perfect role models

[Joining team flash] gave me and Grant a chance to start a heavy bromance. I was actually campaigning for Julian to get with Barry or have some sort of a man crush. I called the writers and said, “Wouldn’t it be a really cool storyline that he’s actually got a secret crush on Barry?” They didn’t go for it. Or not yet anyway.
—  Tom Felton at ECCC2017 Q&A panel (x)

compliment sentence starters.

’ you always know how to find that silver lining. ’
’ has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? ’
’ you have the whitest teeth! you’ve got a hollywood smile! ’
’ you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve seen before. ’
’ i love your hair so much, it’s so pretty. ’
’ you have the best laugh in the universe. ’
’ you always dress so fabulous! you’ve got so much style! ’
’ you’re the best at anything and everything you do. ’
’ you are the smartest person i know! ’
’ sometimes i wonder why you’re my friend. ’
’ you’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. ’
’ you always seem to have a solution for any problem. ’
’ you are the most attractive person i’ve had as a friend. ’
’ anything looks good on you! you’re perfect! ’
’ you always make the days a little brighter for people. ’
’ you’re like, really loved and adored, despite what you think. ’
’ anyone would be lucky to have you as a girl/boyfriend. ’
’ you’re going to make the best parent one day. ’
’ one day, you’re going to make someone so happy. ’
’ ever since i met you, i’d been the happiest i’ve ever been. ’
’ you are the perfect role model. ’
’ you deserve an award or something, you’re that great. ’
’ you did so good on that art work the other day! ’
’ that speech was phenomenal, left me speechless. ’
’ you’ve got an amazing face and i just want to stare at it all. ’
’ i could stare at you all day and never get tired. ’
’ you are the better looking out of the two of us. ’
’ you’re the smarter one out of the two of us. ’
’ you always smell so good. what perfume is that? ’
’ i’ll only get a make over, if you’re the one who does it. ’
’ i’d trust you with my life any day. ’
’ you have the biggest heart out of everyone i’ve ever met. ’
’ you are just the sweetest person ever. ’
’ you are so creative! i could never be that original. ’
’ your ideas are so beautiful and original, i love them. ’
’ you really do make a fantastic meal, the best i’ve ever had. ’
’ this is so delicious, oh my god, you’re amazing. ’
’ you do not need make up to look beautiful, you were blessed. ’
’ why does everything you buy fit you so well? ugh. ’
’ you give me so much inspiration. ’
’ you inspire me so much, i’ve always looked up to you. ’

starryinkart  asked:

Why are you so amazing, and cute, and perfect?! You are a role model for me! Right up there with Jack, Mark, CQ, AlainaPrana, Xedramon, and Lin-Manuel Miranda! Also, I'm very tired, so most of this message probably doesn't make sense. But yeah. You're awesome.

It’s always very surreal that some people put me up there with Jack and Mark. Those dudes are fucking awesome and a huge inspiration to me. It means a lot that I can do as much for you as they can. Thank you :) I’m just glad I can make some smiles happen!

pandoracoulter  asked:

You shouldn't have to change the way you are just because people are stupid. Cunt punch and run man.


But a lot of people from my audience are literally children, and their sarcasm-meter is nonexistant.

Fair enough. I’ll tone down a bit the jerk-ish answers I give. And make it clear when is sarcasm lol.

I know os not my fault that they’ don’t get sarcasm and is not my fault they’re so young. But I guess, that to be fair, I’m the one that has to look after that and avoid any issues.

A lot of people look up to me and want me to be the perfect role model they think I am.

I’m anything but perfect. I don’t plan to be.

Last year I was just some random gurl making silly videos on youtube and all of sudden I gotta take care of a fandom (that’s almost half a million holy crap) I’ve never had that many eyes onto what I do and say. Guess it also goes on your tolerance with me and how I am.

A lot of people see youtubers not as persons but as idols, which is wrong. You gotta understand a lot of us are normal human beings trying to make content for your entertainment. We have our faults and I’m not gonna be the kind of ass that hides them. I’m stubborn af sometimes. I’m also not gonna be the kind of jerk that blocks everyone who criticizes me for what I say or do. I’m all ears to criticism.

But as I’m trying to change for good here, I guess you guys could also put a little more of effort from your part and be patient and comprehensive with me. In June I’ll have my first anniversary as a youtuber, I’m pretty new to this stuff.

So yeah.

Mah name’s Jeff.


“I stay away from the title of ‘role model.’ I want to be a more realistic role model — not a perfect Barbie role model. Like, I’m myself, and I’m not pretending to be perfect, ever. I don’t ever want people to think that I ever want to try to be perfect. I want to encourage people to be themselves and express themselves however they want.”

100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell

Phil’s appreciation post

The main point of this is to show that we should love and appreciate him whatever the situation. So without further ado, here are 100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell a.k.a. @danisnotonfire! Feel free to add to the list!

