perfect pie crust

For my pie-making friends

If you mean to make a gluten free pie this holiday season, I suggest you not attempt your own recipe. Obtaining a proper mix of flours and binders is time consuming. I recommend getting the Gultuno™ Gluten Free Pantry™ perfect pie crust. It executes excellently, is easy to work with, and has a superior texture. Without certain extranormal olfactory skills, you will never know it contains no wheat.

BittyParse things

-That three inch height difference that makes forehead kisses super easy
-Bitty teaching Kent how to skate with figure skates
- Kent definitely falls on his ass
- Bitty tries not to laugh
- (He fails)
-Bitty and the Aces
- Bitty giving them NHL diet approved baked goods
- Team dinners @ Bitty and Kent’s apartment
- The Aces going to Samwell and supporting their honorary Ace
-Fashion forward power couple
-showing up in each other’s YouTube videos
- Kent jamming to Miley Cyrus in the background of a tutorial on getting the perfect pie crust
- Eric playing with Kit in the background of a video of Kent reacting to his tumblr tag