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Ezra Miller as Sirius Black is, and forever will be, my favorite Harry Potter fan cast.



These things inside my head 

They never make much sense 

So I wouldn’t hold my breath… 

I hope I die before they save my soul

Joyriding // Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration 

for Alie


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

the-babysitter  asked:

If you're still taking writing suggestions, can I get boyf riends going to school on their monthiversary, and everyone ELSE making a big deal of it. With some flustered boyfs? It's a lot but I thought it could be cute 😊

This is adorable! And of course - not even a question. Also I just wanted to apologize before hand for making it so long. I got carried away.

-So, as soon as these boys get to school, the rest of the squip squad have these goofy smiles on their faces.

-”Um, what are you guys smiling about?”

-”Well, it is the BIG day. So why wouldn’t we be smiling?”

-”But it’s just us..”

-”Exactly! You guys are adorable.”

-Chloe and Brooke walk over to them with two balloons. In black marker it says: “Player one” and “Player two.”

-The boys grab them and then the flustering beings.

-Michael and Jeremy are asked so many questions about what they’re going to do on their monthiversary. These boys are flustered messes and are barely able to speak.

-Jeremy is a blushing mess, while Michael is able to somewhat hide it. Not the best, but it’s a lot less obvious than Jeremy “blushing” Heere.

-When I get nervous my whole face goes red. Jeremy wasn’t lying folks.

-As soon as the bell rings, Jeremy and Michael head off to class holding hands.

-Jenna sneaks a picture of it and sends it to the group chat.

-”Hey guys, a cute couple was spotted.”

-The chat is spammed to death by randomly slammed letters.

-Rich sits by Michael in one of his classes. Usually they discuss how to do their math assignments, but today a different lesson will be discussed.

-”Th’o, Michael. If you need any help planning today, ask me. I have plenty experience with girlth and guyth.”

-Michael tells him he already has plans in mind, but never tells him what those plans are. Jenna isn’t the only blabber mouth in the group.

-Jeremy has a class with all the girls, so they bombard him with questions. When he doesn’t answer them verbally, they send him texts. If he doesn’t respond to the texts, they pass him notes. Jeremy has no escape.

-He lets them know he has no idea what Michael has planned. It’s a surprise.

-Lunch finally comes around, and Jeremy heads over to the group alone.

-Every notices right away and ask him where his boyf is.

-Jer just shrugs because he has no idea. He sits with the others, trying to keep his worried state in check. It doesn’t work.

-A few minutes pass without any word from Michael. Some members in the group text him, but he doesn’t reply. Where is he?

-And then at last they see Michael making is way over.

-He’d run faster, but something was slowing him down.

-When he arrives everyone is glad to see him, especially Jeremy. But he can’t hide how upset he is.

-”Michael, where were you? I-I thought something bad - Woah, what.”

-Michael unzips his backpack and pulls out this giant teddy bear. He stuffed it into his backpack so nobody would see it, but because of that he walked really slow because it was heavy on his back.

-You know that hand thing people do where they cover their mouth to stop themselves from crying. That’s Jeremy’s specialty.

-”I know it’s not much, but I thought my Jer Bear deserved to have his own, well, Jer Bear.”

-Jeremy is speechless along with the rest of the group.

-Michael puts it onto his boyfriend’s lap as he waits for an answer.

-”So..what do you think?” When Jeremy doesn’t respond, sweat pours from his forehead.

-He hates it. He hates it. He hates it.

-”Michael, I love you.”

-The squip squad “awed” in unison.  

- “W-well, yeah I know that. I mean, I wasn’t sure, but I hoped you did! And wow, I’m just stammering now. But do you love the bear?”

-Jeremy gives Jer Bear jr. a hug. “Of course I do!”

-Michael and Jeremy just smile at each other for a while, not noticing the giggles from the table.

-”And cut!”

-The boyf riends quickly turn to see Jenna filming the whole thing, along with everyone else in the group.

-Michael practically jumps across the table to grab their phones. And it becomes a little goose chase around the lunchroom as the squip squad tries to get away.

-Jeremy is left at the table to watch, laughing at how hilarious it was to see his boyfriend trying to chase six people down all at once.

-Michael never gets the phones, and even if he did, it was too late. The videos were all uploaded or shared.

-After school, the group takes pictures of Jeremy and Michael with the balloons and bear in hand.

-They keep the boyfs there for 10 minutes. Everyone needed to have the perfect picture, okay

-”Y -Y’know, you guys are making a big deal out of these pictures. It’s not like wedding photos or anything.”

-Jake smirks, “Well, at least not yet.”

-The group laughs together, while the boys become flustered messes all over again.

There are things that people experience in a lifetime. There is trauma, pain, love, passion, sadness, and happiness. These things they are what shape us into who we are supposed to be, what we are meant to make of ourselves. They say there are 3 people that you will love in your life, 1 being your young fascination spiraling based off of what you think love is from the movies, 2 being the love that is just what you need but ends in a way that seems almost poetic, and 3 being the one that you never even expected but it feels so right and fits so well. More than likely only 1 of these will prevail in the end, it’s easy to pick which one. Of course it isn’t option 1 that ended in handcuffs and police cars, and you don’t really think it could be option 2 because that ended in a puddle of tears and brokenness because parental approval is very important and that was lacking. So obviously it’s option 3, the one that feels right and it clicks and it doesn’t always feel like younger you thought love should feel like but it also seems appalling to even fathom your world without this love. This love being the one who didn’t watch very many love stories and spent time reading comics instead of reading about girls. This love is the one who wants to stay in instead of going out which lets be honest that isn’t always a disadvantage. This love is the love that makes you wonder what the hell youre doing because you thought it was supposed to be something out of a fairytale or at least a show that ended with the perfect family picture. But it’s okay, this love is pure, this love should last.
—  we can only pray, right?

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El ilustrador Gavin Aun Thang ha estado adaptando famosas e inspiradoras frases a tiras cómicas durante algunos años. El proyecto denominado ‘Lápices Zen’, ha adquirido vida propia y ahora ha pasado de ser un sueño a ser un trabajo de tiempo completo. Su última creación es sobre las palabras de la artista mexicana Frida Kahlo. - Frida Kahlo -

That Night, Part 2

Part One

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: kissing, curse words, innuendos

summary: “Seriously, why can’t the boy tell the difference between being a casual fuck and a sweet boyfriend?” in other words, they’re both confused and attracted to each other. which results in lots of tension.

this is garbage and you probably shouldn’t read this but please read it! this is probably a mess because 1. i didn’t have time to proofread it, 2. i don’t have friends to proofread it for me, 3. i didn’t want to read it again because it was horrible ( @papahamilton here you go!)

words: 2038 (remember when i said the next parts will be longer? i meant what i said, y’all)

Claire, bless her, seemed to take it as a positive answer. She beamed and exited the room.

Amused, Lin leaned against the wall and folded his arms. “What’s up?”

“I’m good,” you replied shortly, avoiding looking at him directly in the eye. The awkward silence stretched on until the other writers began filling up the room.

“So, I’ve been working on this demo for the opening song,” Lin said. “Claire’s already approved it, but I’m open to all suggestions and criticisms.”

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“Don’t worry, I’m pretty smooth. This interrogation will be over in no time.” You stated firmly, filled with confidence. And, although it was your first time being the interrogator and a vampire being interrogated, you were ready for this.

Until gravity decided to forfeit you for the day and you hugged the Earth.