  1. His name is so bloody British and I love it.
  2. He’s British and so has a British accent.
  3. He has the warmest eyes on the planet.
  4. He is a soft squish…
  5. …but also really fucking hot.
  6. He fits perfectly into the “get a man who can do both” scheme in every way possible.
  7. He is patient.
  8. He is really fucking kind, loving and affectionate.
  9. His sarcasm is on point.
  10. He’s the ultimate memelord…
  11. …but he is a human who feels human emotions and has human thoughts.
  12. He has a better origin story than Batman.
  13. He is intelligent.
  14. He is also really fucking creative.
  15. He has a wide range of talents…
  16. …including being a great actor, singing and playing piano.
  17. He is consistently loyal.
  18. He is unapologetic in who he is and what he thinks.
  19. Even when he hated himself, he didn’t try to change himself in anyway.
  20. He is aware of his limitations and has not a drop of arrogance.
  21. His hair always looks good, whether straight, hobbity, in a quiff or just unnecessarily long.
  22. He was the cutest foetus, and is now the cutest man.
  23. He has taught me more about life in less than a year than I’ve learned anywhere else.
  24. He has shown so much wisdom and so many well-thought-out ideas…
  25. …and god knows how many more he has.
  26. Basically he’s the wisest man I’ve ever met at the young age of 25.
  27. He is honest and expressive about who he is.
  28. He has stuck with us since 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.
  29. He deserves the world, but I don’t remember the last time he asked us or anyone for anything.
  30. He has a great sense of humour.
  31. He is relatable and understands how people think.
  32. He is open to diversity in society and ideals in every topic area.
  33. His best friend is the world’s other leading sweetheart, Philip Michael Lester.
  34. Together they are the sun and the moon (who’s who, I’ll let you decide).
  35. Together they’ve done so much and pushed the boundaries, which include:
  36. - Writing two books full of memories and good-natured banter, which you can tell were made straight from the heart.
  37. - Making a game together.
  38. - Doing an original long-term radio show on BBC Radio 1.
  39. - Writing a script for a full-scale stage show.
  40. - Taking that stage show around the world to meet as many of their fans as possible.
  41. - Making that stage show and its development into two movies.
  42. I literally could go on for hours about what they’ve done together, which is a feat in itself and deserves to be its own reason.
  43. Basically they are YouTube’s Power Duo, as acclaimed by the King of YouTube himself.
  44. They’ve been best friends for over seven years, and roommates for about five (as of the date this post was published).
  45. They are totally identical and yet total opposites.
  46. You get the idea, they are friendship goals is what I’m saying.
  47. He never uses clickbait - all his titles and thumbnails are completely relevant to the video’s content/purpose…
  48. …which is not the same for most YouTubers or internet stars, which makes him even more special.
  49. He has brown hair. (This is a matter of personal preference, but brown hair is hot, okay? Don’t kinkshame me.)
  50. He is a nerd, and nerds are cool.
  51. He encourages weirdness.
  52. He appreciates the art form and subculture that is video-gaming.
  53. He loves and appreciates anime…
  54. …and is generally a massive weeaboo.
  55. He has dimples, really deep ones at that.
  56. His smile lights up a dark room…
  57. …as does his laugh.
  58. While he can be a kinky lil shit, he is also the purest man I’ve ever known.
  59. He has freckles.
  60. His collarbones, thighs and arms are ∞/10 (let’s be real though, everything is).
  61. He understands irony, which in this generation is a necessary life skill.
  62. He has inspired creativity and art.
  63. He has great taste in music.
  64. His obsession with shibes is my aesthetic.
  65. His aesthetic is on point.
  66. He is kind of a devil but also an angel (thought I’d mention this on no. 66).
  67. He’s so affectionate and expressive, you have no idea.
  68. He is never afraid to stand up for who he loves…
  69. …or what he thinks is right.
  70. Basically he cares more about justice than his own reputation, I wish more people were like that.
  71. He is honest.
  72. He is good with animals and loves dogs.
  73. He has saved millions of lives, including mine.
  74. Very few people have achieved the above point at all in history…
  75. …and he did it with just a laptop, a camera and wit…
  76. …and he did it in less than a decade. Tell me he’s not a hero.
  77. He makes an active effort to interact with us by hosting weekly liveshows and responding to our tweets.
  78. He is able to joke about his mistakes and insecurities.
  79. He is able to discuss death and existentialism.
  80. He’s over 6ft tall. (What? Tall people are another one of my kinks. Don’t lie to me, you can relate and you know it.)
  81. He’s brought people together and inspired friendship and love.
  82. He’s really fucking brave.
  83. He isn’t one to kinkshame people.
  84. He calls himself jealous, but was he jealous when Phil won Creator of the Year at the BONCAs? Hell, no. He was happier that Phil won it than he would have been if he himself had won it.
  85. Phil called him up on stage to share the award with him but at the end he still said “Phil Lester, everyone!” and in doing so was still giving Phil full credit.
  86. If he’d won that award, we all know that he would have called Phil up just like Phil did to him.
  87. Basically he’s really fucking selfless.
  88. He’s not afraid to show what he has/feels against society and labels. That takes guts.
  89. He isn’t one to get involved in drama, and when he does it’s for the right reason.
  90. He’s donated thousands of pounds to charity, including 100% of the profits from The Internet Is Here.
  91. He cowrote and featured in a chart-topping single with Phil, The Internet Is Here.
  92. He doesn’t underestimate us, or anyone else.
  93. He doesn’t undervalue us either, he really loves and cherishes us.
  94. He has always persevered, whether dealing with bullying or self-esteem issues or pressure from work/uni.
  95. He is very civilised and cultured.
  96. He has worked very hard on every single project he’s ever engaged, whether it be a BBC documentary or a stage show or just a casual video.
  97. He handles negativity extremely well.
  98. He is the literal antonym of the term ‘sell-out’.
  99. He’s learned not to give a fuck about how people perceive him, which is something many people never learn.
  100. He is everything and more that we could ask of anyone, and is the perfect role model/idol. We need more people like him to exist, and I love him to the bottom of my heart.
  101. 100 reasons doesn’t even begin to cover why we should love Daniel James Howell, but it’s a start.

Hey hey hey!!

