perfect salary

my life might be shit but at least i didn’t graduate high school, get married (after only 7mo), enlist in the air force, deploy to nigeria, and get divorced in the span of a year like my 18yr old brother ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have 'em when you're young

Don’t wait until you’re old and your body is falling apart to try to have kids. Don’t put it off because you’re waiting for the perfect job, the perfect salary, the perfect house, the perfect life. The perfect time to have a kid doesn’t exist, but in waiting for it to come, you may end up with no time left at all.

I know we think 30 is the new 20 and 40 is the new 30 or whatever, but trust me. Your body isn’t fooled. You may be able to cover your greys and hide your laugh lines and exercise-diet-supplement your way to feeling good, but the fixes for your reproductive system are extremely expensive and in some cases more unsuccessful than successful.

I look at all my friends who are waiting, waiting, waiting, who’ve set goals to have their first when they’re 32, 33, 34… Don’t wait. It doesn’t get any easier. It only gets harder and more heartbreaking. We tell ourselves, “It won’t be me. It won’t be me. I’m so healthy. It won’t be me.”

It can be you, and the older you get, the more and more likely it will be you. With each passing month, you get closer to being one of the unlucky ones. If having children is important to you. If you can’t imagine your life without them. Don’t wait.

on a lighter note, while lurking around other things, I had this wonderful kidfic AU idea:

Tachibana Makoto is a preschool teacher whose life is shaken when his distant relative gets into an accident and ends up leaving their 5 years old son Nanase Haruka alone. Makoto watches as the other adults makes excuses to pass Haruka off to an orphanage. He takes it upon himself to take care of Haruka and raise him as his own child.

Yamazaki Sousuke’s perfect high-salary, fast-paced life gets turned upside down when Matsuoka Gou’s parents turns up on his doorstep 5 years after he broke up with her. She had his child, they said. Matsuoka Rin, a bright, energetic boy with his mom’s hair and eyes and almost nothing of Sousuke. But he’s certain Rin is his, too. Call it the blood link or anything. Rin is his child.

And then there comes the first day of preschool.

Sousuke goes inside to fetch his son. Only to see Rin crying at the playground, shouting “But Haru!!!”

That’s where it starts.

aka a fic where Sousuke is Rin’s papa and Mako is Haru’s adoptive dad and Rin has the biggest crush on Haruka. Also where Sousuke gets overly protective of Rin and maybe glares at Haruka a lot. And where Makoto uses all his skills to help Haru and Rin adapt to their new lives.