perfect person

Here's what I want:

Lilian Gish’s face

Joan Fontaine’s eyebrows

Rosemary Clooney’s down to earth personality

Julie Andrews’ voice and nose

Audrey Hepburn’s skinniness

Vivien Leigh’s smile

Lucille Ball’s hilariousness

Carol Burnett’s randomness

Lauren Bacall’s sexiness

Ginger Roger’s sassiness

Gene Kelly’s dancing ability

Cyd Charisse’s gracefulness

Mary Tyler Moore’s cuteness

and Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes

also whatever Katharine Hepburn had

I was deeply interested in conveying what is a deeply felt conviction of my own. This is simply to suggest that human beings must involve themselves in the anguish of other human beings. This, I submit to you, is not a political thesis at all. It is simply an expression of what I would hope might be ultimately a simple humanity for humanity’s sake.
—  Rod Serling

Lisa Anne Wood singing The Light in The Piazza from The Light in The Piazza.