I know you’re probably sick of me and my fics by now ‘cause there are too many but I was thinking about how today is Yousef’s free day and how he has Sana’s number now and how I’m dying to see him with kids and I had too many feelings that I had to write this. 

It’s not complete though, I’ve written a second part. And if you like this I can post it later or tomorrow. I just didn’t want to post the whole thing because it was too long and I didn’t want to bore you. 

So again, it’s a mix between text messages and fic. Sorry  about the mistakes that might be there but as you know, english is not my first language.

I hope you like it!


She took a moment to process everything.

Yousef had just asked her out. Yes, it was to go watch a kids play but still, he had asked her out. He had even offered to go to her house and talk with her mom.

Her mom. She had heard her on Sunday telling Elias that she didn’t like Sana and Yousef spending so much time together. She was going to freak out when Sana told her that she wanted to go out with him. And as charming as Yousef was, which was a lot, she wasn’t sure that he would be able to convince her.

After choosing carefully her outfit, something nice but not too nice so her mom wouldn’t suspect, she went to the kitchen to find her mom and Elias there. Elias, she wasn’t counting on him being there.

“Hey habibti, you look really nice today. Are you planning on going out?”

So much for not wanting to make her suspect. Well done, Sana.

“Yeah, yeah, I was actually coming to ask you if I could go out”

“Are you meeting Noora?” her mom asked

“Um…no, not Noora.”

“Who then?”

“Well…”Sana looked at her brother who was focused on texting someone. She didn’t feel very comfortable telling her mom her plans with him there.

“Sana, you know we don’t have secrets in this family. Whatever you want to tell me, you can say it in front of your brother” her mom said following Sana’s look. “Besides, he’s not even listening, are you Elias?”

“I am listening, I just don’t really care” he said still looking at his phone

“Whatever…okay…well, I have this friend” Sana started “who works in a kindergarten”

“Okay, now I’m interested” Elias said putting away his phone and giving her sister all the attention, he knew exactly where this was going.

Sana gave him a death glare before continuing

“Yeah, well, the kids there are performing today, some kind of play. And he has a spare ticket and asked me if I wanted to go”

“He?” Sana’s mom asked “Who’s he? Is it Isak?”

“No, no, no, not Isak…” she took a deep breath trying to find the right words, when actually there was only one word that needed to be said, one name. “He’s…well…he’s…”

“Come on, sis! I know you can” Elias teased her.

“It’s Yousef, isn’t he?” her mom asked frowning

“Well…yeah…he is”

“Sana…You know I like Yousef and I know he’s a good kid but…I don’t know if I want you spending so much time with you…with the whole drinking thing and so on…”

“But mom, he doesn’t drink. He told you, the bottle wasn’t his”

“Well, he wouldn’t tell me if it was”

“Mom, trust me, the bottle wasn’t his. He doesn’t drink. He’s a good guy, you know him, you’ve known him for years. And we’re just friends, we’re going to watch a kids play. That’s it”

“If it’s a plan for friends, why wouldn’t he ask Elias instead of you?”

“’Cause Elias doesn’t like kids”

“Neither do you Sana”

“I like kids…sometimes”

“I don’t know Sana…I don’t like the idea of you two being alone”

“We won’t. There are going to be parents and teachers”


“Would it help if he told you all of this himself? If you heard this from him?”

Just as she finished her sentence, someone knocked at the door front.

“’Cause he’s here…”

Mrs. Bakkoush took a deep breath and closed her eyes trying to calm down.

“Elias, please, open the door”

He stood up and went to the front door and opened it. In front of him there was a very nervous Yousef. He was wearing a white shirt and nice jeans and no snapback at all.

“Dude, what are you wearing?” Elias said laughing at his friend

“Not helping” Yousef said brushing past him.

He entered the kitchen followed by Elias. His eyes went straight to Sana, she looked beautiful, but that wasn’t a surprise, she always looked beautiful.


“Hi” she said looking at him the same way she always did, with loving eyes.

“Good afternoon Mrs Bakkoush” Yousef said to her mom “I guess Sana has told you why I’m here”

“Indeed, she has and frankly Yousef I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“I know, and I respect that but please let me try to convince you”

“Go ahead” she sighed

“…”he took a deep breath preparing to tell her the speech he had been rehearsing in his way there “I know you don’t like the idea of Sana and me spending time alone, but the thing is we won’t be alone. There will be a lot of adults, parents, teachers and so on. Even my aunt, she works there, so she’ll be there. The kids have worked so hard for this play and I think Sana will like it and the kids are going to love her. See, I really admire Sana as a person, I think she’s kind and strong and she’d be a perfect role model to the kids there and they could learn a lot from her, so I would love them to meet her. And she’ll be back here as soon as the play ends, we can come home straight from there. You can even call the headmaster of the kindergarten if you feel more comfortable. I just…I don’t know what else to say…but if you still don’t think it’s a good idea, like I told Sana, I’ll respect that and go alone”

Both Sana and her mom looked at Yousef in awe. The boy was definitely charming, the things he had said about Sana had convinced her mom without even doubt it. Still, she kept thinking about it.

“Come on mom, cut them some slack, you know they’re both responsible people” Elias said trying to help.

“At what time does the play start?” Mrs. Bakkoush asked


“And how long is it?”

“Not longer than an hour I guess”

“Okay” she sighed “you can go Sana”

“Really? Thank you mom!” she said hugging her

“Thank you so much Mrs. Bakkoush” Yousef said

“You have to be here at 7pm, though” she told her daughter

“7 pm? But the play ends at 5 pm…that’s two hours” Sana said confused

“Well, the boy came all the way here to talk to your mom, the least you can do is invite him to an ice-cream after the play don’t you think?”

