perfect red i mean

The Perfect Drug

“I come along but I don’t know where you’re taking me
I shouldn’t go but you’re wrenching dragging shaking me
Turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
The more I give to you the more I die

And I want you…

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug…

You make me hard when i’m all soft inside
I see the truth when i’m all stupid-eyed
The arrow goes straight through my heart
Without you everything just falls apart

My blood just wants to say hello to you
My fear is warm to get inside of you
My soul is so afraid to realize
How very little bit is left of me…”

~by Nine Inch Nails


And excuse me for rambling because this AU is like my “BABY.”

They call him “Red Robin” because of two reasons:
-He wears a scarlet hood that is seen as nothing but a streak of red through the night.
-They liken him to a Robin. Swift and the way he flutters about. Well, that’s what children who have “seen” him say.

He’s a very special kind of creature for two reasons:
-He has suppressed his ability to turn into a werewolf for the longest time due to being an experiment, a mere creation.
-He used to be part human and is able to withstand the bite of a vampire and not get killed. How? No one really knows.

I call this AU “Red Rain.” And yes, it’s based on the Red Rain Elseworlds. It’s a long and epic story and I can’t say everything about it.

But, one thing’s for sure… Kon is a weird kind of “Lycan” while Tim is a Slayer/ Hunter who hunts deadly, supernatural, or otherwordly creatures and he happens to be a vampire, too. Dick and Jason are both unsure who turned him into one. But, it’s either one of them.

They also call Tim “Little Red Riding Hood” because he was able to “tame” the wolf. Yes, Tim is Kon’s mate. And not a lot of underwordly, and supernatural creatures approve of it. at. all. But, their own family’s rules do not abide by such disapproval. No one can touch Bruce’s family and no one dares to. They have their own ways and they hold their laws with an iron grip.

Tim was the one who actually trained Kon on how to control his abilities, at least learn how to fight, and put all that power to good use. They’ve known each other WAY before Tim was turned and before Kon even knew what he really was.

It just so happens, things decided to mess a lot stuff up and these two have to get through it together.

SORRY FOR RAMBLING. I hope you guys like this! I can’t express how much I love and cherish this AU and this is the first time I drew something colored and not doodly for it.

_(:3 JL)_
I dedicate this to everyone who celebrated TimKon week with meeee! Actually, and to everyone who was patient enough with me and getting through all my TimKon stuff. XD *Kisses* waste-cat, st00pz, wisiaden, and ladymangoberry who I know celebrated with me in her heart. TEEHEE. <3
AND kohivart WAIFU LOOK I FINALLY MADE A THING!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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About Keith probably starting things w Lance at the Garrsion, I don't really think Keith likely just not noticing/ ignoring him is a legitimate reason for any of Lance's antagonism. I get that for Lance he might have taken being ignored by someone he respected/ looked up to personally, but that's actually fairly immature for him to have held onto that feeling for so long. For Lance he thinks he's known Keith since before Voltron, while for Keith Lance was a stranger -two different situations.

gnotblue replied to your post “I know Lance can put his bias towards Keith aside when their’s an…”

disagree. maybe as leader it’s Keith’s responsibility to encourage Lance, but as peer? whatever happened in the garrison, Keith doesn’t remember- &amp; Lance just doesn’t stop picking him as target for his personal attacks. Keith reacts and sometimes starts it, but he also tried to get out of their pattern more than once. s. the bonding moment.

I already said this before, but I think if Keith didn’t remember Lance, Lance would be lying on the floor together with the doctors in seconds, for trying to interrupt Keith back there and get his hands on Shiro.

Like, Keith is not the most trusting person, you know… He’s like super suspicious of everyone at first and is very careful, no matter how harmless or friendly the strangers might seem. (And Lance didn’t even look friendly when he walks in on him, he literally goes “nonono you’re not taking Shiro”)

Which makes me think Keith not only clearly remembers Lance, But he also trusts him. (with Shiro, his “most prized possession” haha, so that means alot.)

