perfect polishes

things i’d like to see more in studyblr
  • vibrant color schemes
  • widespread use of affordable stationery
  • calligraphy apart from cursive brush font/skinny brush print— like dotted, bubble letters, blocked + striped, etc
  • inspiration boards
  • shared google docs where everyone pours forth their knowledge on one subject, correcting tidbits from grammar errors to misunderstood facts and, in turn, creating a free study resource for anyone to use
  • washi tape decorating notes (e.g. taping printed infographics)
  • #studyblrgetsreal posts

feel free to add more

  • 1st house: Part of the identity and identity demonstration, personalised and expressive, learns through direct experience
  • 7th house: Socially responsive and mentally chameleon, learns through indirect experience, unsure of fixed personal beliefs
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  • 2nd house: Mental resources, talents, personal convictions and experiences, the sound and satisfaction of voice, the affection of words
  • 8th house: Mental intimacy and union, being psychologically vulnerable together, transforming thought patterns, the seduction of words
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  • 3rd house: Interacts curiously and playfully with immediate environment, sources perspective through conversation, learning material, curiosity, writing and education, learns through teachers
  • 9th house: Flies to distant places in the search of universal cohesion and truth, academic research, higher education and publishing, learns through teaching
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  • 4th house: Personal mind, patterns of thinking, retains childhood perspective and teachings
  • 10th house: Professional mind, generalises knowledge, wisdom, experience, and enterprise into a concentrated and purposeful message
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  • 5th house: Pleasure seeks through imagination and creative delivery, thoughts are self-oriented, likes to entertain self and others with the mind
  • 11th house: Dreams of utopia and envisions fresh and original mediums to deliver information, likes to teach wise words that generate conscious change
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  • 6th house: Regulated and sharp, adaptable to any work environment, there is tremendous pressure to develop mental skills and competencies so that everything can be presented polished in perfection
  • 12th house: Weary and out of its depth, the mind seems to belong to everyone else. Thoughts are easily swept into emotions where it becomes impossible to decipher how it all began