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[Joining team flash] gave me and Grant a chance to start a heavy bromance. I was actually campaigning for Julian to get with Barry or have some sort of a man crush. I called the writers and said, “Wouldn’t it be a really cool storyline that he’s actually got a secret crush on Barry?” They didn’t go for it. Or not yet anyway.
—  Tom Felton at ECCC2017 Q&A panel (x)
Casual Reminder
  • This is not an Underfell AU. It has NOTHING to do with Underfell.
  • Mono is not ‘super sad’ for no reason and is only like that in the main comic. That version of him is only around for a short time and is not natural.
  • Dove’s bones are charred black permanently: he is not wearing a bone-tight anything and does not paint his bones.
  • Not everyone has depression.
  • Not everyone is super violent.
  • Gore is MIA.
  • Beta is in charge and is stressed out. She is not predominantly violent or ‘insane’.
  • Frisk is not a perfect child.
  • Rose is not an ‘evil’ child.
  • Oreo is acting.
  • Void is a Rubik cube of complicated stuff. 

This has been a Monofell PSA, because it really burns me when I read people talk about this AU and spread misinformation when they clearly don’t know what’s actually what.

You know what I wanna see in the series?

Tadashi growing up to have his parents taken from him and having to take care of his young brother who’s too young to understand.

We all know Tadashi was the perfect role model for Hiro. Hell, he’s described as the perfect guy. Good-looking, smart, kind-hearted, funny… the best big brother in Hiro’s eyes. The perfect human-being.

But nobody’s perfect at 100%. Nobody has 0 flaws. Daniel Henney said that Tadashi had his bad days in his younger years.

Give me those “bad days”.

Show me Tadashi’s “darker” side. 

Show me young Tadashi grieving the death of his parents. Show me Tadashi having break downs and telling Aunt Cass “I can’t do this” when it comes to take care of Hiro in darker days. Show me Tadashi crying and whishing his parents were here to take care of him and his little brother.

Show me Tadashi showing jealousy towards Hiro’s gift as a genius; despite the fact he supports him fully, he still envies that natural gift. Show me Tadashi expressing that jealousy to Hiro, not realizing until the last minute his selfishness hurt his little brother. Show me Tadashi regretting it and putting more pressure on himself, promising himself he’ll supress that jealousy as best as he can for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s teenage years. Show me Tadashi with acne and facial hair, showing that yes, even if he grew up to be attractive, he went through those completely normal phases. Show me Tadashi being rebellious. Show me Tadashi being short-tempered, either with his aunt or his little brother. Show me Tadashi having disagreements with Aunt Cass and telling her a classic, but understandable “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!” Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the perfect role model growing up, and put a lot of pressure on himself for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s protectiveness. Show me Tadashi hitting himself mentally and guilt-tripping himself when Hiro cries to him about being bullied, and wishing he was there at the moment it happened to do something. Show me Tadashi wishing that everyone could accept his little bro for who he is, but his heart breaks every time Hiro tells him about being bullied. Show me Tadashi seeing red when he witnesses anyone trying to lay a hand on his baby brother. Show me Tadashi shoving one of Hiro’s bullies against the wall and having a fist fight, and being labeled as a “troublemaker” because of his tendency to pick fights with other kids bullying Hiro. Show me Tadashi apologizing to Hiro when the little boy witnesses him in a state of pure anger and violence aimed at the bullies that almost traumatized his little brother. Show me Tadashi being border-line overprotective, with Aunt Cass and later Hiro calling him out on it.

And most importantly, show me that despite the fact Tadashi took a lot of maturity at a young age after his parents’ death, he was still just a kid with a part of his childhood that got taken from him.

Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the goody two-shoes he became to be until his death, because he was still human.

pandoracoulter-deactivated20170  asked:

You shouldn't have to change the way you are just because people are stupid. Cunt punch and run man.


But a lot of people from my audience are literally children, and their sarcasm-meter is nonexistant.

Fair enough. I’ll tone down a bit the jerk-ish answers I give. And make it clear when is sarcasm lol.

I know os not my fault that they’ don’t get sarcasm and is not my fault they’re so young. But I guess, that to be fair, I’m the one that has to look after that and avoid any issues.

A lot of people look up to me and want me to be the perfect role model they think I am.

I’m anything but perfect. I don’t plan to be.

Last year I was just some random gurl making silly videos on youtube and all of sudden I gotta take care of a fandom (that’s almost half a million holy crap) I’ve never had that many eyes onto what I do and say. Guess it also goes on your tolerance with me and how I am.

A lot of people see youtubers not as persons but as idols, which is wrong. You gotta understand a lot of us are normal human beings trying to make content for your entertainment. We have our faults and I’m not gonna be the kind of ass that hides them. I’m stubborn af sometimes. I’m also not gonna be the kind of jerk that blocks everyone who criticizes me for what I say or do. I’m all ears to criticism.

But as I’m trying to change for good here, I guess you guys could also put a little more of effort from your part and be patient and comprehensive with me. In June I’ll have my first anniversary as a youtuber, I’m pretty new to this stuff.

So yeah.

Mah name’s Jeff.


“I stay away from the title of ‘role model.’ I want to be a more realistic role model — not a perfect Barbie role model. Like, I’m myself, and I’m not pretending to be perfect, ever. I don’t ever want people to think that I ever want to try to be perfect. I want to encourage people to be themselves and express themselves however they want.”

i really want the specifics of uncle ben’s death to come up in one of the future spidey movies, like in a conversation between peter and tony who also has a insane guilt issue. mostly because of what he said in civil war, “when you do the things that I can, and you don’t, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.” Because, alright, it clearly is “with great power comes great responsibility” but the phrasing has really sad implications, since in every spiderman universe ben’s death is partially peter’s fault, and even when eluding to it in homecoming he refers to it as something that’s happened to may, not him, like he doesn’t deserve to be grieving. idk, i’d just like to see a guilt talk between tony and peter about it, because while tony definitely knows uncle ben is gone (obituaries/Stark knowledge) he probably doesn’t know about the circumstances and the old guilt that partially drives Peter, just like it does for him. I think Tony would be even more invested in being a “dad” to Peter if he knew how heartbreakingly similar they are. 

How do you fuck up Anne of Green Gables so badly.  I don’t get it.

What makes you think she’s alone?
You protect her?


I aged Izumi down and took off her glasses to make comparisons easier.

Take a look at her bone structure and tell me this woman is not related to Mai.

Now take a look at her mannerisms and tell me Azula wasn’t around when she was growing up.