I really don’t think Keith would let them come along with him to his secret hideout with a guy he just stole from the Garrison, if he didn’t trust them. 

So he probably knows alot more about them than he lets them believe.

(Also unlike Shiro, he could have totally recognized Pidge as Matt’s sister right away, maybe even at the Garrison, maybe he even somehow knew about what she was doing to find out what happened on that mission, because he might have been doing the same thing, and then just kept quiet about her identity because he wanted her to reveal her secret when she was ready)

Bottom line, if he was ok with taking them with him, he probably knew all three of them well enough to really trust them. (Or maybe even just trusted Lance enough to also trust his friends)

And this line “oh I remember you, you’re a cargo pilot

Like it sounds so freaking condescending. And I don’t think Keith is someone who looks down on people’s jobs or has some “I’m a fighter pilot” ego thing. 

That’s a clear jab at Lance. Why? because he knows Lance really wanted to be a fighter pilot and ended up in cargo. And Lance walks in there all like “nononono IM saving Shiro” like trying to one up Keith and not like actually just give him a hand, so Keith gets pissed and is all “new phone, who dis?” cuz he knows it would piss off Lance and will kinda get him off his high horse. But also it might totally go a bit deeper than that.

Because I think it’s like Keith always pretends like he dun care about this rivalry thing. BUT HE DOES. 

Lance gets to him. 

No matter how many people say their rivalry is just in Lance’s head and he’s the only one that pushes this rivalry on them. It’s not. 

I think Keith wouldn’t respond to him like that or try to get back at him and annoy him if there wasn’t something to it.

This wouldn’t have happened if it was just in Lance’s head:

Keith would’t crash his lion there, he would play along and just let Lance crash his lion. But he obviously was really serious about showing Lance who’s the better pilot or that he’s just as daring as him.

And like when they are training, he makes Lance walk into walls and a dead end on purpose!!! And is all “why you’re not listening Lance??”

He doesn’t exactly tries to be the bigger man, he gets back at him for everything! Keith picks on Lance just as much as Lance picks on him, he’s just kinda more sneaky about it, so he doesn’t gets caught on it, so it wouldn’t appear like Lance actually gets to him. 

Or I dunno, maybe he does it cause its just fun to annoy Lance.

Like this shit here, was totally uncalled for (and this was after “bonding moment”). And Keith started this one.

There’s like alot of little things he does to annoy Lance for no good reason… And the only time he kinda tried to reach out to him and put a stop to this I think was in the comics, when he says “Good job, Lance!” 

(The bonding moment was Lance reaching out to Keith, by kinda showing him what he is really hoping for, for them all to be a good team and for him and Keith to kinda be you know “space ranger partners” and not rivals I guess). Keith just smiled approvingly but then he was back at picking on Lance again!)

I don’t think Lance is the kind of person who is looking for strife. He’s super friendly and he really wants to get along with people, so I really have my doubts about him starting this whole “not getting along with Keith” thing. I feel like he most likely just responds to Keith’s attitude towards him. 

And you know, I don’t think Lance was lying there in the first episode when he said “You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.”

I dun think Lance is a bad pilot. I think he’s a reckless pilot, a daring pilot, but I think he’s not as bad as the team makes it seem in terms of skills.

So my theory is that Keith finally had someone who caught up to him in flight school, and he didn’t really like that. (probably liked Lance, but not the fact he can potentially be a better pilot) I think Lance challenged him, and that was the source of their totally real rivalry. (And why Lance would be the perfect person to take over Red)

(I mean Keith and Lance are kinda similar after all, they both sometimes do reckless things and act like hot heads and then kinda get at each other for doing the same things..)

And like I have to say that I personally think Keith and Lance have the most brotherly, sibling like relationship if there ever was one (no, it’s not Keith and Shiro, I actually find it odd so many people see THAT relationship as brotherly because I literally have never met two siblings or bros that act like that..)

