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So my fancast Jessica Chastain is out most likely of playing Ivy in the DCEU. Who do you want to play Poison Ivy?


I saw that she’s up for some “X-Men” movie right? Well good for her lol. I think Chastain would’ve been great because she’s a great actress but I don’t think someone should be picked for Ivy because they have red hair. Not saying that’s why you picked her but I often see - when people are fancasting- that they just go for the obvious. People can dye their hair for roles, isn’t Margot Robbie’s a natural brunette? Her roots seem to grow brown and I once saw an interview of her on Jimmy Kimmel where they showed a young picture of her and she had dark brown hair.  Obviously Jared Leto’s hair isn’t naturally bright green. I’m not trying to offend you or anyone so don’t take it that way please. 

This is David Ayer. He made the most diverse superhero film ever. He said in a press conference that “kids need to see people that look like them” on the big screen. This is Warner Bros. who have shown that they want to show as much diversity as possible both in front of and behind the scenes. I would be willing to bet money that “Gotham City Sirens” will NOT be three white female leads. I would actually be kinda disappointed if it was to be honest. WB is not a white sausage feast that is only 14 movies in getting diverse like some other movie studio. Just remember who is making this movie they have all shown that they are very driven to show as much diversity as possible. 

So if you’re asking me who my fancast for Poison Ivy is? I’ve had this person in mind since I saw her speak at the Oscars then I watched ‘Hidden Figures’ and she was fantastic in it. My fancast for Posion Ivy is Janelle Monáe. (x)


Jughead x Reader- What’s Best

Thank you @http-girlwithnolife45 for the lovely request! I don’t do smut, but I hope this works despite that ^^ Please let me know what you think and I am so, so sorry it took so long!

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing

Words: 734


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Hidden Treasures - The Glove’s Blue Sunshine (1983)

Recorded - 1983 / Style: Post punk, neo psychedelia / Vocals: Jeanette Landray, Robert Smith / Country: England

Critically acclaimed but overlooked considering Robert Smith’s involvement, The Glove was a side project by Robert from The Cure and Siouxsie & The Banshees’ bassist Steven Severin in 1983. Robert Smith wasn’t allowed to sing with another band by his label so they hired Budgie’s ex-girlfriend, Jeanette Landray, to sing most songs. The Glove is a project much weirder than the usual Cure fare and psychedelic around the level of Siouxsie’s Kiss In The Dreamhouse.

There’s a lot of intriguing songs here that are unique even for post-punk: “A Blues In Drag” is an instrumental curio with slo-mo, lovely piano from Smith, “Mr. Alphabet Says” is a paranoid, Wonderland-ish march decorated with strings, and my personal favorite “Perfect Murder” (which features a fantastic addition of xylophone) is like a surreal trek in a virtual rainforest. Jeanette’s voice really suits the music and gives the songs an interesting twist (it makes me wish she could’ve sung with Siouxsie on a Banshees song). Overall, Blue Sunshine (named after the cult horror film) is an album bound to interest fans of The Cure and the Banshees and it’s one of my favorite things to arise from the post-punk era.

I don't understand how everyone isn't watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Do you like murder mysteries?

Do you like lady detectives that are unapologetically feminine while kicking serious ass?

Do you like gorgeous costumes and the general 1920s aesthetic?

Do you like a wonderful ensemble cast that works well together?

If you answered yes to any of these, watch this show it’s the most fun I’ve had since Pushing Daisies


Multitasking post! 

Yesterday while prom shopping I was addressed with male pronouns for the first time and I literally couldn't believe it. I’m still amazed. It was the best thing ever. So here’s my outfit for prom! I think i’ll buy my own boutiniere cause why not.

Also happy trans day of visibility! Enjoy this selfie that I took earlier

they/them he/him <3


Gif source:  Sonny

Imagine Sonny trying to propose to you, but he ends up messing up.

