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‘Hayley Atwell reported that she was asked to lose weight for her role as Julia Flyte in Brideshead Revisited (2008) -

“I went round to Emma’s one night and she was getting very angry that I wasn’t eating all the food she was giving me. I told her why and she hit the roof.“ 

Thompson was so outraged that she called the producers the next day and threatened to resign from the film if they forced Atwell to lose weight. Faced with Thompson — a two-time Oscar winner — on the warpath, Miramax Films swiftly relented.’

The perfection that is Emma Thompson.

Okay so I’ve been reading the comments lately on my Instagram and Twitter.. A lot of you are fighting about the whole mom/queen thing. So I should probably explain how I feel about it. I do not want to be looked at as your queen. I do not want to be put on a pedestal. I am not your mother. BUT I am here to be your friend. I write music to express myself because otherwise I would go crazy. I’m not a perfect human being, and we are never going to agree on every little thing. But I want to be able to open up to you guys without feeling like I’ll be judged/bullied. When I was honest and told you guys I smoke weed some of you wrote things like “I wish I knew that before I bought her album” it blew my mind because it should just be about the music. It shouldn’t be about me being the perfect little role model for you guys because I have never once ever pretended to be that. And I won’t ever try to be. It’s impossible. I’m just figuring things out myself, I’m gonna make so many mistakes but I’ll learn from them and grow as a person just like anyone else. I won’t judge you if you open up to me, so don’t judge me.


Having an Argument With B.A.P

Yongguk – Often called the Buddha leader, he’s seen as someone slow to anger. However, given his passionate nature this would be harder for him when his heart was involved. Being in a relationship you tend to let your guard down and your emotions are closer to the surface. That’s not to say he’d be short tempered, but if he disagreed with you over something he felt was important he wouldn’t back down, though he’d never raise his voice. I also think that he tries so hard to be the perfect leader and role model he may unintentionally vent some of his frustrations on you at times. Like snapping at you unnecessarily but then immediately realize what he did and apologize, explaining it was the stress not you. Not a fan of conflict he’d want to talk through any issues that burden the relationship rather than let them fester. 

Himchan – Would ignore most petty infractions to keep the peace and arguments wouldn’t be that frequent between the two of you. But he’s very stubborn so if he feels he’s right he’s going to dig his heels in and have it out. There would be some yelling on both sides and you may have to go to separate corners to cool down and collect yourselves. Himchan feels and loves deeply but has trouble sharing those emotions. It would be difficult for him to explain his sorrow and guilt over the argument but he’d readily apologize for his involvement. Pretty emotionally mature, he’d know that sometimes disagreements happen in a relationship. It wouldn’t panic him that you were going to leave over a simple spat. That said, you’re his safe haven, his refuge from the world, so he’d hate to be on the outs with you for very long.

Daehyun – Dae wouldn’t mean to start most of the arguments you’d have, but he would. Sometimes he teases a little too much or doesn’t know when to let a subject drop. He wouldn’t pick up on your cues to stop. Any attempt to rebut or deflect his statements would be seen as you being playful, rather than getting frustrated. He’d only know he went too far when you were too angry to continue talking to him. Ding ding ding! He’d get it then. Immediately he’d feel contrite and apologize profusely, backpedaling like crazy. With sad puppy eyes he’d follow you around, not leaving you alone until you forgave him. He can’t handle the thought of the person he loves most being angry with him so any arguments would upset him greatly, even making him feel nauseous.

Youngjae – Youngjae is a bonafide sweetheart. More tenderhearted and caring than he lets on. However fighting with him would be an exercise in futility. With a strong competitive nature he often needs to have the last word. So arguments are not likely to end until he feels he’s won or at least proven his point to the extent that you have to acknowledge where he’s coming from. Once he cools down he’d realize maybe he pushed too hard with you, that it doesn’t matter so much if he was right. He’d feel like an ass. It’d be hard for him to swallow his pride so he’d do something subtle like leave a small gift for you or flowers to try and smooth things over. He’d only be able to relax once the tension between you was gone, like he’d been holding his breath and could finally breathe again when he saw your smile.

