • For the first time in his life Yuri is not scared. He is not nervous or afraid of rejection because he knows Victor and he definitely knows Victor’s heart. He is confident and expresses this by looking right into Victor’s eyes. “Will you marry me, Victor?”
  • Victor is overwhelmed with emotion. The entire time he is watching Yuri his eyes don’t stray away for a second, he hasn’t even realized he had started tearing up halfway through the performance. There are even more tears once he realizes Yuri is proposing. His heart might burst from his chest!
  • He says yes in the most elegant way possible, by jumping the barrier and tackling Yuri down to the ice screaming yes about a million times.
  • The ring is a perfect fit and the two enjoy a long tearful kiss on the ice holding each other tight not wanting to let go for a second.
  • “You keep surprising me everyday Yuri…how do you keep doing that?”
  • “I had a really great coach.”
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review: Episode 16 (Finale)

That was the most perfect ending to the most perfect drama. Major congratulations to the actors, staff, and crew for portraying such a wonderful story in such an organic way. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo may have been one of the most underrated dramas of 2016-2017, but it was honestly one of the few dramas I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed from beginning to end.

This drama perfectly described the growing pains of youth. It taught us to value our friends and our relationships with our teachers, showed us that it’s okay drop everything and put yourself first, to treasure our parents, and to ask for and receive help from others. We saw the all the innocence and insecurities that come with finding your first love, saw how your friends can be there through thick and thin, and how easily and naturally you can fall for your best friend. It was a classic coming-of-age drama and I can’t rave about it enough.

Bok Joo/Joon Hyung: Look how far they’ve come! Bok Joo went from juggling her passion for weightlifting, falling in love for the first time, and being concerned about her femininity to joining the national team and winning, getting a (handsome) boyfriend, and learning that you can be feminine and a weightlifter. Joon Hyung (aka the most perfect kdrama guy to ever exist) went from battling his trauma and his relationship with his mother to overcoming them and falling for his best friend and making the national team. And he did it all with a smile on his face. The fact they talked about getting married at the end made me squeal, how adorable. I’ve laughed more than cried with these two and this couple and the word “chubs” will definitely hold a special place in my heart. 💞  Major props to Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung for a fantastic performance; I honestly think the fact that they’re so close in real life played a huge role in how natural their chemistry was on screen—especially in regards to the skinship.

Secondary Characters: For me, the secondary characters can sometimes make or break a drama. The parents/uncle (Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s), Nan Hee, Seon Ok, Tae Kwon, Shi Ho, Bok Joo’s coaches, Jae Yi and even Dr. Go, they were all such good characters. They all had such good and unique personalities and I enjoyed their antics and screen-time so much (especially Nan Hee, Seon OK and Tae Kwon)! It’s so rare to find a drama in which you enjoy nearly all the characters. And I know that Shi Ho was rough at first, but she wasn’t an a bad character; I quite liked her. They did so well in acknowledging mental health issues and how to seek help with her storyline. Also, I loved that Seon Ok and Tae Kwon were being all flirty at the end, I shipped it haha.

Pros: The writing is on point and the actors gave brilliant performances. The themes of friendship, youth, athleticism, and love (romantic and familial) are ever-present and portrayed realistically. The drama is not afraid to discuss mental illness and how one can approach getting help in a healthy way. It balances romance, comedy, and friendship perfectly; if I have to grade this drama, it’d be an A+.

Con: Hiring a model to portray a weightlifter in a drama based on an Olympic gold-medalist who looks nothing like her in body shape or size wasn’t appropriate, but it honestly didn’t bother me at all after the first episode because I think Lee Sung Kyung did brilliantly in this role. Plot wise, I don’t get why they rushed through Joon Hyung’s trauma and the back story of his relationship with his birth mother. I thought that they could have expanded on that a little bit more. Also, I thought it was kinda awkward that Coach Choi ended up with Professor Yoon and not Bok Joo’s uncle. Other than these very minor and inconsequential complaints, I thought this drama was perfect.

Drop an ask if you wanna discuss. I’ll definitely miss this drama.                              (Reviews Episode: 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 )

Everyone has a youth. A time that’s more beautiful because it’s awkward and clumsy, a time that shines brilliantly. A time when you’re not afraid of anything because you have nothing to lose, and a time when you’re excited because you can have anything, everything. That’s now, age 24, my youth. Although I’m still uneasy and nervous, I’m perfect without needing anything else.” -Kim Bok Joo

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You know, in a perfect series finale, I'd love to hear Jess singing again her "theme song", in my opinion it would be so sweet. Hoping this moment won't come soon though, we really need another season (if not more)

I agree. My perfect ending would be Jess sitting on the ottoman in front of the couch, just as in the pilot, but with all the gang together laughing and cheering- then Nick walking in with their newborn daughter (the new New Girl) in his arms. Show ends with everyone together, Jess humming her song as her and Nick move out of the loft with their new girl. Full circle!