——— Request for that-darn-kid ———

He was pouting. He’d never admit it, but he was as he found himself walking home after the literal disaster that had been dinner. He was supposed to take you to a nice place, propose to you over dessert once he’d built up the mood and his courage, but no, the guy sitting at the table next to yours just had to be unable to properly chew food like the rest of the world.

It had all gone south when the man started choking on a particularly large gob of a breadstick that he’d tried to swallow whole, only for a good Samaritan to have to break out the Heimlich maneuver. By the time it was all over, the man had coughed it up, and lets just say any romantic mood had been properly dissipated at the sight of the slimy, half-digested ball coming from his gullet.

So Sonny had a right to pout, with his whole plan going wrong like that. And now he wasn’t sure just how to ask you, trying to find out when the best time for a back-up proposal would be the whole walk back to your place.

He was well into your home, sitting on the couch as you brought two coffees, before you asked, “You’ve been quiet the whole walk home, Sonny. Is something wrong?”

“Uh, well…” Sonny snaps out of it at that, looking up at you before he gives you a nervous smile, deciding that he was not putting this off for tomorrow, “I actually have something to ask you, and I just haven’t been able to find the right time.”

“You can ask me anything; you know that,” you reach out, gently gripping his knee with the hand that was still warmed from when it had been wrapped around your coffee cup.

Sonny takes a nervous breath, turning to you as he prepares himself, “W-Well, I had this whole plan for tonight, see? How I was gonna’ work up to this at the perfect moment. But, really, I guess any moment with you is the perfect moment.” He lifts his hips to fish in his pocket, watching your eyes widen in realization as he pulls out a small, ring box, “And I would love for the rest of my life to be built from these perfect little moments with you, because you’re the most fantastic person and I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone so much in my life. So will you marry me?”


infinite list of perfect performers: ralph pelleymounter (to kill a king)

i’ve always said… i like the idea that our music was ultimately optimistic. i like the idea of, life is tough but you are still sort of standing at the end… it’s those [bad] things that make you appreciate the good things.

things that i think of when i think of Henry Cheng:

- expensive graphic tees
- deliberate bravery
- polaroid pictures
- self care
- fingerprints
- choosing happiness
- a match lit in a dark hole
-when you don’t know what you want for your birthday but somehow a person you love gets you the exact perfect thing
- big fantastic hair
- being in control of the first thing people see when they look at you
- loudly saying something that should have been whispered
- “you are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago”
- finding home in people instead of a place

i think i would literally chop off my limbs for dan and phil to do the roast yourself challenge

A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Shutter #2

In just two issues of Shutter, Joe Keatinge (joekeatinge) and Leila del Duca (assortedfoliage)  have captured the imagination that epitomizes fantasy, sci-fi, and futuristic comics. Alongside other fresh Image titles like Pretty Deadly and Rocket Girl, the pages of Shutter #2 give readers a thrilling female-driven tale.

Keatinge’s writing is fast-paced and quirky—a perfect fit for the colorful world he’s created to support his cast. When the story began, our star Kate Kristopher was already a seasoned professional when it came to danger; in fact, she seemed pretty bored of it all. In the second issue, escaping a kidnapping attempt and the mysterious mention of possible siblings intrigues her, making it look like Kate might be back in action. With every issue, the breadth of this comic expands and delights. Not only do we have a fascinating female protagonist, but we have an ever expanding cast of interesting friends, enemies, and yet to be revealed characters that may just be a little of both. Keep an eye on Kate’s sentient clock-cat—he’s my personal fave!

A perfect compliment to this incredible world is del Duca’s fantastic illustrations paired with Owen Gieni’s vibrant colors. What has been set up in this story is any artist’s dream—a vast canvas filled with anything and everything from Irish gangster lions to ghost ninjas—and both del Duca and Gieni illustrate it all with grace and strength reverberating through every panel.

Keatinge and del Duca have not only introduced a new version of reality, they’ve also hooked this reader into a massive and mysterious adventure. Jump into the story now to follow this amazing series!

 [Pick up Shutter #2 here!]

For fans of: action, female leads, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, mystery

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.