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The Dads at Jim and Kim's
  • Robert: Let's <i>whiskey</i> away the rest of the evening with alcohol.
  • Damien: I already drink three glasses of wine because I know I'll make <i>pour</i> decision.
  • Craig: We want to make this night a <i>pitcher</i> perfect memory after all.
  • Joseph: I'm so glad we gave this drinking night idea a <i>shot</i>.
  • Hugo: Let the drinking night be-<i>gin</i>.
  • Brian: This is going to be a <i>brew</i>-tiful night.
  • Mat: I must <i>flask</i> a question, who's going to pay for the first round?
  • Dadsona: Gentlemen, alcohol is not exactly my <i>vodka</i>bulary, but I read once in <i>whiskey</i>pedia that if you drink too much, it's likely <i>tequilya</i>.
  • Mary: All of you, stop this shit.

edit: Sometimes I find myself thinking that Sawamura’s development as a pitcher is also due to the progresses done in the battery with Miyuki (as it happened while I was editing this pic for example). At the beginning Miyuki used to tell Sawa which strategy to use and obviously Sawamura was only following his lead ( most of the time).
Miyuki has always been good at understanding how to improve Sawamura potential, opting for an aggressive game that could highlight the fighting shade in the pitcher’s soul. On the other hand, Eijun has always been good at an answering those calls, without fears or hesitations and his pitches were always better than expected. This is just another proof of how the battery improved the trust they are now sharing, Sawa for Miyuki and vice versa (let’s not forget Mei’s words ‘’and yet, there’s no hesitation between the battery’’).
But that was then, at the beginning. Now Sawamura is trying to actually learn more about the game calling in order to better understand Miyuki’s calls, in that way he’s also improving himself.
He really wants to understand Kazuya’s guidance (as a catcher) and his choices. He’s tired of just aiming to Miyuki mitt without understanding what he’s doing. Sawamura believes that M. won’t ever see him under a different light until the very moment he’ll learn. 
Furthermore, I believe that Kazuya was waiting for this kind of change. Probably a change that he had always wanted to happen in Sawamura. They are now at the same level.
Don’t let me talk how Eijun is the perfect pitcher to a catcher as Kazuya for different reasons (I mean, the control is almost perfect at this point, he can do tons of different pitches which lead to uncountable strategies ecc.)

+ They have so much fun together…

Patsy x Delia Headcanons

This is what happens when I spend too much time daydreaming in my car…. Please enjoy a few of my musings (more under the cut), I’d love to know what people think :)

  • Before Patsy’s father dies he gives Patsy her mother’s engagement ring, which he saved during the war. He tells her to give to the right person, when the time is right… 
    • “Preferably whoever you murmur about in your sleep, you obviously care about them immensely Patience and if I learned anything in my life it is that you cannot let the people you cherish go even a day without being reminding them”
  • Because Patsy in no way desires to take over her father’s business after he dies she inherits its stock and holdings, so much so she wouldn’t have to work another day in her life but…

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7 Tips for New Baristas

Think about your first day as a barista. For me, I felt like a baby in a big new world. I was curious, excited and scared. I watched as the veteran baristas steamed perfect frothy pitchers of foam and extract shots of espresso. Then I watched as they turned that into a drink to hand off to customers.

It was like magic and soon I would try my hand at it and later I would become like those veteran baristas that I watched on my first day as a barista.

I worked at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for about three years as a barista and later as a shift supervisor. So, here are 7 tips that I’ve compiled and hope you new baristas find them useful!

1. Relax, you’ll get the Groove of Things

One thing that I have seen with new baristas is that they often freak out early on in their training because they’ve forgotten recipes that they learned from their previous day of training. They see the other barista getting drinks out rapidly and they think “Oh no, I suck and I’m slow.” Relax, new barista. Once you learn it all, you’ll realize that most drinks are similar and making them will become routine.

2. Learn from your Mistakes

You will make mistakes, it’s inevitable. You will pull the coffee carafe out before the coffee is done brewing. You’ll spill that latte you were just finishing up all over the counter. Take those moments as a learning experience, because even though that veteran barista is giving you a glaring look she’s done it before also. But the most important thing is to learn from those mistakes, realize where things went wrong and move on.

3. Smile at your Co-Workers

If the other baristas look like they’re silently judging you, they are. You’ll soon learn that being a barista is like being in an exclusive club. We’ve all gone through our training and proved ourselves as worthy baristas. You are new and everyone is trying to determine if you are also worthy. It’s easy to look scared and nervous maybe even annoyed when people are staring to see if you’re about to mess up that drink you’re making, but make a conscious effort to smile. When you come in and when you leave say hello and goodbye to the other baristas. They will appreciate it.

