perfect protagonist is perfect

To have this muscular female protagonist who’s unafraid to show-off her guns became the most beautiful thing to me. I’ve always sucked at drawing slender, pretty girls.

//not that she’s not pretty–Korra is a gorgeous hottie.

So Korra will make the transition to drawing them much easier, hahaha. ^_^’

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” 

- Marion C. Garretty


Favorite Character Meme: Eight Quotes [5/8]

“She understood her worth which made her powerful. The world gravely needed a hero so she became one. No superpowers really; just a strong woman who took no shit from anyone” [x]

KF Week 2016 || Day 05: AU

» AU where KF have been best friends since early childhood with a shared fascination for volleyball (Prompted by Fai’s starry-eyed wonder & curiousity) & would go on to lead a top 8 elite high school volleyball team in their prefecture together - Fai as their animated, yet shrewd captain & star setter, Kurogane as the tough, but respected co-captain & widely feared team ace. ….Sound familiar….?

Haikyuu Seijouh
crossover bc IwaOi is practically just a synonym for KuroFai. They pretty much run off a similar dynamic & chemistry - Iwa-Chan is like a younger Kuro-Chan <- respectively dubbed as such by their hyperactive, irksome but they’ll-stick-by-them-no-matter-the-weather-anyways companion; Oikawa & Fai - the former an extroverted, okay way more narcissistic, & ambitious version of the latter.. (Okay they’re fairly unalike at the intrinsic level) but complete with the exact same Japanese voice actor!! (Ty Namikawa Daisuke).

(Additional artist blabber under the cut)

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ok but how desperately does Hannibal Lecter love Will Graham?

cause he’s already in love with Will 30 seconds into meeting him, grows obsessed and dependant by Sorbet/Fromage, then by end of Savoreux Will’s already the only person in the whole world who truly sees him. Will languishing in jail and sending Matthew Brown provide just enough of that delectatio morosa to spice his love, and then lo and behold Will cleans up for him and seduces him and it seems like he’s going to become family and like-minded killer and this cannibal is head over heels in love OVER and BEYOND what he’s already felt at Jack’s office (”is that a burst vein?” moment a well lit, cozy nook in his mind palace) then BAM!!!! betrayal happens but on the plus side he gets to play wounded, jilted lover in Florence and absence makes the heart grow even fonder. and perfect Will crosses the atlantic for him and finds him in the perfect place at the perfect time and they get to have a reunion in front of the fucking Primavera. Hannibal’s thinking he couldn’t possibly love Will more than he does at that moment (”if I saw you everyday Will, i would remember this time”) but he’s proven deliciously wrong cause they get a nice escapade at Verger mansion and you bet he’s gonna carry Will and play knight in shining armour. Hannibal tucks Will in bed and his heart swells at how much he loves his darling boy. then curve ball!! Will rejects him but that just gives Hannibal another opportunity to prove his love. 3+ yrs in jail, he pines and pines, until all that occupies his mind and spirit is Will fucking Graham, perfect Will Graham who eventually takes him out of jail. Hannibal would have gladly died at the dragon’s hand then and there cause his dying eyes would’ve been fixed on Will but lawrd have mercy Will turns feral murder mongoose and they actually get to KILL TOGETHER, and Will covered in freaking blood in the moonlight tells him it’s beautiful.. what they’ve done, what they’ve become, and embraces and nuzzles him. no man living could love more than Hannibal does at this moment, and yessir that’s right cause Will jumps them off the cliff to their joint death so Hannibal has to love him in death as well as in life.

so in conclusion hannibal starts out already in love with will, and that love grows EXPONENTIALLy til hannibal literally loves to death. and the world’s best writers couldn’t have come up with a better love story with all the right trials and tribulations, escalations and culmination, so don’t tell me Hannibal doesn’t regularly replay their love story in his head like an opera (reconstructs La Scala opera house in his mind palace cause he needs full-blown orchestra, virtuoso singers and packed audience to do justice to the true magnum opus of his life) and pinches himself rly hard cause he’s the god honest protagonist in this perfect story and his perfect love is living and breathing in front of him and washing dogs idk and Hannibal JUST CAN’T EVEN at all his good luck. so you tell me, how desperately does Hannibal Lecter love Will Graham????!!!????

elliepeachie  asked:

Also I love to picture Suga as Helga as well. Ooh imagine that! (Lol they both have a left eye mole.) They seem kinda similar in a sense. Also what about Ukai as Mr. Whitmore? Kags as Audrey would be fun too and add a good dynamic to the story.



Is My Protagonist a Mary Sue or Gary Stu?: A Super Quick Test

Mary Sues and Gary Stus are terrible characters. They are flat, static, and unrealistic. They are boring and they are craft failure. Don’t write them.

Does your protagonist change throughout the story?

  • If no: You need to change that. Your protagonist needs to be dynamic. They need to change over time and grow as a person. Whether this change is negative or positive doesn’t matter. Good characters are dynamic, not static.
  • If yes: Alright alright alright alright.

Does your protagonist have flaws?

  • Your characters cannot be perfect. They need to be realistic for the reader to like them. Give them flaws.
  • Making your character clumsy doesn’t count. Your character needs more flaws than that.
  • Flaws should impact your character’s life in some way. This can include their relationships with other people or the decisions they make.

Do all other characters love your protagonist?

  • If yes: No. Your character cannot be loved by everyone. This is unrealistic. This is lame. This is boring. This is a characteristic of a Sue/Stu. If lots of people like your character, you need a good reason for it.
  • If no: Good.
  • Characters who act a certain way to gain popularity through a false personality are exempt from this.

Does your protagonist ever fail?

  • If yes: Good.
  • If no: That is a boring character. Failure introduces suspense and sympathy from the reader.

Is your protagonist perfect in every way?

  • If yes: Perfect people do not make perfect characters. They make terrible characters. They cannot be superior in every way and they cannot be the best at everything.
  • If no: Awesome.

Is your protagonist a Special Snowflake? (“My eyes turn red when I’m angry even though I’m 100% human and there’s no explanation for this whatsoever.”)

  • If yes: Change that. You cannot give your character super special elements with no explanation behind them. Your character cannot be unbeatable due to their super special powers that no one has ever seen before.
  • If no: They better not be.

And because I get a lot of questions on whether or not a female character is a Sue, here are characters who are NOT automatically Mary Sues:

  • Physically powerful female characters.
  • Magically powerful female characters.
  • Powerful female characters in general.
  • Female characters who are not feminine.
  • Female characters who are orphans.
  • Female characters who hold traditionally masculine careers/roles/hobbies.
  • Rich female characters.
  • Tough female characters.
  • Smart female characters.
  • Characters who are highly skilled in several subjects.
  • Characters with tragic back stories.
  • Characters who are beautiful.
  • Characters who have unique abilities.
  • Honestly, if your character is realistic, dynamic, and round, they’re not a Sue/Stu. You can still write awesome, bad ass, inspirational characters without making them a Sue/Stu.