“Sounds fair to me” Yousef said with a big smile.


Well, this is the first part. The second part is about the play and the kids and so on. Let me know if you want me to post the second part

I’ve just noticed that there’s a mistake in one of the messages, it should say “they gave me two tickets” and it says “the”. Sorry about that

Also! This is especially dedicated to my friend @sterekwonders We were talking the other day about how cute it would be if Yousef went to talk to the bakkoush’s family about his relationship with Sana. I know this isn’t exactly what we talked about but still, it made think of you. 

Well, I hope you all like this

Thank you for reading and let me know if you would like to read the second part

Edited: here’s part 2

An open letter to all Supergirl fans...

Before you read, warning, this is a very long open letter to the Supergirl fandom. Please reblog if you agree with me. Also, if any hate is spread on this post, don’t think I will think twice about blocking and possibly reporting you. This post will NOT be a platform or vessel for hate in any way.

Recently, I’ve been looking around Tumblr and I’ve been seeing some serious hate being spread based on some differences of opinions. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we are all Supergirl fans. If you are, please read on.

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Toafo Uhila

Hey, Kat! It’s my birthday! Have a fic!


Their first meeting goes something like this:

It starts with a chūnin in a sandy village trying desperately to not die of boredom. It starts with a beautiful blond leaning up against a wall, dressed in casual clothing and watching the night life as it bustles around them. It starts with a drunk jōnin swaggering over and pinching the other’s ass, earning a yelp from the blond. “Very nice ass, sugar,” he slurs out and leans in to try and get a kiss, only to receive a fist to his face. He staggers back, dropping his bottle and reaching up to clutch at his now freely bleeding nose. His friends immediately leap to his aid, coming up in a defensive formation.

“How dare you,” the blond hisses and the hitai-ate with a leaf engraved on it gleams in the moonlight. Through his drunken haze, the jōnin staggers forward and raids the pouch on his thigh for a kunai, raising it high. Pale, white light glints off of the blade and the blond rolls his eyes.

“That is quite enough. I do believe I’ve warned you before, Eiji.” A redhead lands gracefully on the ground, lips drawn into a thin, unimpressed line. There’s a large gourd on his back and what looks like gold sand is spilling out from the opening at the top. “Consider yourself in quite a bit of trouble.” The blond shivers slightly, enjoying the glide of the redhead’s voice as it forms each word. Opposing village or not, it’s a silky smooth tone that he, if he was being completely honest with himself, wouldn’t mind murmuring filthy things into his ear.

Eiji snarls and takes a step forward, spitting out, “Look here, you—” but his friends quickly drag him into the nearest shadows and the redhead turns to the blond.

“You are well, no?” the redhead asks. “Perhaps you shouldn’t venture into things that you can’t handle.” Never mind. He wants to spike the other in the face. Preferably with the nearest, heaviest, sharpest object he can find.

The blond twitches slightly, the vein in his jaw spasming. “I,” he begins and it’s perfectly polite, a thin undertone of agitation gliding just underneath the surface, “am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.” The unspoken ‘asshole’ does not go unheard.

“Well then,” redhead says and the amusement in the tone makes the blond want to murder him right then and there, “I shall let you take care of yourself, then.” And with that, he’s gone, the sand below him swallowing up his form.

“You absolute asshole,” the blond spits, scowling at the now empty spot.

“Hey, kiddo!” The blond spins on his heel and turns the vicious glare on the now approaching male.

Yes?” he grinds out through clenched teeth.

Jiraiya raises his hands in the universal sign of surrender and smiles like he isn’t facing a pissy blond. “You ready for the exams?”

Minato’s scowl morphs into a sharp smile that’s little more than teeth. “Oh, yes.”

And that was the end of their first meeting.


Their second meeting kinda goes like this:

Minato actually does get around to punching the redhead in the face.

“That wasn’t nice,” the redhead slurs and his voice is still amazing, even with a severely bleeding nose. It’s not quite as smooth as usual, just slightly rough due to him pinching his nose to stop the blood from getting all over his jōnin vest, but it’s still enough to make Minato shiver with need.

He’s only a newly minted jōnin himself, but the blond is certain that with both the Hiraishin and his Rasengen, he can take on the world. Maybe.

“Yes, well,” he returns, coolly, “maybe you shouldn’t startle me while I am making seals.”

The redhead rolls his eyes and curls healing chakra around his nose, snapping it back into place with a rather sickening crack.

Minato’s lips twitch up just slightly. He had actually broken the other’s nose with the force of his punch. That had been one of the most satisfying things he’s done in quite a while. “I do apologize,” redhead drawls, sounding anything but apologetic and Minato barely resists the urge to leap to his feet and punch him again.

“Liar,” he mutters under his breath, mentally cursing his weakness for smooth voices.

The other still hears him. “I’m hurt, pretty.”

He raises his fist and shakes it just slightly. “Call me pretty again….” Minato hisses and trails off, blue eyes gleaming with promised death.

“Very well.” the redhead says, raising his hands in surrender. “I shall see you later….pretty.” And then he’s gone, leaping over the rooftops before the blond can retaliate.

“You son of a bitch!” Minato bellows after him, fury painting every single word. He sinks back down to the ground and picks up his brush, mentally vowing to make the other pay.

He still doesn’t know the redhead’s name.

That was the end of their second meeting.


Their third meeting goes a little like this:

Minato’s smile is like death, all thin and evil with his lips pulled back to reveal far more teeth than psychically possible. The redhead in front of him shivers slightly and takes a step back, understandably wary. “Good evening,” the blond says, smile widening even further.