4. It’s not Personal

Customers will be mean to you. That grouchy man will toss his money at you and will ignore you when you ask him “what size?” That mean lady will roll her eyes and make it clear that she is annoyed and astonished that you had the audacity to ask her to repeat her order. But, just remember that it’s not always you. Unless of course you did mess up various times, more often than not if someone is mean they’re mean in general. It’s not you they hate and are annoyed at, it’s that they are not very nice people in life. When a customer gave me attitude, it would affect my day because I let it get to me, I took it personal. Once I realized that it wasn’t, the job became much more enjoyable. Okay guy with the disgusting drink, you want to ignore everything I say and pretend I don’t exist? Fine. I’d make his drink and act how I would with any other customer. Smile, make his drink, call it out and move on. Not everyone is going to be nice, and most of the time there’s nothing you can really do.

5. Relax, those Drinks will get Done

So, things are going pretty well. You’ve been on the job for a few weeks and you’re finally getting the hang of things. But, oh no! Someone walks in with an order of 10 drinks all with modifications and different types of milks. You’re initial reaction is probably to freak out, and to think how the heck are you going to get all those drinks out in a timely manner. Relax new barista. Chances are another barista will notice the long list of drinks and hop over to help you out. You’ve done this and made those drinks before. Focus on what needs to get done and just do it. You probably won’t get those drinks out in under five minutes, but it’s okay. Work as fast as you can and don’t worry.

6. Use the Power of the Mind

Now, this is probably my favorite and most useful tip. Working as a barista can be great, but it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. There was a point when I felt myself becoming that bitter barista people talk about. Angry and annoyed at everyone and everything. That person wasn’t me. I’m happy, calm and nice and I didn’t want to let the job change that. So, I started giving myself pep talks before and during work. I would drive to work at 4 a.m. and tell myself things like “It’s a beautiful morning. I’m going to have a great day. If someone is mean to me I’m just going to shake it off T-Swift style. I’m going to take orders, smile and make drinks dance to the silly coffee house music and it’s going to be great! Before I know it, it’s going to be over and I’m going to be off.” Seriously, it works. Try it and really believe in what you’re telling yourself. Stay positive!

7. Ask Questions!

Lastly, ask questions! Simple enough. If you don’t know something, forgot or aren’t 100% sure, just ask. We don’t all know all of the answers and it’s completely fine and encouraged to ask questions.

Good luck and congrats, barista! Remember, you are special and you are trusted to serve all those caffeine-addicted people out there their coffee. You are a true hero!

• This post was written by, Liz Luveano, a barista at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and also a guest writer for Barista Life. Liz has been an editor for the Daily Titan Newspaper at Cal State University, Fullerton for three years. As the editor, she has edited for AP style and grammar. She also wrote for the Features section over the years. She has written many profiles and previously had a lifestyle column and her own blog. Check her out on Instagram also!

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love Sawamura Eijun too, but what are your reasons for liking him so much? (I guess I just wanna see an Eijun appreciation post😂)

Alright Anon! -rolls up sleeves- You asked for this.

1. Eijun is the type of person who will never ever give up on you no matter how much you mistreat him or how much you’ve screwed up. Be it his old team back in Nagano, or Chris, or even Miyuki or Furuya when they don’t treat him with respect or take their respective mental issues out on him.
He loves his friends so much and he would never ever abandon them. It’s so pure and genuine and they have such an influence on him, but he still loves them, and I think that’s truly beautiful.

2. Eijun doesn’t care about your rank or your personality, if he likes you he likes you and he will accept you no matter what. From annoying Miyuki to insecure Aseda. It doesn’t matter, he’ll just take you under his wing and treat you like you’re meant to be in his life, like your existence is a matter of course.

3. Eijun is the spirit of positivity and optimism. He is strong and resilient, and even if he breaks momentarily he always stands back up again. His optimism has saved more than one person, and people gravitate towards him because of that. I mean, he can light up an entire stadium, and stand against the toughest most intimidating opponents. Not just that but he overcame the YIPS which is a crippling mental injury that has caused more than one pro athlete to retire before time. And not only did he overcome it but he emerged stronger, better equipped and unbreakable!

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5SOS High School Athlete Preference

Calum // Ever since freshmen year, Calum would be playing with the Varsity soccer team, and it would be no secret that Calum was the star of the team. He would have the ability to switch from a deadly striker to a killer defender in about 3 three seconds flat, making him the perfect midfielder. He would be the type of player that coaches warned their team about, and that players never forgot.

Ashton // So Ashton’s biceps are literally the size of Russia making him the perfect baseball pitcher. He’d throw a killer fastball, throwing strikeout after strikeout. His strength and precision would also make him an amazing hitter, holding the record of his team for most runs in one season. Plus, his butt would look awesome in baseball pants.

Luke // Luke’s body is literally built perfectly for swimming, with his long legs and broad shoulders. He would spend any free time he had in the pool, practicing his strokes and quickening his times. The pool would be Luke’s second home, and he would spend so much time in the water that his hands seemed to be permanently wrinkled and he always smelled like chlorine. His best stroke would be a butterfly, thanks to his strong arms and wide build.

