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Sadie Hawkins

Liam Evans (Genderbent Lily Evans) played by: @son-0f-a-snitch

Siri Black (Genderbent Sirius Black) played by: @sirussly

*Jamie and Siri sit in the Gryffindor Commonroom*

Liam: *descends the stairs, passing the two*

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Prompto just wants a pretty picture of you with a pretty flower. It's such a rare opportunity to see that side of you.

Fine. Here.

shit his fucking smile

not to be dramatic or anything but i really want a sugar daddy/sugar baby plot where the muse a is “ happily ” married ceo of a big company with shit tons of money and muse a goes out to a local bar just to chill when they meet muse b. ofc they hit it off and go in muse a’s car and fuck all night and in the morning muse a offers muse b a proposition, if muse b agrees to be muse a’s mistress then muse a will give muse b anything they want starting their sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. it’s all good until muse a sees muse b all over another guy and looses it and gets into a huge fight with muse b that ends with muse a fucking muse b up against his car and yea gimmie this smut i need sneaky around and sexting while around his wife nd getting him riled up like yes pls thank u 

i also really want a sugar baby/ sugar daddy plot/ gang leader/princess  plot, muse a is the leader of a notorious gang that’s known all over. muse a is looked up to by everyone. his sugarbaby , muse b, is always by their side making them feel better and distressed. that could lead to rough sex anywhere and everywhere in their house or simply just cuddling or even muse b showing off their new lingerie that muse a bought them just for being a good lil babe i just want a badass givin spanks to his cute lil princess pls n thank u 

i really want a poly sugar baby / sugar daddy plot , just imagine muse a and muse b are happily married looking for some excitement in their life. that’s why they sign up for some random hookup site and find muse c. they were both immediately drawn to muse c and wanted them to ‘ join ‘ their relationship. muse a is on the fence a little but with some convincing from muse c they finally are on board. muse a and muse b pamper muse c like their sweet baby ,nd fuck the shit outta them all the time ,and this could just be full of smut and fluff and angst nd maybe a baby along the way but that depends 

if you are interested please im me i have so much muse for these !! any of these can be m/m or f/f or f/m  !!

Picture Perfect - Nick Robinson


“Could you write a Nick Robinson one where y/n and Nicks Parents are good friends and y/n is super protective over her sketchbook and does not let anyone look in it (because she’s been drawing Nick - she thinks he’s taken). But then Nick finds y/n sleeping with the sketchbook left wide open. The rest is up to you”

I was not opposed to noise, I just simply preferred to work in silence.

My fingers danced quickly across the plain piece as I gripped the lead pencil tightly in my long fingers.

My eyes carefully watched each action as the small stick created beautiful lines and shades on the empty page, the image slowly coming to life with every stroke.

Smiling with pride I glanced at the half drawn image, another beautifully accurate illustration of Nick.

Some would say I was obsessive; if they were to take a look into my sketchbook and peer at the images I had recreated with nothing but a pencil and my own slender hands. I would simply justify that I knew how to capture a piece of art when I had seen it, and trust me ;he was a piece of art.

“Y/N are you almost ready? We need to leave!” My mothers shrill call broke me from my lucid state, my hands quickly dropping the pencil and slamming the book shut, imprisoning the pages and works of art. 

They were for my eyes only.
I loosely slipped on my jacket and shoved my sketch book into my bag, slinging it lazily over my shoulder and exiting the room.

We were heading to my mothers best friends house, Denise Robinson.

“Come in, come in! Ah y/n, so lovely to see you” Denise shut the door softly behind me, her smile blinding as she took my jacket and reached for my bag.

“Oh no, it’s okay, I’ll Keep hold of this!” My voice was rushed and my heart thumped harder in my chest. No way could anyone get a hold of my sketchbook. Especially not Nicks mother!

She nodded, a smile still on her face as she looked at me. She was always so happy, how?

“Go on up, Nick’s in his room” she turned and left with my mother, leaving me at the bottom of the stairs; contemplating my next move.
Gripping my bag tighter I began up the stairs, my movements sluggish and tired as I pushed on.

I thought of all the times I had been to Nicks house, in Nicks room. I thought back to my book full of drawings of Nick, what would his girlfriend think?

Girlfriend. The word rang in my head as I moved upwards, almost at the top. I had never shown any one my drawings and i would definitely never show Nick, he’d think I was obsessed and his girlfriend would most definitely hate me. I mean, how stupid would I look? Obsessing over a taken guy? perfect.

Reaching the top i knocked softly on his wooden door, the sound echoing slightly on the empty landing. After minutes of no answer I pushed the door open slightly, the room was also empty.
Upon entering I heard the soft patter of the shower and walked in further.

Slipping off my shoes I sat down on his large bed and decided to wait. Pulling out my sketchbook I turned the pages slowly and admired each drawing I had done, they hardly captured the beauty that Nick was but it was pretty darn close.

My eyes grew heavy after 7 minutes but I powered on, the sketchbook gripped tightly in my hands as I took in the images. The images blurred together as i slowly but surely let sleep lure me in.
The sound of turning pages woke me up. My eyes opened rapidly and my hands gripped around me in a desperate attempt to get hold of my book. No, no, no!