Like to me Keith and Lance are like siblings that have like a year, two years or so apart. And Lance is kinda like the younger sibling that can’t quite catch up to or really get back at the older one, And Keith is the older sibling that just has fun teasing the younger one all the time but really wants him to succeed and yet still gets super annoyed if the younger one beats him at anything.

And like since I’m sure it’s very important for both of them to get recognition and praise from Shiro (who’s gonna be the parent figure in this case), So Lance is kinda like the child that always feels like Keith is the favorite and dad always takes his side..

(Even tho space dad does love all his kids equally.. I think Shiro deals with Lance in a good way, I hope Keith learns from him)

Like I mean, the drones thing was such a siblings thing to do! Like Keith just pushes Lance’s drone out of the way and is all “Sorry! Gotta be quick” and they start fighting

And Dad is all “Knock it off, you two! Play nice!”

And Lance is “KEITH STARTED IT!!!“

I dunno, if you have siblings (im not sure how its with sisters tho) but if you have brothers who are close to you in age I’m sure u can understand exactly what I’m talking about here.

So I dunno, it’s very clear to me they both really love eachother and care for eachother. And will show it, but won’t actually like, admit it to eachother.. 

Like even the bonding moment

Keith did not punch Sendak.

Lance did not shoot his arm off.

So I think it’s safe to assume Keith didn’t actually cradle Lance in his arms at any point.

This is them still bonding by just making shit up and teasing eachother. It’s not as serious as ppl make it out to be. It’s a very friendly exchange, a blossoming bromance. (and yes, so far it does seems like just bromance to me, ofcourse it might change in the future, but so far these two seasons that’s all I’m getting form them)

They both know they kinda bonded back there and had this very uncharacteristic tender moment and are kinda backtracking on it but in a sibling kind of way, like “ew I would never get along with you” but I’m sure they both know they are just messing around there.

Like Keith and Lance to me are the epitome of your common sibling relationship.

They are the “I love you to death and would die for you, but I would never admit it to your face, and i’ll only talk shit to your face but will beat anyone else who does, and will only say good things about you behind your back”

Like, it’s clear Keith and Lance really like eachother. Keith doesn’t actually hate Lance and Lance doesn’t hate Keith. They’re just you kno… bros in the making. And they both act like idiots sometimes.

But for them to get along better, Keith (as the person who’s kinda in the position of the older sibling the younger one really admires and wants to be friends with) has to stop doing this shit where he purposely insults and picks on Lance, yes. Specially as the team’s leader.

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How to draw Chuuya's hair perfectly? Did u sell ur soul to the Devil? Or u just sacrified friends? HOW TO DRAW CHUUYA'S HAIR SENPAI?? Thank you very much, heaven bless u.

I do sacrifice 30 Dazais everyday but aside from that I also spent 123627362 hours staring at this ref sheet 

Voltron Headcanons

At some point, I’d like a legitimate custody battle between the Red and Blue Lions over Lance. Just picture this:

Blue Lion: How’s my son?
Red Lion: You mean my new perfect son 2.0? He’s fine. I take him on the fastest rides in the universe. We’re happy, very happy.
Blue Lion: You know this situation is only temporary right? I WILL have my paladin back.
Red Lion: Oh I’m so sorry, is there something about ‘no takebacks’ that you don’t understand? 

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“It’s not p'Ohm’s fault. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.”
“Take some rest if you need, Mick. I don’t want anything to happen to you, got that?”


Red Hot Chili Peppers

abemiha au where mihashi is the sweet flower god and abe is the grumpy storm god and one day mihashi comes out (with much blushing) to thank abe for watering his plants all the time and abe looks at this sweet lil birb and thinks that he’s gonna start paying more attention to the earth now

“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”


The Seelie Queen

The Seelie Queen, through her personal knight Meliorn, who then passed on the message to Isabelle Lightwood, had requested an audience with the Shadowhunters of the New York Institute about the impending war with Valentine Morgenstern. Upon their arrival, with the mundane Simon Lewis, the Seelie Queen told the group that she will decide on whose side she will be fighting.