“Ah, uh, good evening, pretty?” It’s definitely phrased like a question and Minato’s eyes slide closed into little ‘U’s when the redhead takes a step back. The other shinobi in Konoha’s bathhouse, the ones who know about Minato’s vicious temper, carefully sidle out of the blond’s line of sight. They have no interest in being caught up in the explosion.

“Duck,” Minato purrs out. The redhead blinks confusedly at him for a moment and then yelps when the blond punches him in the face, again, as hard as he can.

“The fuck was that for?” he slurs out, clutching at his freely gushing nose.

“I did warn you about calling me 'pretty’,” the blond says easily, dropping his towel and sliding into the water.

“Honestly,” a third voice complains and Minato glances up when Orochimaru steps into the hot spring. A dark glare is all that’s needed to clear the entire place out, leaving just the three of them in the water and the Sannin relaxes with a sigh. An evil smirk flickers over their lips. “I hope you realize, Namikaze, that I will not be explaining to sensei if this becomes an international incident.”

Minato’s smirk is just as sinister. “Well then, Orochimaru-sama,” he says sweetly, “if you won’t say anything, then I won’t tell sensei about you spending lots of, ah, time with Hatake-sama.” He grins innocently when Orochimaru slips underneath the water, surfacing with a loud splutter. “Oops, was that supposed to be a secret? So sorry,” the blond coos, not sounding the least bit sorry.

“You!” the Sannin splutters, coughing as they spit out a mouthful of water.

“Should I come back later?” the redhead asks, looking like he wants to be anywhere but here at this exact moment. There’s a crack as he snaps his nose back into place for the second time in a row.

“I will string you up by your balls and feed you your own liver if you so much as twitch,” Minato says, a blue eye flickering to glance at the other.

The redhead scowls. “I don’t even know your name,” he complains.

“Oh? So sorry. I should give it to you, then.”


Minato shrugs. “I don’t know yours.”

Orochimaru heaves a ragged sigh and drops their head into their hands. “You punched a Suna jōnin without ever learning their name. Great. Just fucking great. And here I was hoping Jiraiya hadn’t managed to infect you.”

A beaming smile is his answer and the blond leans back against the edge of the pool, basking in the warmth of the water and the sunlight. “Sensei has been nothing but a perfect role model,” he says, the very picture of innocence.

“That’s…that’s what I was afraid of,” the Sannin breathes weakly, looking very much like they wish they had access to alcohol at this very moment. They sigh and drag a hand over their face, shoving dark hair out of golden eyes.

The redhead takes the chance to bolt for the entrance; he abandons his clothing and escapes wearing nothing but a towel, yes, but at least he makes it out alive and in one piece. Konoha shinobi, he thinks, shivering at the howl of rage that echoes behind him, are insane.

And that was the end of their third meeting.


Their fourth meeting is explosive:

Rasa’s in the middle of speaking with two other jōnin sensei about the final part of Konoha’s chūnin exams when what feels like a bucket of water is dumped over his head. A quick swipe of his fingers in the substance reveals purple paint. Purple glittery paint. The vein above one of his eyes twitches, and he can already see his comrades causally backing away from his seething form. Laughter echoes above him and Rasa spins on the ball of his foot, gold dust already writhing as it escapes from the gourd on his back.

There. On the roof. It’s that damn blond from before; the one who broke his nose twice already.

On a better day, Rasa wouldn’t even consider trying to murder an allied shinobi. On a better day, he might even laugh at the prank, then go take a shower. On a better day, he wouldn’t be brandishing a kunai and trying to rip someone’s throat out. Today…today is not one of those days, and Rasa snarls furiously, lunging forward before he can even get a grip on his temper. The blond dodges to the side, flipping gracefully onto another roof and covers his mouth again, smirking between his fingers. Rasa sees red.

“I,” he hisses, so close to actually committing murder, “am going to rip your throat out.”

“Kinky,” the blond calls back and his smile widens further at Rasa’s snarl of rage. “But you’re going to have to catch me first.” His form flickers once, then vanishes in a burst of yellow; he reappears further down the road, waves a hand, and then vanishes again.

Rasa screams in fury, his comrades snicker, and he immediately leaps to give chase. He’s going to drown the other in their own blood.

He still has no clue to their name, other than their last.

That’s the end of their fourth meeting.


Their fifth meeting is even worse:

Murder is not an appropriate way to deal with frustrating coworkers.

Murder is not an appropriate way to deal with frustrating coworkers.

Murder is not an approp— Rasa cuts his thoughts off halfway through the sentence and growls at one of his fellow shinobi. Not even three hours after he had attempted to hunt down and murder the blond—He failed, pretty miserably too—and his coworkers are already smirking at him.

“Quite the spitfire, ah?” one says, pushing brown hair over her shoulders, lips quirked up in that infuriating smirk Rasa has come to hate.

I will drown you in your own blood,” he hisses, partially because he’s furious and partially because he can’t leave that response unanswered. She puts her hands up in the universal sign of surrender, but the smirk on her face doesn’t change. Rasa narrows his eyes at her, darkens his glare, and hopes that nothing else can go wrong.

The universe, as always, likes to prove him wrong, and then laugh at his misery.

With a flash of bright yellow light, the blond reappears on the rooftop. He doesn’t even look tired, and there’s a massive grin on his lips. “Wow,” he says, looking pleased with himself, “only three hours before giving up? That’s sad.” He shakes his head slowly, almost like he’s disappointed. “Not a lot of fun with a chase. Peaks really quickly without touch and absolutely no stamina at all.”