I jumped slightly when I noticed the tall figure sitting  in front of me on the bed. His dark hair was damp and he was clad in a pair of slim sweats and a random band shirt. It wasn’t until I spotted the large book resting open In his Palms that I felt sick, my body freezing as my heart pounded harder than ever before.

“Nick I-” my voice caught in my throat, this was never supposed to happen! He’ll think I’m crazy!
“Y/n these.. Wow!” His own eyes caught me own in their gaze and I was shocked at how amazed he looked. I moved closer to sit next to him, the both of us looking down at the covered pages, Nicks face splattered across most of them.

“I’m sorry I-” I couldn’t finish what I was saying, his head already snapping to look at me.
“Are you kidding me!? These are amazing!” Our faces were close, too close. I would have felt overwhelmed with pride if our faces weren’t Inches apart, his minty breathe fanning over my face ever so slightly.

“Nick..” My lips were captured in his own, the movement fast and breathtaking. I was shocked, my chest tightening as I moved my lips against his own. Was this really happening? Oh my

I pushed his shoulders away from me, face red as I looked him dead in the eyes.
“We can’t! You-Your girlfriend!” I was mortified, how could I have done that?
“Girlfriend? Y/N what are you talking about?”
“wait, what?” He didn’t have a girlfriend??
My cheeks heated up in embarrassment, I just ruined it!

“I thought- I just assumed you have one okay?” My voice was timid as I refused to look at him, his hearty chuckle making me feel even worse. He was laughing at me!
His long fingers gripped my chin loosely, pulling my face to look at his own, eyes lighting up and crinkling as his smile widened. He was truly a masterpiece.

Shaking his head slightly he leaned down once more, his lips growing closer as my heart harshly hammered at my rib cage, what was happening!?

Capturing my lips in his own once again my mind emptied and I began to feel light, like I was floating. Our lips moved sweetly against one another’s and he smiled cheekily into the kiss, was i even doing this right? I didn’t care, I was on top of the world.

Not even the greatest artist could capture the beauty in this picture perfect moment.

HI IM AM BACK!! I am finally posting again and I am finally free from school and all things in the way of writing for 10 weeks. My goal for the summer is to improve my writing and post a lot more so
Stay tuned:)

This was a request I got a while ago, I hope you enjoyed it:) it’s shorter than I wanted buttttt, i tried. let me know what you think! (Excuse the mistakes - unedited) 

Our Night // C


The night was going so perfect to Travis. And hopefully it was going great for Zane too. The two males were just returning from their 5th date out by the beach, having eaten at a nice seafood place and going out to a pier nearby. Nothing went wrong, everything was so enjoyable and beautiful. They even hung around to watch the sun sink down into the water before calling it for the night.

Now they were back on their street, hands tentatively holding one another, Travis sparing lingering glances at the other before warming and smiling happily. He could see them getting closer to Zane’s house and he turned to the other male after some time of warm silence.

“So, did you enjoy your time?”

Pitch Perfect Sentence Starters

“I ate my twin in the womb.”
“I set fires to feel joy.”
“I like to watch babies cry.”
“I like it when pretty boys dress up in drag and perform for me.”
“I was born with gills like fish.”
“Do you want to see a dead body?”
“I’m horizontal running.”
“You have a fat heart, and that’s what matters.”
“You’re gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your (man) boobs are gonna concave.”
“If we let them penetrate us, we are giving them our power!”
“Not a good enough reason to use the word ‘penetrate.’”
“I have a feeling we should kiss.”
“Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?”
“Sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not.”
“A-ca-scuse me?”
“You are awesome… ly horrible. I hate you. Kill yourself.”
“ I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously.”
“You’re really drunk right now. I don’t think you’re gonna remember any of this.”
“ No, I’m not drunk at all. You’re just blurry.”
“It’s like when my doctor told me not to have sex for six weeks, and I did it anyway.”
“ Damn. Prison changed you.”
“Well, at least it’s not herpes. Or do you have that as well?”
“I can’t concentrate on anything you’re saying until you cover your junk.”
“ His butt is so tiny that I can hold it with, like, one hand.”
“ Excuse me bitch, you don’t need to shout.”
“ Don’t worry, it’s just God punishing you ‘cause you’re a ginger.”
“Don’t just bring it, sing it, and let’s do this.”
“Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.”
“Give me the sharp weapon, I wanna put it up his butt!”
“Yeah, no don’t put me down for cardio.”
“Huh. Not a dude. It’s not a dude.”
“This ginger needs her jiggle juice!”
“Wanna do something else? We could re-live my parents’ divorce. Or visit a gynecologist.”
“Leave it. It fuels my hate fire.”
“The kraken has been unleashed! Feel the fat power!”
“You are probably the grossest human being I have ever met.”
“Here’s your official rape whistle! Don’t blow it unless it’s actually happening!”
“I’m willing to sign breasts!”
“Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don’t take it personally. It’s just easier.”

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