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THEY HONESTLY ARE SO CUTE god they kill me

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Chloe got a last check in the mirror placed on the entrance hall before head to the door. But a surprised voice, unexpected behind her, makes her stop.

“Oh, hey. Where are you going?”

Chloe turns around to see Beca analyzing her look, although appearing ready to exit the house too.

“Hi. I’m… hmm… going out?” she offers with a half-smile.

“New club or some like?” Beca asks approaching, standing next to the door.

“What? No. I’m not like…” the redhead pauses, because she knows what will come. But she just didn’t want Beca to know. She doesn’t want Beca to give any importance to that. She doesn’t know why actually. But she finishes anyway. “…really going out.”

Beca narrows her eyes, “The skirt?” then she opens them widely and tilts her head slightly back. And Chloe recognizes the predictable realization. “Oh, I see. Looks like miss sunshine has a new boy to play this semester? Hum?” the brunette points to Chloe with both of her hands.

“What? No!”

“You don’t need to act weird anymore. You were catch already.”

And, yes. It’s a bit weird. Because Chloe doesn’t usually hide this kind of stuff. Actually she gladly tells even what people don’t ask for, because it’s fun, mainly when it makes people flushed. But it’s not the purpose this night, and she doesn’t feel like telling Beca so.

“Tha’s not…”

“Are you going in a date?” Beca cuts her off while adjusting her shoes, with a raised leg and a hand in the doorframe for balance.

“Nooo. I’m just… going to visit his dorm.”

“Just…” the shorter woman hums with a contained smile.

“To study, ok?” her response is followed by a snort.

“Yeah, sure. I’m going to Jesse’s to just watch movies” Beca winks at her and opens the door to leave.

The redhead grumbles for a second and then runs outside.

“Wait for me!”

Oookay, so… I just created this tumblr to post stories of this incredibly shipp I’m currently addicted. But English isn’t my first language, so probably there’re many grammatical mistakes and all, and if anyone wants to help me I would be eternally grateful! (manly who speaks portuguese too)
And this is just part 1, I could continue if someone shows interest. Should I write more?

My life is just one big children’s game of pretend. Pretending I’m not completely drowning in a bottomless pit of stress. Pretending the pressure to be perfect all the time isn’t literally eating away at my sanity. Pretending I fit in in with the people around me when in reality I feel like nothing more than the random puzzle piece that seems to have no real affect on the puzzle itself. Sometimes it feels like I’m 10 again and I’m just fooling myself with a never ending game of pretend.
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reasons tumblr should appreciate percy weasley/oliver wood more:

  • puns! oliver thinks percy is prefect. percy thinks oliver is a keeper.
  • oliver wood. i probably don’t need to explain this one.
  • percy the prefect. i know, i know, but he deserves more love than he’s getting from the fandom (or at least less hate), poor thing.
  • opposites attract. besides, percy is just as obsessed with his grades as oliver is with quidditch; it fits.
  • more puns! angelina saw percy and oliver coming out of the broom closet. oliver gives percy wood.
  • they’re in the same year at hogwarts and share a dorm (and may have been the only two gryffindor boys in their year - think of the fanfic).
  • percy is a weasley, meaning lots of opportunities for awkward family dinner situations/the twins being awesome.
  • puuuuuuns! oliver thinks percy riding his broom is one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen. there’s more than one reason the title of head boy fits percy very well.
  • it’s a ship. tumblr loves shipping.
  • just a shitload of puns, really.