Beside Rasa the brunet chokes, then starts laughing hysterically, mouthing 'No stamina’ like it’s a prayer from Kami itself. On her left, the ginger begins cackling and slumps against a wall in an attempt to stay upright. Rasa fumes, and because he’s petty like that, pops the cork on his gold dust just so he can flood the area with sand.

Glancing around when the dust has settled somewhat, Rasa’s already feeling smug at the sight of the ginger and brunet cursing his name as they spit the grit out of their mouths. His gaze flickers upwards, and the redhead is already preparing for the sight of the blond in the same situation, when he actually gets a look.

That fucking bastard is wind affinity and running a Kami-damned slipstream, the sand-filled air shifting around him, never once touching the Konoha jōnin uniform. Rasa would be impressed if he wasn’t in the middle of contemplating murder.

Just before he can actually use his chakra to fill the other with spears made of sand, he laughs, bows, and vanishes in a burst of yellow. The veins in Rasa’s jaw jump.

And that was the end of their fifth meeting.


Their sixth meeting is simultaneously worse and better:

“I would like to introduce my successor, Namikaze Minato,” Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen says, gesturing towards the doors of the Halls of the Kage Council. Namikaze, Rasa thinks with a slight twitch, sounds awfully familiar. He glances up just as the doors open and snarls when a horribly familiar blond practically skips through.

“YOU!” Rasa bellows and slams a hand down on the table hard enough to spread minute cracks along the surface. The other Kages jerk at his volume, but the redhead is too furious to care.

“I wasn’t aware that you two knew each other, Rasa,” Sarutobi says, looking like he’s half an inch away from pinching the bridge of his nose.

“He broke my nose,” Rasa seethes. “Twice.” White eyebrows shoot up and Sarutobi actually reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose, an exasperated sigh escaping his mouth.

Namikaze smiles sunnily at him. “You startled me while I was working on my seals.”

“You punched me because I called you pretty,” the Kazekage informs him flatly.

“Yes, well, that too,” the blond says with a careless shrug, and Rasa makes a sound like a boiling teakettle. Namikaze merely beams in his direction and takes a seat. “Now, where were we?”

Murder is not an appropriate response to annoying Kage, Rasa thinks, sinking into his own seat with a mute sort of fury, but I sure wish it was.

Things that people have to remember about Harry James Potter.

He grew up in an abusive household.

The first time he ever remembered being hugged in a motherly way was when he was 14.

He was only 15 when he was told, rather harshly, that he would have to be the one to save the entire wizarding world and kill the most evil wizard of all time before Voldemort killed him first.

He never knew what his parents looked like until he was eleven.

He didn’t have anyone to ask manly advice when it came time. Sirius was either dead or only a correspondence through letters and he did not become close to Remus until after Dumbledores death.

He had always envisioned his parents as perfect role models until he saw Snape’s memory. That’s why he reacted so bad.

Harry had to deal with criticism every single day about the way he looked, acted and went about his day to day life until he was eleven.

He was only 15 and the entire wizarding world thought that he was an attention seeking lier.

Because of that he was forced to cut into his own skin every single night just so he could prove a point.

He had no idea what he was doing throughout the Horcrux hunt because he was only 17. He was not Dumbledore.

He grew up in a dark and cramped cupboard until he was eleven.

For all of the things that happened to him during the school year his grades were surprisingly good.

He walked to his own death at only 17 with out running away. He knew he was going to die at the time and had wanted it to happen.

Harry faced the cruelty of the real world all through his childhood, forcing him to grow up much quicker than any child should.

He shut out his emotions and never let anyone in.

He spent years being told that he was worthless and that his entire family was filled with freaks.

The first time that he had gone to the Burrow he was surprised that people actually liked him.

Every where he went people expected him to be their savior who had a thousand tricks up his sleeve and never let anybody down.

Hardly anyone saw Harry for just Harry.

He saw the most powerful wizard of all time, the man who killed his parents, come back to life at 14.

Then he had to return to the loveless hell he called home where no one would comfort him when he woke up from nightmares and where no one would give a damn about how hard he fought for his life in that graveyard.

He had lost the only supposed connection to his parents at 15.

He spent his entire sixth year trying to convince people that Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape were up to something only to have no one believe him until it was too late.

He had no one to comfort him when he woke up crying and shaking and covered in sweat because he had just seen all those people once again screaming at him. Blaming him for their deaths because it was all his fault and he couldn’t help it, he told them he was sorry over and over again but they never listened.

He had no idea what he was doing through out the entire series yet people always expected the best of him when all he wanted to be was a normal boy with a family and a scarless forehead.

20 Years ago

I was in third grade and my friend asked if I wanted to play Buffy in gym class. I didn’t know who Buffy was but it sounded like fun. I agreed to be Willow and we ran around the jungle gym with sticks catching vampires.

Little did I know, Buffy would change and shape my life for the next two decades.

In middle school, when kids were having sleepovers and discovering parties and boys, I would wrap myself in a blanket in my room and rewatch the episodes of Buffy I had painstaking taped week after week.

My first crush was Angel, my heart breaking when Buffy had to sacrifice him to save the world.

Willow was my best friend, my heart racing when she finally found love with Oz, my heart soaring when she met the one with Tara.

Xander taught me that sometimes people will judge you but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Accept people’s flaws because they can learn and grow if you help them.

Despite all odds, I fell in love again when we re-met Spike in season 4, discovering my first “OTP” and never looking back.

Buffy herself was the hero I needed. She was strong but she was flawed. She could save the world in one moment and give in to her selfish desires the next. We don’t need role models who paint a picture of perfection. We need role models who show us that the path isn’t always clear or easy to follow. You will make mistakes and you will fall. Keep fighting. No matter what happens. Never let anyone underestimate you.

