perfect shot tbh

“There’s something so...” | Calum

 617 words | safe for work 

Hi i wrote something, i hope you guys like it! Feedback is always appreciated xx 


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Tell Me Something That I’ll Forget.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 11.5K+

Content: Bi!Lashton, polyamory (MFM dynamic), language, graphic content, sexual situations (anal sex, multiple partners, light spanking, orgasm denial, etc.)

A/N: I have returned and it feels so good to be back. This is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and it is notably different from what I’ve posted before. I had an idea of Chef Ashton and I’ve always wanted to explore polyamory within the bounds of fanfiction. This is what I came up with after about two months of messing around with it. Have an open mind if this is all new to you. Enjoy. :-)

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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some people are confused about what happened in One Shot, so i made this to clarify ur welcome 



Jordan Mains: Billy’s been my fighter for ten years. I know what’s best for him.

Maureen Hope: And I’ve been his wife for, like, a hundred. I know what’s better for him.

- Southpaw