Jongup – Has a long fuse. He may get irritated but he’s not going to snap at you until you pushed too far, and it would have to be you that did the pushing, he wouldn’t. He’s so laid back that he would look for someone similar, he would not be a fan of drama in a relationship. Arguments would be rare and only over something important. If you refused to hear his side of things or just wouldn’t let a matter go he’d finally reach his boiling point. Like Bang he wouldn’t yell but there’d be an unmistakable sharpness to his tone that would instantly let you know you’d crossed a line and his patience had run out. When he’s at that level of anger he’d tell you exactly what he thinks and not mince words too much to spare your feelings. Though Uppie’d never get so heated he’d say things he didn’t mean, he would be very honest. Perhaps more than you’d want to hear.

Zelo – Has a temper and is still too young to mitigate it with reason. He’d get vocal quickly and might say some things he doesn’t mean, but never anything demeaning. Unable to handle his agitation by the conflict he’d probably storm out at some point, slamming the door on his way. Once he simmered down he’d start to worry that you’d leave him over whatever was said, no matter how small the disagreement. He’d come back teary and apologetic after the fight, truly remorseful for getting so angry. It wouldn’t stop him however from doing it again the next time you have an argument, but that trait is something that will mellow as he gets older. ​

Things that people have to remember about Harry James Potter.

He grew up in an abusive household.

The first time he ever remembered being hugged in a motherly way was when he was 14.

He was only 15 when he was told, rather harshly, that he would have to be the one to save the entire wizarding world and kill the most evil wizard of all time before Voldemort killed him first.

He never knew what his parents looked like until he was eleven.

He didn’t have anyone to ask manly advice when it came time. Sirius was either dead or only a correspondence through letters and he did not become close to Remus until after Dumbledores death.

He had always envisioned his parents as perfect role models until he saw Snape’s memory. That’s why he reacted so bad.

Harry had to deal with criticism every single day about the way he looked, acted and went about his day to day life until he was eleven.

He was only 15 and the entire wizarding world thought that he was an attention seeking lier.

Because of that he was forced to cut into his own skin every single night just so he could prove a point.

He had no idea what he was doing throughout the Horcrux hunt because he was only 17. He was not Dumbledore.

He grew up in a dark and cramped cupboard until he was eleven.

For all of the things that happened to him during the school year his grades were surprisingly good.

He walked to his own death at only 17 with out running away. He knew he was going to die at the time and had wanted it to happen.

Harry faced the cruelty of the real world all through his childhood, forcing him to grow up much quicker than any child should.

He shut out his emotions and never let anyone in.

He spent years being told that he was worthless and that his entire family was filled with freaks.

The first time that he had gone to the Burrow he was surprised that people actually liked him.

Every where he went people expected him to be their savior who had a thousand tricks up his sleeve and never let anybody down.

Hardly anyone saw Harry for just Harry.

He saw the most powerful wizard of all time, the man who killed his parents, come back to life at 14.

Then he had to return to the loveless hell he called home where no one would comfort him when he woke up from nightmares and where no one would give a damn about how hard he fought for his life in that graveyard.

He had lost the only supposed connection to his parents at 15.

He spent his entire sixth year trying to convince people that Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape were up to something only to have no one believe him until it was too late.

He had no one to comfort him when he woke up crying and shaking and covered in sweat because he had just seen all those people once again screaming at him. Blaming him for their deaths because it was all his fault and he couldn’t help it, he told them he was sorry over and over again but they never listened.

He had no idea what he was doing through out the entire series yet people always expected the best of him when all he wanted to be was a normal boy with a family and a scarless forehead.

The Star Wars Ladies appreciation post

I just feel like the ladies of Star Wars are under appreciated. I believe that in their different ways, they all are the embodiment of what it means to find your passion, live a fulfilling life, and exceed your potential. For example:

Take Leia Organa. Besides being the first strong female lead character of the franchise, she was a princess, an ambassador, and a general. She was sassy, strong, fierce, and fearless in the face of adversity, never once faltering from her course, always choosing truth and justice for the galaxy over her own comfort.

Then there’s Padme Amidala. She was a queen and Senator. She was the one who sought peace and harmony for the galaxy, yet possessed a strength of character that refused to be bullied. She was always striving to make things right, to be a force for change, to heal old wounds, and although she rarely showed her outward strength of body, she had incredible strength of will.