Buffy went off the air when I was in the 8th grade. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to 7 years of my favorite show, and daunting to enter high school without the safety of the Scooby Gang to welcome me home every Tuesday night at 8.

Buffy taught me to be strong and to embrace who I am.

Seize the day, cause tomorrow you might be dead.

watching somin read her letter and get all teary made my heart break and i teared up as well. 

she’s been through so much , more than most people realise and yet she always smiles so brightly and tries her best and she’s just such a lovely person. she wrote a two page letter for the fans where she thanked them , kard’s families, the staff and her fellow members. she’s been working at this since she was like 16 years old , debuted three times , came runner up for the kara project , lost a fellow trainee + friend she was really really close to , watched so many of her friends fight to finally debut , basically given up her life to be on the stage and to sing and tbh that’s not what it’s about for her anymore

she said she wants to be a role model for people, and tbh she is a perfect role model. no matter how tough things got, no matter how many times things fell through, she continued striving for her dream. im just so proud of her ? she’s so sincere and sweet and she just tries so hard and she deserves everything 

do not let kard flop, do not let jeon somin flop

Having an Argument With B.A.P

Yongguk – Often called the Buddha leader, he’s seen as someone slow to anger. However, given his passionate nature this would be harder for him when his heart was involved. Being in a relationship you tend to let your guard down and your emotions are closer to the surface. That’s not to say he’d be short tempered, but if he disagreed with you over something he felt was important he wouldn’t back down, though he’d never raise his voice. I also think that he tries so hard to be the perfect leader and role model he may unintentionally vent some of his frustrations on you at times. Like snapping at you unnecessarily but then immediately realize what he did and apologize, explaining it was the stress not you. Not a fan of conflict he’d want to talk through any issues that burden the relationship rather than let them fester. 

Himchan – Would ignore most petty infractions to keep the peace and arguments wouldn’t be that frequent between the two of you. But he’s very stubborn so if he feels he’s right he’s going to dig his heels in and have it out. There would be some yelling on both sides and you may have to go to separate corners to cool down and collect yourselves. Himchan feels and loves deeply but has trouble sharing those emotions. It would be difficult for him to explain his sorrow and guilt over the argument but he’d readily apologize for his involvement. Pretty emotionally mature, he’d know that sometimes disagreements happen in a relationship. It wouldn’t panic him that you were going to leave over a simple spat. That said, you’re his safe haven, his refuge from the world, so he’d hate to be on the outs with you for very long.

Daehyun – Dae wouldn’t mean to start most of the arguments you’d have, but he would. Sometimes he teases a little too much or doesn’t know when to let a subject drop. He wouldn’t pick up on your cues to stop. Any attempt to rebut or deflect his statements would be seen as you being playful, rather than getting frustrated. He’d only know he went too far when you were too angry to continue talking to him. Ding ding ding! He’d get it then. Immediately he’d feel contrite and apologize profusely, backpedaling like crazy. With sad puppy eyes he’d follow you around, not leaving you alone until you forgave him. He can’t handle the thought of the person he loves most being angry with him so any arguments would upset him greatly, even making him feel nauseous.

Youngjae – Youngjae is a bonafide sweetheart. More tenderhearted and caring than he lets on. However fighting with him would be an exercise in futility. With a strong competitive nature he often needs to have the last word. So arguments are not likely to end until he feels he’s won or at least proven his point to the extent that you have to acknowledge where he’s coming from. Once he cools down he’d realize maybe he pushed too hard with you, that it doesn’t matter so much if he was right. He’d feel like an ass. It’d be hard for him to swallow his pride so he’d do something subtle like leave a small gift for you or flowers to try and smooth things over. He’d only be able to relax once the tension between you was gone, like he’d been holding his breath and could finally breathe again when he saw your smile.

Jongup – Has a long fuse. He may get irritated but he’s not going to snap at you until you pushed too far, and it would have to be you that did the pushing, he wouldn’t. He’s so laid back that he would look for someone similar, he would not be a fan of drama in a relationship. Arguments would be rare and only over something important. If you refused to hear his side of things or just wouldn’t let a matter go he’d finally reach his boiling point. Like Bang he wouldn’t yell but there’d be an unmistakable sharpness to his tone that would instantly let you know you’d crossed a line and his patience had run out. When he’s at that level of anger he’d tell you exactly what he thinks and not mince words too much to spare your feelings. Though Uppie’d never get so heated he’d say things he didn’t mean, he would be very honest. Perhaps more than you’d want to hear.

Zelo – Has a temper and is still too young to mitigate it with reason. He’d get vocal quickly and might say some things he doesn’t mean, but never anything demeaning. Unable to handle his agitation by the conflict he’d probably storm out at some point, slamming the door on his way. Once he simmered down he’d start to worry that you’d leave him over whatever was said, no matter how small the disagreement. He’d come back teary and apologetic after the fight, truly remorseful for getting so angry. It wouldn’t stop him however from doing it again the next time you have an argument, but that trait is something that will mellow as he gets older. ​

Okay so I’ve been reading the comments lately on my Instagram and Twitter.. A lot of you are fighting about the whole mom/queen thing. So I should probably explain how I feel about it. I do not want to be looked at as your queen. I do not want to be put on a pedestal. I am not your mother. BUT I am here to be your friend. I write music to express myself because otherwise I would go crazy. I’m not a perfect human being, and we are never going to agree on every little thing. But I want to be able to open up to you guys without feeling like I’ll be judged/bullied. When I was honest and told you guys I smoke weed some of you wrote things like “I wish I knew that before I bought her album” it blew my mind because it should just be about the music. It shouldn’t be about me being the perfect little role model for you guys because I have never once ever pretended to be that. And I won’t ever try to be. It’s impossible. I’m just figuring things out myself, I’m gonna make so many mistakes but I’ll learn from them and grow as a person just like anyone else. I won’t judge you if you open up to me, so don’t judge me.


