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Islam is NOT a cancer: a response to blanket statements

When some ass comments on a post you make about how the North West has seen terrorism before and how we’ve endured it and comments “Islam is cancer”. How uneducated can you be? Christianity has supported going to war and annihilating those who don’t believe in God. We had whatever amount of Holy Wars to bring Christianity to the Middle East and to own Jerusalem.

No religion is a cancer. Religions are written by humans and so are imperfect and flawed. Whether you believe in an almighty deity or not, the religion you ascribe to is the product of human hands and minds. It is imperfect. It is flawed. It is full of prejudice and mysticism. This is what religions are made of, no matter the form they take.

Religions are not cancers. The people who use them to do good are worth a thousand of those who use them to do harm. I’ve seen Muslims who have stopped in the middle of the street and helped out complete strangers. I’ve also seen Muslims who have walked on by while a dog lay dying in the street. I’ve seen Christians do the same.

How many Christians walk past homeless people on the street? How many of you clutch your bags tighter? Walk faster? Avert your gaze or focus on your phone?

Are you not poor Christians for that?

What of those IRA bombers who were catholics? The Ulster Unionists who engaged in paramilitary warfare with the IRA in Northern Ireland? The British military? The Black and Tans?

If the above are not cancerous, if Christianity in all its forms is not cancerous, then you cannot say Islam is.

Islam was born of Christianity. Christianity was born of Judaism. They are Abrahamic religions. Not one of them is perfectly clear or concise in how it handles violence or encroachment. They all preach love and tolerance on the one hand, while on the other there are pronouncements of engaging in Holy Wars.

The cancer has never been religion. It has also been those who wrote them and those who use them with the intent to sow discord, distrust, to kill and maim and to justify it all with selective statements from religious texts thousands of years old.

Islam is not a cancer.

People are.