Next comes Rey. Optimistic, friendly, enthusiastic Rey. I just can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is that Rey just hits the crap out of people to defend herself. Like of all the things to be adept at, she chose a skill that was most deadly at close quarters. I mean who would expect a girl to pull off something that risky? Letting the danger get in close and then attack when it’s least expected. Plus there’s the fact that she’s a pilot, mechanic, and Force Sensitive? It’s just too much.

 Next, Jyn. Jyn was an alleged criminal, yet she was able to find hope and faith even after everything she went though. She found a purpose and fearlessly went though with what she thought was right no matter how high the cost. She possessed a bravery I wish I had in even one small part of my life.

All these women have different strengths and weaknesses, are in different walks of life, and yet they all chose a path for their lives that was right- using their own unique and distinct skill sets to make a difference. And maybe I won’t ever be a queen or a senator or an ambassador or war hero or the most important character in a story, but I certainly can use what skills I have to make a difference where I can.

I'm really bored guys please ask me questions, I'll answer them all honestly

1. What song are you listening to right now?
2. Story of my first kiss?
3. Idea of the perfect date?
4. Celebrity role model?
5. Dream car?
6. Dirty little secret?
7. Current crush?
8. Do you regret any relationships?
9. Kiss and Tell?
10. How far have you gone with someone?
11. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
12. Favorite class?
13. Where do you want to go to college?
14. Where do you live?
15. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
16. What do you want for your birthday?
17. Have you had any disaster dates?
18. Guilty Pleasure?
19. If you were given $5,000 right now, what would you spend it on?
20. Most visited website?
21. Do you do drugs?
22. Most played song on ipod?
23. Grab the book closest to you, flip to page 52, what’s the 5th sentence?
24. Have you ever gone up to a stranger and hugged them.
25. Do you drink?
26. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done when you were under the influence?
27. Turn ons?
28. Turn offs?
29. What would make the perfect bf/gf?
30. Last text you sent
31. Last text recieved
32. Best friend?
33. Favorite blog on tumblr?
34. Describe your crush
35. Who was the last person you kissed?
36. Virgin?
37. Favorite season?
38. Play any sports?
39. What do you plan on doing with your life?
40. Someone you love?
41. Someone you hate?
42. Someone you miss?
43. Someone you wish you knew better?
45. Favorite show?
46. If you could dye your hair, what color would you dye it?
47. Three words you would use to describe yourself?
48. Biggest insecurities?
49. Something you like about your appearance?
50. Something you like about your personality?
51. You can’t be friends with someone if
52. Opinion on long distance relationships?
53. How long would you date someone before you sleep with them?
54. Pro life or pro choice?
55. Obama or Romney?
56. Favorite band/ music artist?
57. Favorite quote?
58. Celebrity crush?
59. How many countries have you been to?
60. Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
61. Strangest dream you’ve ever had?
64. Relationship status?
65. Do you smoke?
66. Ever done drugs?
67. Hook up or relationship?
68. Kiss on the first date?
69. Friends with benefits or boyfriend/girlfriend?
70. Most embarrasing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Hey, you want to know who Scorpius Malfoy reminds me of? 

Luna Lovegood. 

And I don’t just mean in the sense of blond, dead mum, dad’s trying his best, bullied, unpopular, odd. 

I mean that Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character because despite the hardship she faces, despite the ridicule she endures, she’s wise, and gentle, and thoughtful, and kind, and she never changes who she really is. 

Scorpius? He’s very much the same. Scorpius is unbearably sunny and nerdy and wonderful, even when he has no reason to be.

And it really makes me happy. You know why? Because Luna Lovegood was one of the most important characters in the series. She became the perfect role model for children everywhere in that she showed how important it was to be yourself, how valuable the smallest of actions could be, and that you could keep smiling and keep giving to others and keep being the kindest and most beautiful of souls even when the world was determined to beat you down. 

And the world could always do with more characters like that. 

Not every character in a children’s show has to be a perfect role model. You can’t take away the creative freedom for writers to write characters the way that they want. Sometimes flawed characters are the most interesting,and the ones we serve to have the most attachment to.
—  Chadtronic