Michael // Michael would be the perfect hockey goalie. He’s so lazy that of course he would pick the position that required the least amount of work, but he would be dang good at it. His hands would be so quick that often they’d stop the puck before he had even processed it was shot. It was almost impossible to score on him, but every once in awhile he’d be so distracted by a girl in the stands wearing his jersey, that a puck or two would sneak past him.

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 40: Stance

I really, really like the cover and the title and the caption. Basically everything.

It is very rare for us to see so many pitchers (and their catchers) in same place at the same time. It also shows the types of aces there are. They are all exceptional in their own way, but Terajima-sensei takes it further by emphasizing that not only their pitches, but also their ideals. My guess for each pitcher the ideals are:

  • Furuya - keep the team winning with his pitches (he wants to be the number 1 pitcher, but it is secondary to the team)
  • Mukai - trick batters (he really likes to play with the batters with the excellent control he has on his pitches)
  • Narumiya - conquer all batters/opponent (he declares himself king, he trounces everyone that gets his way to the throne)
  • Amahisa - take out the batters and let the others get runs (that’s the impression I get, he seems the most laid back of all aces)

Naturally, all of them aim for the top, but they find different things/ideals that they take most pleasure in when they are pitching. And interestingly… my take of their ideals leaves Furuya as the least selfish of the aces, or maybe because we have more insight of Furuya than the others, or… because I cannot recall instances when Furuya takes pleasure solely in his pitching. CMIIW. 

Which… might be the problem.  For him, pitching is means to the end, which is mainly to gain acknowledgment from his teammates, and now as an ace, to lead his team to victory. With his desire to be better, he puts more pressure on himself, making him forget the small pleasures of being able to pitch, of having a catcher that can catch his pitches and teammates that have his back. The small pleasures that the other aces have and keep during their pitching.

Miyuki unintentionally nailed the problem in the head in the previous chapter when commented about Furuya’s pitching. Catching for Furuya isn’t fun, because he doesn’t (really) find it fun. For so long it is what separates him with others, what makes him being called monster in the worst way, his pitches are more a curse than a gift for him, regardless how lauded he is for his fast and heavy pitches. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about how his pitches help the team. In a way, it is unhealthy because Furuya is likely to define his sense of self-worth by his pitches/his ability as a pitcher… and that is something difficult to overcome. However, I do like how supportive the others everyone of Furuya, even Kuramochi goes as far as giving pointers to the mound, following Miyuki’s example. I truly hope he realizes it, because this string of failures, especially in comparison to Amahisa who regains his pitches will definitely affect Furuya. His expression in the end shows that.

This is different than Teikou’s game when Furuya was really out of it and Ugumori’s game when he was injured. This time he is fully aware of his actions and he is giving his best. This is going to hit him hard. However, I still have faith in Furuya that he will recover from him slump. Simply by the fact that Eijun will make sure he does.

Look at Eijun’s expression. He doesn’t take any pleasure in Furuya’s bad performance. He might keep appealing for his turn, but he never ever put Furuya down. He keeps supporting and cheering on Furuya. I am not surprised if he pulls off another encouraging speech like in Ugumori’s match about having faith in the ace. That’s what I like from their rivalry, they pull each other up. They step up their game when the other is in a slump, in consideration of the team, and the other, as to remind them that they are not finished and still waiting on each other. They also share the burden of ace, whether they realize it or not. So yeah, for Furuya fans, please don’t worry too much (and ignore the haters). He’ll be back before we know it. (I might be too optimistic, but hey, why shouldn’t we?)

Regardless, chances are pitcher substitution will be called, either sooner or later, either not giving a chance for Furuya to get worse (and make him suffer worse aftermath) or giving a chance for Furuya to recover (and show him that they still have faith in their ace, hopefully enough of a boost), depending on Coach Kataoka’s (and probably Miyuki’s) judgment on Furuya’s current state. Regardless, Furuya will be subbed, because his pitch count is rather high, and they still have the finals to consider.

Now the question is, will it be Sawamura or Kawakami? Sawamura looks more rearing to go, but… well, as much as I like Eijun more, I kinda want to see more Kawakami. His performance is still the most stable and reliable of all pitchers. It will be much a relief for Miyuki after Furuya to have a pitcher with perfect control. I want to see him more in the spotlight, especially with him in his last year. He is still up in the running for ace number. I think it’ll be unwise only to consider Eijun and Furuya for the position. Kawakami is in the same place with Tanba last year, but with more reliable performance. He only needs to be more outspoken really. I figure the realization that he is in his last summer will overcome any hesitation on his part. Other reason why I prefer Kawakami to Eijun is well, to keep Eijun for the finals. Eijun has always been unpredictable, and he has become more so with his expanding repertoire of his pitches. He has the best chance to take any opponent by surprise, especially when he still has room to grow. I’d like to think that the coach will not reveal all Seidou’s cards before the Summer qualifiers.

Damn, no Daiya for two weeks!!! Right when I am having long holidays too! Happy Ied for those celebrating. We’re counting down the days now.