My theories for Riverdale Season 2

Jughead understands that something very powerful and sinister is behind all the crap that is going on in Riverdale and the Serpents are being made the scapegoats so he decides to become a part of the gang and work undercover to uncover the truth as he believes this is the only way to prove his father’s innocence and ensure his family’s protection and a secure future. 

He knows that this is a dangerous mission involving great personal risk and he’ll want to go at it alone as he doesn’t wish to put his friends’ lives in danger, so he will portray to the others that he is more than happy to be a part of the Serpents as he feels accepted here. It is also partly true because it is enticing to his inner darkness and it is also in his genes. I think Jughead swapping his beanie(his security blanket) for the Serpent jacket was symbolic. We might even see Jughead without his beanie on for a significantly large part of the next season.

I believe that the first episode of next season will begin with Betty and Jughead talking about what happened. I doubt they’ll return to having sexy times right after the Serpents leave because Betty will want answers.  He may or may not share his mission with Betty fearing that she might want to get involved and she’s already getting a lot of hate for her association with the Jones, he doesn’t want to put her life in danger. He might try to push her away which might cause some conflict and misunderstanding between them for a few episodes. However, Betty being Betty will see through the act and will be determined to not give up. She will do anything to prevent Jughead from slipping into the darkness. 

Eventually, Betty might want to be a part of the Serpents too. Her Mum was one and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or rather “Snakes don’t shed their skin so soon”. At the Jubilee Betty implored everyone to not keep secrets anymore, taking that theme forward, I expect that Betty will discover that Alice is a former Serpent. I also have a suspicion that the Serpents might hold a key to the Chick Cooper mystery. Unbeknownst to everyone, Chick might be a Serpent. It is still debatable whether Chick is Hal’s or FP’s baby. Veronica’s description of Chick being a ‘Tall blonde and blue eyed Adonis’ might actually be a ‘Tall Dark and mysterious Adonis’. I don’t think Veronica’s comment was meant to be a casual and fleeting one in the context of the show. Therefore, that might be a motive behind Betty joining the Serpents. 

It has been said that the show will be exploring Dark Betty more in the second season. We’ve already seen what a rebel she is and is total done with Riverdale’s status quo bullshit and labelling people as black or white, good or bad. In a shocking turn of events, Betty might transfer to Southside High and be an active member of the Serpents, shattering the Mayor McCoy’s, the towns and everyone’s perception of her as the perfect role-model and representation of ‘Riverdale’ . We all know how much Betty hates being labelled as the ‘perfect girl next door’.She would want to become the ‘Bad bitch serpent slut’ and be proud about it. I think both Jughead and Betty need to face their inner darkness head on and deal with it and this would be the perfect opportunity for them to do so and discover themselves and each other in the process and learn that at their core, they are not very different from each other. Their passion for each other will further intensify and we will see them both mature at an exponential rate. 

We’ll get to see that Serpents are actually good folk with a rock solid integrity and loyalty for their kind. Apart from clearing FP’s name, Bughead will fight to clear the Serpent’s tarnished reputation of being criminals and outcasts and help them integrate with the Riverdale community.

Hermione Lodge is shadier than what she appears to be. I have a suspicion that she hired someone to shoot Fred Andrews, because he was involved too much and not selling his business to her. Nobody would suspect her because the entire town is on a Serpent witch-hunt. 

Fred Andrews will survive but the incident might make Archie turn against the Serpents. He might wrongly assume that the Serpents did it because they were fired from his Dad’s company and did it as payback. Jughead’s association with the Serpents might drive a wedge between Archie and Jughead, next season. They might become foes. The town already hails Archie as their ‘hero’, the symbol of righteousness and all that is good while Jughead is the pariah. They will represent the light Vs dark conflict. 

I think Archie and Veronica might be the one with the Romeo and Juliet storyline,next season because the Lodges and Andrews will not want to associate with each other. Hiram will further complicate things for the Andrews and make their survival in this town very difficult. I expect that Varchie will break up as a result. 

After Cheryl burned ‘Crimson Peak’ to the ground, the Blossoms will be reduced to being paupers because the entire Blossom empire has crumbled after the drug dealing reveal. The experience will have greatly humbled Cheryl and she’ll have a change of heart and see for herself who her true allies are in this nightmare town. There might be a brief dalliance between Archie and Cheryl, before Varchie comes together once again. A V/A/C triangle, if you will.  We will find out the Lodge-Blossom connection.

I expect Mayor McCoy will have her share of dirty and incriminating seekrits herself and might be revealed as one of the key players behind the shady occurrences in Riverdale. She seems to have her own neurotic agenda and isn’t beneath stooping to corruption as a means to an end and for fuelling her ambitions.  

I’m sure Joaquin will return to Riverdale. Kevin and Josie too will have to come to terms with some of the uncomfortable truths about the town and the role that their parents play in it and they cannot be simply watching everything from the fences anymore. Grundy might return too. I have a hunch that she has something to do with the drug trafficking network.

Basically, we will see plenty of shifting in allegiances, old alliances and friendships will be broken and new ones will be formed. Secrets will be revealed and the past will come to haunt the present, which will impact the future of Riverdale. 

And most importantly, there will be Hot Dog. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them and engage in a discussion with you all. ^_^